21 August 2009

My Forbidden Desire Review & Contest

Pages: 359
Adult Fiction
Paranormal Romance

My condensed version: They are drawn to each other from the moment they meet. But their desires are forbidden because she is a witch and therefore his arch nemesis. So how are they going to survive bunking in close quarters while he protects her from the kind of unspeakable evils she thought only existed in folklores?

My take: If I had to describe this book in as few words as possible I would say it is a scandalous Harlequin novel meets Charmed. It is paranormal romance with a heavy dose of down 'n dirty. But it is fun and I did get drawn in. Carolyn Jewel creates an ultra sexy bad boy in Xia. He had me from the moment he walked in to Alexandrine's house like he owned it. Go in to this story expecting a Harlequinesque romance novel and you will not be disappointed.

My rating: 4 stars = Really Liked It

Noteworthy: My Forbidden Desire is a sequel to My Wicked Enemy but the book is an independent read and does not require you read My Wicked Enemy first. I didn't. Click here if you are interested in reading Chapter 1 of My Forbidden Desire. See below to watch the book trailer.

Adventure-o-meter: High. When they are not fighting off the bad guys they are fighting off their intense attraction for one another.

Kiddie-o-meter: This one down right sizzles and has the naughty language to match it so keep this away from the young ones. Note: there are several mentions to a couple of the minor characters swinging both ways but it is only mentioned and not really part of the story.

Adult-o-meter: This book is hot hot hot fun. Adults will enjoy the heat and banter while unravelling the mysteries behind both main characters.

Worth-a-read?: Yes! While it is not thought provoking it is a lovely steamy escape from reality.

Share worthy: "Alexandrine rolled over when Xia let out a howl. Maddy crouched on the floor, her hands covering her bowed head. Durian was on his feet, the back of his head dripping blood. With a snarl, he launched himself at Xia, who brought up a leg and gave the mageheld a thundering kick in the chest. In the same motion, Xia whirled and shoved Rasmus hard enough to send him sailing through the air. The mage hit the wall with a crack."

Pass the mic: Check out Nely's My Forbidden Desire review over at All About {n} If you do not already follow Nely make sure to sign-up now. Her blog rocks and she is an excellent writer.


  1. Sounds tawdry, just the way I like it

    Just curious do you like historical romance?

  2. rebrebs: I do actually like historical romance books from time-to-time. I LOVE historical romance movies. How about you?

  3. This book sounds pretty good! I think I should give it a whirl! Awesome review! :)

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    Also, thanks for putting up the 101 of the Best Fantasy Books button!:)

  4. JuJu: Historical romance movies are awesome, have you seen The Duchess? Sooo good, but so sad.

    I really only read historical romance books by two authors. Julia Quinn & Laura L Guhrke. Their books always make me laugh and sigh with pleasure.

  5. This book sounds interesting, although I haven't read the first one. It's nice to know that it's a stand-alone book, though.

    I'm also a big fan of historical romance movies. I work at a video store, so I guess it's kind of required that I at least know some.


  6. Excellent review! Sounds like a good read to me.
    By the way, I see you have "A Certain Slant of Light" on your Shelfari; loved that book!

    I am already a follower.

  7. You are so cutie patootie. I'm glad you enjoyed it - and I know you read this quickly. :p

    ♥ Nely

  8. Thanks Nely ;) and Jess :)

    Rebrebs: Can you believe I haven't seen the Dutchess yet? I did LOVE Becoming Jane. Have you seen it? *sigh* James McAvoy.

    That's awesome Lizzy!

  9. this books look like something i would read. Thanks for the review!

  10. Juju: I love James McAvoy! Did you see him in Atonement? He's also in Penelope which I love too!

  11. rebrebs: I LOVE Penelope & couldn't get enough of him in Atonement *double sigh*

    Sarbear: Thank you! :)

  12. I read this one too and I have reviewed it, but I didn't enjoy it as much as you did. It did sizzle, and I do agree that it wasn't that thought-provoking, but it's the language used that kinda turned me off in some places. Meh, some books we like more than others.

    And yes! Xia would be a cool name for a girl! =P

  13. LindaEllen: I can totally understand how you feel you on the language. That is how I felt in The Time Traveler's Wife. I think this one bothered me less because the cursing seemed more light hearted and not as crass/raunchy. But yah I totally feel ya and totally respect that.

  14. Hi Juju, thanks for your understanding. **hugs**

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  17. When I first started reading Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series, I kind of blushed at the steamy scenes -- sounds like this book is full of them : ) I had someone want to look at my book and they opened it to one of the steamy scenes and asked me what the heck I was reading!!

  18. Arielle: *hug* Thank you! I love yours tooo :)

    Sarbear: This one is totally full of them. The cover had me embarrassed to carry it around but I was so addicted I couldn't put it down.

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  20. love your coffee table story! Thanks for playing.

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  23. I also thought this book was really good and don't enter me since I already have a copy.

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