26 October 2009

Dr. Anderson's Nanny Book Review Mini

Authoress: Amy Hahn
Available format: eBook, Paperback
Pages: 234
Genres: Adult Fiction | Fantasy | Chick Lit | Paranormal Romance

Preface: I am quickly becoming a fan of The Wild Rose Press. Their books are not deep literature BUT they are fun peachy doozies that offer a great romantic escape at superb prices.

My condensed version: Wednesday is a witch, a new graduate of the Magical Nannies for Children Foundation, and about to meet some major obstacles in her first governess position.
Will troublesome children keep her from acing her first gig? Ah no. But her undeniable attraction to Dr. Anderson might.

My take: This is a fluffy merry read that is part The Nanny and part Bewitched. Wednesday tries to be Nanny McPhee but she is really more of a brunette Samantha Stephens. This is a light tale of watching romance brew.

My rating: 4 stars: I really enjoyed this frothy fun.

2 for 2:
Main character: Quirky endearing
Plot: Sweet cute

The Meter Readings:
Kiddie-o-meter: There is no violence or social commentary but this is sexy chick lit so you will find some spicy make-out sessions.
Adult-o-meter: Perfect for the adult who is in between reads or looking for something light and quick.

Quotable: "The man was tan, very tan, and his eyes were a dark, mesmerizing green. Dr. Anderson was much more handsome than his photo. Lumina had forgotten to mention that fact. Of course, she’d been more focused on learning about Jenna, Tamra and Michaela than on him at the time. Still, Lumina should’ve warned her. Wednesday made a mental note to strangle the fairy the next time she saw her."

Money talk: All books at The Wild Rose Press are available in eBook formats. Some (like this one) are released in paperback as well. The eBooks are always fantastically priced and therefore what I normally opt for. Waiting for a new book to arrive? Pick up an eBook at The Wild Rose Press. They are instant fun that also happens to be easy on your pocket book.

Note: Mrs. Whimsy was a frugalista way before it was cool and takes pride in sharing a good price with her online homegirls. I have in no way been contracted by The Wild Rose Press to speak their praises.

To purchase the eBook through The Wild Rose Press click here.
To purchase the paperback through The Wild Rose Press click here.

Seasonal note: Amy Hahn released a Christmas book last Christmas called Mr. Jack Frost. This one is definitely on my Christmas TBR (to be read) list. Mr. Jack Frost is available in both an eBook format and paperback format.

My final say: I love reading witch tales as we near Halloween.


  1. Sounds like a fun read. I enjoy how you word things Juju - "frothy fun" - love it.

  2. Oh, this sounds like a fun Halloween type book! I'll have to try it :) Great review, JuJu :)

  3. Lol, nice mix between The Nancy and Bewitched? Sounds good. :)
    I might have to pick this up sometime when I'm in for a light read, thanks!

  4. I love Nanny McPhee and Bewitched. This sounds like a winner! Thanks for a great review!

  5. "Frothy fun"-love that! so witchy ;)

    why must you point out so many awesome books? I can't keep track of the awesomeness anymore!! xD

    Oh, and I read a little of Seeking Eleanor. It's really good so far :)

  6. Part The Nanny and part Bewitched... Sounds intriguing!

  7. Wow. Yet another book I need to add to by "to be read" pile. How will I ever catch up?

  8. I love bewitched. I love how they made the old ones into colour and the colours are so over saturated. I love the 2 cats on the cover of the book.

  9. Well, I'll definitely have to add this to my list. Lately, all the books I've picked up are light reads. Oh well, I'll blame it on school. Great review!

  10. This looks like a fun, light & cute read :]

  11. Girl where is my name on that top commentators list?! I know I've left you more than 3 comments! Hmm I'm gonna have to fix that! lol

  12. Ooh, some romance? My kind of book :) Thanks for your review!

  13. This looks SO cute! I LOVE Bewitched, and I could use some frothy fun right about now. :-)

  14. And did you change the background of your blog? I feel like it looked different last time I was here.

  15. I love the supernatural and most of my books are related to this in some way. Have tried chick-lit but I find myself getting annoyed and irritated with the heroine quite quickly as they always act so ditzy! Maybe this is a good combination - part paranormal, part chick-lit? Will have to give it a try. Sometimes a light-hearted read is just what I fancy at times. Thanks for the review - I've never heard of this author before :)

  16. Book City: I feel you. I like the chase to last a bit longer.

    Brizmus: Totally :) I'm always trying to keep it fresh and different. Thanks for noticing and visiting.

  17. This sounds like a really cute read! I used to love Bewitched. I still watch the reruns every once in a while.

  18. Hehe, I would have liked a magical nanny!