27 November 2009

Sweet Inspiration eBook Review

Authoress: Penny Watson
Pages: 193
Format: eBook
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publisher's Sensuality Type: Sensual
Genre: Adult Fiction | Romance | Steamy | Magical Realism
Scheduled Purchase Price: $4.50

My summary: Lucy owns a sweet bakery called Sweet Inspiration known for making some of the best sugar cookies ever. Nicholas is a master pastry chef that tours the world studying and perfecting confections.

This is the story of the sparks that fly when Nicholas decides to seduce Lucy for more than her sugar cookie recipe.

Oh did I forget to mention Nicholas just happens to be the oldest son and heir to the Santa Claus throne?

What they say: "What if the legend of Santa Claus is in fact, true?

What if Santa has five big strapping sons who help him run his empire? Five single, sexy sons looking for romance...

One look at cafe owner Lucy Brewster sends Nicholas into an unexpected tailspin of lusty desires. When Lucy is injured, Nicholas makes a decision that catapults their lives into turmoil. Lucy gets more than she bargained for when she awakens in the North Pole...rambunctious elves, a fitness-obsessed Santa, and the man of her dreams."

My say: Sweet Inspiration is one wild fun hot ride. I was sucked in from the moment Penny Watson first described Nicholas Jr. as smelling like "smoky rum and dark spices". Yum much!? Well and I love any writer who can bring my senses to life and use a word like "reverie". This story honestly has all the elements a gal would want from a romantic Christmas story.

Deliciously vivid descriptions and word usage?: Check
A plot that includes a trip to the North Pole?: Check
Adorable characters you will wish you could meet in real life?: Check
A Merry Christmas feel that will leave you feeling merry?: Check
Sizzling love scenes?: Check

My rating: 4 stars; I really enjoyed this story.

My verdict: If you are looking for a delectable playful Christmas read (and don't mind provocative) pick this one up. It SO cute and loads of fun.

Favorite part?: Getting to drink and play darts with some ornery elves.

The Meter Readings:
Kiddie-o-meter: Too spicy for the wee ones.
Adult-o-meter: This one leaves nothing to the imagination. It is written for grown girls who relish all the juicy details of attraction and love making. Side note: the super hot Klaus brothers banter and occasionally curse amongst each other just like real guys do.

Quoteables: "He tasted like Christmas. Brandy, cloves, and dark molasses. His tongue was doing slippery, sexy things to her mouth that were simply unbearable."

"Lucy watched, mesmerized. His beard was thick and dark and neatly trimmed. What would it feel like? Coarse and rough, or silky smooth? Without thinking, she reached out to touch his face."

Noteable: My favorite part of this book is the Klaus brothers who help Santa run his empire. Each alluring brother runs a different branch. Click on their names below to read the hilarious character interviews Penny Watson has put together of each one:

Oskar Klaus = The slightly punk brother = Employee relations
Sven Klaus = The hippie brother = Toy production
Gregor Klaus = The expensive suits brother = Financial relations
Wolfgang Klaus = The humanitarian brother = Charitable gifts
Nicholas Klaus = The master chef brother = Desserts and goodies

Warning: This story will make you SO hungry. Keep the gingerbread men handy!

My final say: I can't stop thinking of Wolfie. He is definitely my favorite.

A great big special thank you to The Wild Rose Press for making this review possible.
Your site and eBook selection continues to impress me and subsequently my Wish List continues to grow.


  1. I'm not the hugest fan of romance, but this one sounds absolutely delish! :-)
    The Klaus brothers sound HOT!

  2. This sounds like a hot holiday read! I'm usually not pulled towards romance either, but the holidays seem like a perfect time for that!

  3. This book sounds like a fun holiday read! It's definitely going on my tbr list for December! Lovely review! :)

  4. Great review! Sounds like a cute book.

  5. Very good review. This book really sounds nice to read. And i like the cover.

  6. Juju....What a great review! You just made my whole holiday weekend. I am soooo glad you liked my story.
    (Don't worry about Wolfie...I have good things in store for him!) :)

    Penny Watson

  7. Oooh, you made me hungry for cookies! xD These Klaus brothers sound great! I guess you wouldn't be upset if you found any of them in your stocking this season... ;)

  8. @pirate penguin - Mr. Juju might be upset, though. hehe

  9. LOL Pirate & Nessie.
    You're both right :D

    I will say this Nicholas definitely reminded me of Mr. Whimsy ;)

  10. Great review! I love how quircky and fun it sounds! I don't think I've ever heard of anything like this. Which I love. Something new that's never been done before. Again, great review! :)

  11. Oh wow. I'm taking a peek at this one!

  12. Oo this one looks pretty interesting!

    I love the new design of your blog! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately!

  13. Oo this one looks pretty interesting!

    I love the new design of your blog! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately!

  14. Oo this one looks pretty interesting!

    I love the new design of your blog! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately!

  15. I really wanted to find a festive book for the holidays. This sounds perfect, I'm going to pop over to Amazon to find out when it is out. It sounds so cute. I have to have it!!! I always wanted to be a Christmas elf. Seriously, it is one of my ambitions. Great review, Juju.

  16. I love the design of your blog too. it's always so creative and festive~this book sounds so fun. I want it! :)

  17. This one sounds really fun, especially with the holidays approaching. Plus, it seems like there's a Klaus brother for every girl :)

  18. I also gave you an award at my blog


  19. Emma: Hey doll! Thanks for visiting.
    Becky: Fantastic aspiration. I love it. *high five*
    Kim: Thank you sweet pea :D
    Lizzy: Exactly! ;) and thank you mama. I'm off to check it out. You're the sweetest.

  20. I a hundred percent agree this book is fantastic and loads of delicious fun. Both the sensual descriptions of the food and of Nicholas and Lucy's hot romance. It will definintely get you in the Christmas mood.

  21. I've been looking for some good Christmas reading. This one might fit the bill. I'll have to look into it. :)

  22. Hmm. This sounds like quiet a 'sweet' read. The cover alone is quiet tastey.. LOL!!

  23. This sounds like so much fun! I just had a sample sent to my Kindle ;) Thanks for the recommendation!

  24. Christie: Oooo it is such fun! I hope you love it :D

  25. Oh my! Gotta buy this book!