31 July 2009

Wondrous Strange

Authoress: Lesley Livingston
Pages: 327
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Condensed: A chance encounter with a hot guy and drowning horse at Central Park forever change Kelley's world. Now the hot guy is stalking her (and claiming she is in danger), the horse has set up camp in her bathtub, and she is having incredibly dark dreams about blood spilling through New York City. Sirens, hellhounds, and kelpies OH MY!

My take: Never one to enjoy theatrics it took me a moment to get pass the theatrical opening but once I did I was thrust in to the dark and fantastic web of faerie lore Lesley Livingston weaves. Lesley's faeries are a fierce array of personalities and breeds. But perhaps my favorite character in the book was New York City her self. She too seems come alive in this tale that will have you craving a trip to Tavern on the Green and a friend like Puck.

Adventure-o-meter: High. Poor Kelley and Sonny can't seem to steer clear of danger.
Kiddie-o-meter: While there is no sex or social commentary in this one there is 1 well placed curse word (b*tch) and a very dark and ominous side to these fairies. WS is chocked full of killings and creatures that enjoy killing. Some of the dark references include a couple of scenes with some red-eyed hellhounds and a part in the book when Kelley describes the scene before her as "a panorama that could have come from a Hieronymus Bosch painting - of demons torturing the souls of the damned in hell". Consequently I recommend this one for older teens only.
Adult-o-meter: Adults should totally dig this one. It is full of action and fascinating creatures.

My rating: 4 stars (While it is well written is was too dark for me to love.)

Worth-a-read?: Totally. But if you are like me and tend to stray from dark tales - check it out from the library first.

Noteable: See below to browse inside this book. The follow-up book (Darklight) is due out this December (2009) and has an equally interesting cover.

Share worthy: "She turned and saw someone standing in the shadows. Long hair hung in a loose sable wave to his shoulders, framing the sharp angel of cheek and jaw. A face she knew. Kelley felt the blood rush from her head as her heart thumped wildly. Moonlight glowed in his eyes."

Final say: Who doesn't want to dye their hair red after seeing this cover?


  1. Wow I just love the way you review books! It's a great, easy-to-read setup.
    And as for the book...I have a copy on my shelf and it sounds so good! I'm really excited to begin. I'm not a big dark-fantasy fan but I'll definitely give it a try!

  2. Oh it sounds exactly like my sort of thing! Well written, faeries, dark. And the cover is awesome! I'll have to get this one from the library!

  3. I'm DYING to read this. I've taken drama, so I'll easily adapt to the theatre aspect of the book. And for me it's very hard for a book to be too dark. It sounds perfect for me!


  4. Yah! Sounds like you guys are going to love it!

    Enjoy Jess & Emma.

    Bookworm you made my smile. Thank you!

  5. Your final say reminded me of when I dyed my hair red...I was 16 and still kinda crazy then.

  6. How red did ya go Arielle?

    I've always wanted to be a red head but it would meaning stripping my dark hair to accept the color. Therefore, I always tell people that one day when I'm an old lady and my hair is all white I'm going to alternate between hot pink hair and red hair.

    I tried to convince my grandma to do it but she wouldn't have it.

  7. Jess: You're going to love the Shakespeare references! I will never look at A Midsummer Night's Dream the same again.

  8. Juju, it was pure red, really bright heh. I don't think I'd have the courage to do that nowadays!

  9. First, I have to say I love how you write your reviews! I love reading them, even though I don't always comment, they really give me a good feel of the book.

    I think I could definitely enjoy this one. It was already on the list of books I wanted to read it's true, but your review really convinced me. I couldn't resist that cover if I tried to!

  10. Oh thank you Kay! Both for your comment and for your readership! It warms my heart when I find another reader and/or some one tells me they appreciate my review style.

  11. Yikes! This doesn't sound like it would be my thing. A little too dark and deadly for me, perhaps. And the theatrics would be hard for me to get past.

  12. I've had hair like that before! I love to play with my hair. ;) Figure I'll do it as long as I can!

    I really liked this book - your review reminded me I have to actually BUY it. I had a review copy which I gifted to a fellow blogger and forgot that I didn't have it anymore. Oops. Old age. ;)

  13. What's up with the morbid fairies... Godmother - that's all I have to say.

    I wanna check it out though. Great review.


  14. I love books that really make New York City become her own character! :) It's great that you mention that. Definitely sounds like a good read!

  15. I agree, I love how you review books :D

    Hmm I didn't like this book much. Glad you did though :) I am VERY curious about the sequel though hehe