29 September 2009

Seven Tears into the Sea Book Review & Contest

Book: Seven Tears into the Sea Authoress: Terri Farley
Pages: 263 (Paperback) Genre: Young Adult Fiction

My condensed version: It all starts with a mysterious night on the beach. A young Gwen is drawn to the ocean and almost drowns. But a mysterious beautiful boy saves her and then disappears into the night. But not before whispering a cryptic message. Gwen has spent the last seven years of her life trying to forget that night. But now she has been drawn back to the ocean side home of her youth and now she must face her past, the whispers, the legends, and perhaps even the mysterious boy with the mildly slanted eyes that no one believed existed.

My take: No selkie story is complete with out an intense sense of longing and this tale delivers just that. This story left me hoping for the impossible and refusing to give up faith. The ending begs for a continuation and left me desperate for more.

My rating: 5 stars = I loved this imperfect yet alluring tale that mixes folklore with reality.

3 for 3:
Main character: Frustrating yet likable
Plot: Shrouded mysterious alluring
Setting: Small village reality

The Meter Readings:
Kiddie-o-meter: No violence, social commentary, or foul language. Minor mentions to nudity and sexual desires. There is some small mentions to molestation. It does not take place but the word is used a couple times because several town folk believe that was what happened to Gwen the night she almost drowned.
Adult-o-meter: Young at heart adults who relish in Celtic mythology will enjoy this gentle end of summer story.

Love the love?: Yes. Jesse is just how I would imagine a selkie boy; fierce, loving, protective, but also childlike.

Worth-a-read?: Yes. But I caution fans of happy endings that this tale ends with loose ends. Therefore, consider checking it out from the library first.


"Jill and Mandi were ahead of me, piling back into the VW when I felt that pull toward the ocean, again.
"Beckon the sea, I'll come to thee..."
No. I actually shook my head to keep the words from taking root. I'd picked up that rhyme from some Celtic story Nana told. Not from a stranger on the beach.
"Shed seven tears, perchance seven years."
It was coincidence that I hadn't been back to Mirage Beach for seven years.
Pure coincidence, and I was not about to go stand in the waves and squeeze out seven tears."

Pass the mic: Ali from The Romantic Scholar called Seven Tears into the Sea,"the perfect combination of mystery, fantasy, and romance."

Contest: I picked up this copy of Seven Tears into the Sea used online. It is in good condition with some markings on the cover. If you don't mind my slightly used copy and would love a chance to read this story become a follower and comment with your email address below. Existing followers will receive an additional entry. Contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada. Contest ends October 31st.

My final say: What is it about sea tales that captures me every time? Perhaps because husbandbear is a fisherman (by hobby not by profession) I know too well the mysteries that lie in the sea.


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  3. sounds interesting. I am curious about the cryptic message

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  4. I think even the cover of this book evokes the sense of longing that you talk about in the story. I'll read this but thanks for the heads up about the ending. I'll get it from the library...unless I win it of course, so count me in!

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  11. I've been wondering about this one, so thank you for reviewing it. Selkies, celtic mythology, longing... I love the sound of this. Great review - I really feel I have a sense of this book now.

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  18. This one certainly sounds interesting. I love mythology, so I'm tempted to read it. If there is a cliffhanger...well, I might wait until a second book is published. I hate wondering what's going to happen to the characters! As always, great review

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  27. Great review - I really like how you structure your reviews, so easy to read! This also seems like an interesting read, I'll be adding it to my TBR pile! Can't enter the contest since I live outside the US, but good luck with it! :)

  28. Wow Juju you're having some neat contests here :)

    Books that leave me asking questions kind of frustrate me, but maybe there is a sequel planned for this book?

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