13 July 2009

Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep

Authoress: Liz Kessler
Pages: 220
Genre: Children's Fiction

Condensed: Emily Windsnap is the new girl on the island. Well technically she's half girl and half mermaid. Desperate to make a good impression with the other mermaids Emily drags her best friend Shona on an adventure that she hopes will impress all her new classmates. But her adventure takes a dreadful turn when she unwittingly unleashes a sea monster who will destroy everything and everyone in it's path unless Emily (and poor Shona) find the courage to face it again.

My take: Monster from the Deep picks up where The Tail of Emily Windsnap (book 1 in the series) left off. It's fun light series that really brings the sea to life. The story is fast paced and safe for even the youngest readers. What I really love about Emily is the feelings she goes through are what every young girl goes through. She wants to make friends, be accepted, and be a good daughter.

Adventure-o-meter: Medium intensity due to Emily's penchant for danger and adventure.
Kiddie-o-meter: Squeaky clean for even the wee little ones.
Adult-o-meter: Better suited for children at heart only. This is the kind of book I could see my self recommending to a child or preteen. It would make a great bedtime tale (read a chapter per night with your little one).

My rating: 3 stars

Worth-a-read?: Would make an excellent gift or summer reading for any young ones.

Share worthy: "A net! I was trapped in a net! A man was holding it, pulling at a piece of rope, dragging me through the water, propelling him self along with flippers."

Final say: Liz seriously paints under water pictures. So much so that I find my self craving a swim after reading this one.


  1. Great idea for my niece and I love the front illustration.

  2. I am going to have to tell my daugher about your blog... she reads all the time. thanks for stopping by today.

  3. I think I have this one and not the first which is why I haven't read it haha it does sounds cute but definitely something the younger folks would like more. My 13 year old cousin told me she loves the series. I have to say I'm VERY curious now, especially the craving a swim part, except I don't know how to swim... I should really learn haha