18 July 2009

Silver Kiss

Authoress: Annette Curtis Klause
Pages: 198
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Preface: I'm not a vampire girl. In fact the only vamps that ever tickle my fancy are the ones that struggle for goodness and avoid human blood (such as Twilight's Edward Cullen, Buffy's Angel, or Moonlight's Mick St. John). Honestly anyone or anything that feeds on humans is just too dark for me. However since I fell for Jacob Black I have been attracted to good wolves and it was that attraction lead me to Annette's Blood and Chocolate. Blood and Chocolate was so good I decided to check out Silver Kiss.

Condensed: Zoe is a girl afraid of death and trying to make peace with her mother's impending death. Simon is a lonely vampire who has fruitlessly been hunting the diabolical vampire that sired him for hundreds of years. In each other, Simon and Zoe find the courage to live and let die.

My take: True vampire lovers will like that Annette sticks to the vamp rules in her portrayal of Simon. But do not go in to this book expecting a big love story. While Simon and Zoe do grow to love one another their romantic scenes are flirtatious and light. The main star of this book is death. Excepting death, coming to peace with death, and even learning to understand the different ways people cope with death.

Adventure-o-meter: Medium.
Kiddie-o-meter: While there was no sex there is however a vampire child who uses his youthful appearance to lure women before violently killing them. Also the phrase "child pornography" was mentioned once in passing. Therefore, I feel this book may be best suited for older teens.
Adult-o-meter: While it's primarily light and sweet I do think adults will like this one. The messages are good, loud, and clear.

My rating: 4 stars

Worth-a-read?: Yes. It's a cool 90s vampire story that vampire fans will enjoy.

Share worthy: "Moonlight lit the gazebo, tracing it with silver, but a shadow crept inside, independent of natural shades. She tensed. Her hands gripped the edge of the bench. She leaned forward to decipher its meaning, peering into mottled dark. She saw someone within. A figure detached from the shadows. Her mouth dried."

Noteables: Silver Kiss is scheduled for re-release July 28. The new book features a sleek updated cover as well as two never released short stories featuring Simon and Zoe.

Final say: I'm such a dirty bird. All I can think is, "O do Simon and Zoe get any love scenes in these two new short stories?"


  1. I was just thinking about this book today. I love the newest cover, I might just have to buy it even though I already own a copy!

  2. Sounds pretty good! I just saw the new cover in my local bookstore and it caught my eye...happy to learn a bit more about it!