30 October 2009

Creative or Sacrilege?

While gobbling up my latest issue of Country Living magazine I came across a new craft idea for old books. The idea is to use your old books to make stylish purses.

Which brings me to this week's question:
Is this creative or do you consider it sacrilege?
If you would like to purchase one check out this Etsy shop.
If you would like to make one yourself, visit Country Living's DIY slideshow.


  1. Sacrilege.

    Yes, they look cool, but can you imagine pulling the pages out of a book? All of them? And where do you actually get books that look like those cool ones now?

  2. I feel you!

    I'm actually a huge connoisseur and collector of vintage hardcover books.
    The idea of doing this to one of them actually breaks my heart a little.

    I have books with covers like these.
    Some are old Reader's Digest covers I scored in estate sales and used book stores.

    They're my mini treasures.

  3. I would much rather people do this than throw their old books in the garbage. I've seen so many great old books at the dump, completely ruined.

    But I would never actually carry one of these purses, lest some rabid book bloggers come along and throw paint on me for destroying a perfectly good book =oP

  4. NotNessie girl you crack me up :)
    You put the biggest smile on my face when you said, "Lest some rabid book bloggers come along and throw paint on me for destroying a perfectly good book" :D

  5. Great question!

    I think it's creative, but I would never have the heart to do that (no matter how much I dislike a book).

    I also consider old books to be a sort of treasure... I can't imagine ripping the heart out of the book to make it into a bag.

    But like I said, it is creative. :)

  6. In theory, I love these. If someone gave one to me, I would probably carry it everywhere. But, like gapyeargirl123, I can't imagine pulling all the pages out. That would be way too sad.

  7. They do look so cute but MY BOOKS! LOL! :)

  8. That is a sacrilege...how could anyone have the heart to do that to a book?

  9. Cute background! :)
    And, definitely sacrilige. I can't imagine pulling out all those pages! Unless you're talking about an old school textbook here...

  10. If you are a non-reader and a crafty type person I can see how you would like this. It is kind of cute.

  11. They're so pretty, but...but...but...

    SOB! :'-(

    I'm actually kind of tearing up here. Aw! Poor books! All those missing pages! How could I live with myself??

    Is creative sacrilege an acceptable answer? Or sacrilegious creativity?

  12. A bit of both, I think. Maybe if someone gave me one I would like it but I could never make one myself. It's like with those hollow books you can hide things in. As cool as they may be, I could never bring myself to cut up the pages to make one.

  13. I don't think I'd want to do this to my favorite books...but then I wouldn't want to make one of these if it wasn't from one of my favorite books. Why tote around a title I didn't love? Hmmmm...a catch 22!

  14. I think it's cute and creative, but it doesn't look very functional.

  15. It would have to be a book I hated, but if it were a book I hated, I wouldn't want to carry it around in public, on my arm!