23 November 2009

Q & A with Mary Naylus

Happy Monday!

My guest today is Mary Naylus.

Mary is the author of The Dresskeeper.

Thank you for joining us today Mary.

I adored The Dresskeeper and the unlucky heroine plucky Picky. So my first question begins with Picky.

Q: Picky is an unusual heroine in that she is overweight and has a wandering eye. More often than not writers prefer their heroines to be beauties or unintentional beauties. Why did you decide to make Picky different and who if anyone was your inspiration for her?

A: I think everyone needs realistic role models, and Picky represents that part of us that is insecure and not perfect. I am not a fan of unintentional beauties; in my experience they don’t really exist. I prefer a healthy dose of reality in my fictional characters.

Q: Has your teenage daughter read The Dresskeeper? What does she think of Picky?

A: I just asked her and she says she ‘loled’ at her. I suspect that she recognises some of the more lazy aspects of Picky in herself (or at least I hope she does).

Q: Will we ever see Picky again?

A: The reaction to Picky has been so good that I have decided to include her in my third novel, but more on that soon! However I can say it involves the British Museum and some really old exhibits.

Q: What can we expect from your next novel?

A: The Plaguemaker has ghosts and gross disease, plus a little teenage romance. Something for history buffs and lovers of the supernatural. No time-travel this time.

Q: If you could step into a magical time traveling dress where would you like to visit?

A: Renaissance Italy. It would be fabulous to meet the Medicis; might even be my fourth novel. Thank you for your interest Juju, keep going with the great blog.

Wahoooo! You heard it here girls.

1. We will be seeing Picky again. Whoot!

2. Mary's 4th book may take place or include Renaissance Italy.

Thank you Mary for taking the time to answer my questions and visit my blog. I am quite honored. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to The Plaguemaker.

Details on The Dresskeeper:

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For a sneak peak of The Dresskeeper scroll down:

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