25 June 2009

About Me & Tales of Whimsy

Last updated 08.28.2014

Welcome to Tales of Whimsy. Tales of Whimsy was born in the summer of 2009 as a place for me to share my thoughts on fantastical books. There's still a special place in my heart for magical realism. Since then Tales of Whimsy has grown and evolved with me to encompass focusing on the sweet whimsical little things in everyday life. You can expect to find me catching and releasing whimsy, occasionally discussing books, and often sharing random loveliness or mamahood musings.

I am a happily married stay-at-home suburban mama, laundry ninja, minivan driver, and book lover. My little girl was born in the winter of 2011 and while she'll always be my baby, I now refer to her as Little Miss Whimsy. When I'm not hanging out with her, I am usually stealing a moment with a book or daydreaming.

I can usually be found holding a giant Mason jar of sugar-free lemonade or tea while wearing black yoga pants even though I don't do yoga. I like to keep it real but I also like to keep it happy. I never ever leave the house without lipstick and sunglasses. I love God and living simply. I have puffy hair. I'm on a mission to make vegetables delicious. I was frugal way before it was cool to be. I actually enjoy pulling weeds. I'm addicted to earthy pastel colors, natural fabrics and elements, learning the bible, stevia, gray, impromptu kitchen dance parties, flip flops, nature photography, and food/comedy/game shows. I believe prayer, stretching, and tea always help. I heart kisses, giggles, and snuggles from my little girl and I can't wait to read, twirl, cook, stargaze, and find shapes in fluffy clouds with her. I am a happy crier. I have a huge heart. I am constantly misunderstood. I am sassy and saucy but totally a softy on the inside. 

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