25 June 2009


Authoress: Carolyn Turgeon
Pages: 288
Genre: Adult Fiction

Condensed: Lil is a sweet little old lady who works in a used book store. Or so it seems. In truth she's an exiled fairy who lost her job centuries ago for failing to unite Cinderella and Prince Charming. Why did she fail to unite the two destined lovers? 'Cause little miss decided to go to the the ball in Cindy's place! Apparently a major "no no" in fairy land. The result? She was banished from everything she knows and everyone she loves. Sent to live among the humans and forced to hide her wings she lives this drab solitary life until she meets a quirky hairstylist with a zest for life and a knack for picking losers. Suddenly she realizes she's been given a second chance at redemption. If she can find this modern day New Yorker Cinderella a prince, maybe (just maybe) the fairy elders will let her return.

My take: I loved the concept of this story but not the execution. The story took a turn in the end that I simply could not digest. However, I did enjoy the journey. Carolyn Turgeon writes in my favorite literary style: magical realism. She couples this magic with delicious descriptions that are so vivid you can almost taste the words. In this aspect she reminds me of a modern day female Gabriel Garcia Marquez. So while I didn't love the book I do think it would make an excellent film. Preferably directed by someone known for using fierce colors like Tim Burton.

Romance-o-meter: Low on the romance but it does have some juicy moments.

Adventure-o-meter: Light.
Kiddie-o-meter: Due to a strong dose of sensuality I'm going to say it's more suited for older teens. There's no sex, violence, or social commentary. There are some hints to violence but it's never explained or described.

My rating: 3 stars

Worth-a-read?: Check it out from the library first and decide for your self. But take your time reading it. The words are really delish. While I have no interest in owning this book I could totally see my self re-reading certain sections just to relish in her word usage.

Share worthy: "But I could not look away from him. I was sure he would taste of peach juice and dew. Figs plucked straight off the tree."

Final say: See how vivid her descriptions are? I'm totally craving figs after typing that.


  1. I love your review style, it's very reader-friendly, with all the info I like to hear.

    I've been so excited about this book, but the reviews are half-hearted for the most part, so I might give it a miss.

  2. Great review! I have this on my shelf to review too. I haven't read anything by this author before, I will now be really interested to see what I think of this book.

  3. Great review! I agree, the author descriptions are detailed but not overly, allowing you a glimpse into the world she created....still not pleased with the ending, but I am happy to have read it. =0)