18 September 2009

Yackety-yak: Literary Boy Crushes

Goodness my list of literary boy crushes is growing. Besides my number one (Jacob Black) there is Tamani (from Wings), Leo (from Sea Change), and now Ten (from Meridian).

So that got me thinking:
Who is your latest literary boy crush? What personality traits get you every time?
Maybe it is Gale or Peeta (from Hunger Games), Luke (from Lament), Kyle/Adrian (from Beastly), or Patch (from Hush, Hush)?

These stills are from the British four part television series Lost in Austen.
In the story a modern day girl gets to meet and romance her favorite
literary boy crush Mr. Darcy.
Check out Meg's review of Lost in Austen.


  1. I like Jacob Black over Edward. I like the other guy(can't remember his name now) over Tamani in Wings. Tamani sounds like a girls name. I like Peeta over Gale, but only because Gale doesn't get a lot of attention. Haven't read the other books.

  2. I love the show Lost In Austen, the Darcy character definitely has it all.

    I also really like Seth from Wicked Lovely and Cabel from Wake

    I guess I like heros that compliment the herione without being overbearing
    does that make sense?

  3. I also love Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables and Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, Capt. Wentworth, Mr. Tilney and Col. Brandon don't know these men - read Jane Austen.

  4. Man, that's a tuffy! I would have to say Gale or Petta... I don't know, I can't deside. Usually I have a crush on whatever guy I'm reading about at the time... LOL!

    Jacob is a hottie, too!

  5. Jacob will always win over Edward (for me anyways) He's just a lot more fun (and less complicated! jesus). I liked Peeta because he's so sweet to Kat and the boy bakes. He bakes! I'm won over xD!

    Patch=awesomeness for me. But my favorite guy from all the books I've read so far is DEFINETELY Marcus Flutie from the Jessica Darling series. He's so....wonderful. :)

  6. Sad to say, the traits that get me every time aren't necessarily great ones. I seem to love a cocky boy, at least in books. I am reading The Name of the Wind right now, and Kvothe is starting to do it for me.
    And I am so torn on Gale and Peeta.

    Also, I left you an award...

  7. My all-time literary crush is...


    from Outlander [swoons] Yep, he's tough, rough and gruff, an all-around sweep me off my feet type-a man... I LUF HIM.


  8. Sounds like you have lots of lit. crushes! I'm crushing hard on Sam from Shiver and my lifetime book crush is Gilbert Blythe. =)

  9. I also crush on whoever I'm reading about...it's almost a prerequisite of liking the book!

    The ones that stick after I finish reading are the best :) I like Jacob over Edward personally too... and I liked Keenan over Seth in Wicked Lovely.

  10. You all have great choices!

    Mine current ultimate fave would have to be Jace from City of Bones. Love him!

    FYI, Juju, you've got a Top Commenter Award from us at


    Thanks for chatting with us!

  11. Mr. Darcy will always be my top literary crush, but I'm also team Peeta. I'm going to have to agree with you and Pirate Penguin about Jacob though. I was never really an Edward fan.

  12. My vote goes to Darcy as well...thanks for visiting today!

  13. What about Jace from the Mortal Instruments? I adore him. Jace and Mr Darcy are at the top of my list.

  14. My knock-down, serious, no-holds-barred literary crush is absolutely Marcus Flutie, the complicated and completely sexy main character of Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series! As much as I'd love to see them made into a film someday, no leading man could ever match up the expectations I would have for Marcus... so really, I hope he remains only in my mind :) hehe

    Yeah, and Darcy's all right, too. You know. He's okay. ;)

  15. Hm, most recently would probably have to by Sonny from Wondrous Strange. I always get caught by those mysterious, suffering kinds. Lol, maybe I'm a sadist.
    But I also love Mr.Darcy, of course! I actually watched Lost in Austen and though it was pretty good. :)

  16. There are so many literary cuties out there--how is one expected to decide?

    Edward is crush-worthy - he has that Mr. Darcy thing going on, in my opinion (I hope I don't get myself banned for saying that). lol
    Then there's Peeta from The Hunger Games and Riley from Intertwined...

    All this talk about Jace from The Mortal Instruments has me curious.

  17. *high five* to my Jacob girls!

    Mary: Really? You like the other guy more than Tamani? Tamani has the whole, "I'll wait forever for you baby" thing.

    Rebrebs: Agreed!
    Hottest Darcy EVER!
    I also agree with you on the "compliments without overbearing". That's a great way to put it.

    Pirate Penguin: I love that a man that cooks - tickles your fancy. In that case you have to read Meridian. Ten's a great cook.

    Misty: Cocky boys are so fun to read. I forget have you read hush, hush yet? You are going to love Patch.

    Nely: Can you believe I haven't read Outlander yet? Tough, rough, and gruff is DEFINITELY swoony.

    Becky: I can't wait to read Shiver! I love wolves.

    Diana: I have to read Wicked Lovely.

    Alyssa & Becky: I can't believe I haven't read City of Bones yet.

    Lizzy: I'm leaning on Peeta too so far. I need to read Catching Fire to be sure. Don't get me wrong - I like that Gale is protective and skilled. That's soooo hot in my book.

    Meg: I don't think I remember Jessica Darling. I need to check that out.

    Jenn: Sonny does have that sexy brooder thing going on.

    Jessica(BookLover): I haven't read Intertwined yet but it is on my list.

  18. Team Peeta all the way! I'm so in love with him my husband is worried.

    Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey) is everything a man ought to be.

    Arthur Clennam (Little Dorrit by Dickens) He is just GOOD.

    Prince Char (Ella Enchanted) YUM!!!

    I have way too many crushes...my husband should be worried if ever any of them really lived....

  19. ~Mary: *giggle* Agreed! My husband laughs at my growing list.

  20. I agree with writemeg - Marcus Flutie is the man to go. He's my numbah one literary crush. He's just so mysterious and swoon-worthy. I don't know how else to describe him. He's just.....indescribable, ha.

  21. Great question! ten is ind of a weird name though LOL! :-D
    I LOVE Peeta!!!! He's so sweet and nice and.....ahhh! I adore him:-D
    aLSO, WES from the truth about forever is my longtime dream guy(hey, that rhymes:)
    Jace-have to mention him. Cocky yet vulnerable, funny yet serious, he is also a charmer. Would date him in a hot second:-D

  22. Amy: I'll have to look into The Truth About Forever :)

  23. Literary boy crushes is one of my favourite topics!! My biggest crush is for the Weasley twins, both of them. I like a bit of mischief in 'em. Which is why I also have a crush on Patch from Hush Hush.
    Hmm, also, Owen from Sarah Dessen's Just Listen.

  24. I actually like Sam from Shiver just because of his descripation. His eyes and the way his hair is suppose to me. The cuteness of it all makes me think cute cute cute!

    And Patch of course. Bad boys are good :)

  25. I actually like Sam from Shiver just because of his descripation. His eyes and the way his hair is suppose to me. The cuteness of it all makes me think cute cute cute!

    And Patch of course. Bad boys are good :)

  26. Haha wow, this is an awesome post! :-)

    My all time, no contest favorite literary boy crush is Kartik from Libba Bray's Gemma Doyle Trilogy. :-D AH! I also lovelovelovelove Hamlet from Lisa Klein's Ophelia, Gale from The Hunger Games (not Peeta! Ick), Darrow from Kate Constable's Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy, and Finn from Shannon Hale's Books of Bayern.

    I tend to go for the darker, imperfect guys. Thy mysterious ones. But yeah, I'm generally in love with whoever the heroin of my current book is in love with. :-) But if there's a choice, as in Hunger Games, I always go for the bad boys.

  27. Mine is still and always be Mr.Darcy! :)

  28. Mandy: The Weasley twins! How could I forget them. They are the ultimate funny guys. When I was reading HP I crushed big time on Ron.
    Jill: I can't WAIT to read Shiver. I've heard such great things about Sam.
    Shakespeare's Muse: Darker, imperfect, and mysterious is sooo sexy.
    Nina: Mr. Darcy *sigh* never looked better than when he emerges soaking wet in Lost in Austen.

  29. Thanks, I was 30 years old there, young and hot...I am still hot, but somehow at 47 hot takes a differant meaning...

  30. Yes, we can all dream a little here, my husband doesnt read much either, my books are piling up!

  31. Okay...here goes...

    Twilight series: Edward (sorry, Jacob fans!)
    The Forbidden Game series: Julian
    Hush, Hush: Patch

    I suppose I end up liking the ones that have a dark side (but not in the I'm evil run away sort of way!)....they have a heart of gold underneath.

    I'll stop there for now...*SIGH*..who says reality is always better than fantasy? =0)

    Happy reading!

  32. GMR: I feel ya girl! Fantasy is just sooo lovely.

  33. I haven't read Hush, Hush yet. I really need to. I have heard great things about Patch...

  34. I think I need to read more books. I'm not crushing on any literary lads at the moment. None of the recent ones seem to tickle my fancy.

  35. I love this post--how fun!!

    Right now I have two:
    (1) Jericho Barrons from the Fever series and
    (2) Marc from Rachel Vincent's Shifters

    I love strong, brooding bad boys! LOL

  36. Misty: I predict you're going to LOVE him Misty :)
    La Cocc: Who's an older truer crush?
    Kim: I've never heard of either of them. I better check it out.

  37. K, Juju, you're right! I love Mr. Darcy -- he's a great crush. My literary boy crush is... well, I have a few and you already know them!

  38. Juju, now that you have read it I can put on here that one of my all time fav lit crush is Devon from Seeking Eleanor, and Tommy, but I don't know if you've got to meet Tommy yet.