08 December 2009

Mr. Jack Frost Book Review Mini

Authoress: Amy Hahn
Also from this author: Dr. Anderson's Nanny
Available formats: Paperback, Kindle, and pdf, lit, HTML
Pages: 181
Genre: Adult Fiction Romance Magical Realism

My summary: Reagan just hasn't been the same since her husband passed away two Christmases ago. Now she dreads Christmas, snow, ice skating, and even denies her children a Christmas tree. Every aspect of Christmas reminds her of her loss. Then one night she makes a Christmas wish for happiness. A wish that results in one handsome yet mysterious man appearing at her front door.

My say: Who hasn't wished on a star, fountain, or snow? I still do. This is a sugary sweet love story about a woman who must learn to let go and see the blessings she has before her. Overall I enjoyed the concept, writing story, and strong start, but felt it could have been shortened or fleshed out a bit more. However, don't let that deter you. This story is like Christmas candy; perfect when you are in the mood for a yuletide flavored sugar rush.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Kiddie-o-meter: While the desire for sexual intimacy is present this novel remains rather chaste and contains no foul language.


"No. I didn't respond to an ad," he told her, watching as her eyes darkened and her body tensed.

"Then why are you here?" Her voice was now cool and low.

"I'm here because you wished for me." He winced when he spoke the words. He had a feeling that Reagan was not about to believe in magical wishes.


My final say:
What would you wish for if you could wish for anything this Christmas (material or otherwise) ?


  1. Ooh perfect Christmas themed read. Yay! I like the sound of this.

  2. Christmas candy, you say? Sounds like a must read!

  3. Good Question. A white Christmas is definitely up there on the list of Christmas wishes (that's so cliche, I know). But, I think I would wish for family; my husband and I live about half way between both of our families but still pretty far away from each of them. I would wish for just one crazy family Christmas.

  4. Hm, I would wish for everything in my life to simply work out. If only my wishes would manifest themselves as easily as a handsome man at the front door. ;)
    But great review as always! Sounds like a very cute holiday read, that I might be interested in looking up. Thanks!

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas read - thanks for the review!

    Hmmm, I think I would wish for our house to finally sell so we can finally move into our dream home.

  6. I want to read this so badly! My library doesn't have it. I think I'll have to go get it! Thanks for reviewing it :)

  7. Sounds like another good christmas read! Hmm...I'd definitely wish for my college loans to be paid off! Thanks for the review

  8. This sounds like a great Christmas read. Lovely review as always.


  9. Hmmm, interesting! I think I'll read it :) I always love some romance...

  10. Ooh, I forgot to answer your question. And I'm going to answer it because that's a really good question! :D

    I would wish for books, actually. I barely own any. And sure, borrowing from the library is great, but actually having the books makes it feel different. I don't know how though...I can't explain it, hehe. But yup! That would be my wish :)

  11. Wow I wish someone would say that to me "I am here because you wished for me"....that is so sweet.

  12. I always love your mini-reviews. Thanks!

    Hmmmm... I guess I'd wish for a publishing contract for my book!

    A fun post. Thanks and Happy Holidays! And genuine gratitude for all your support and kindness.

  13. It does sound sugary sweet but I love Jack Frost in just about every interpretation.

  14. Aw, this sounds like a lovely holiday read! I may have to pick this up before the holidays are over! Thanks for the review!

  15. I think it's the girl's hair. It's so fiery and curly xD

    This sounds like a perfectly sweet holiday read. What would I wish for this Christmas season? A gorgeous guy at my doorstep wouldn't be such a bad present ;D

    And thanks for all your commments! They always cheer me up<3

  16. The little bit that is shown on your you tube looks so pretty and inviting. I want to see a movie now. Loved it.

  17. Great Review! Very good..I would wish for snow! :)

  18. Sounds like a really sweet story..., my wish is for an experience that would wipe out all the fear that's still in me!

  19. Ahh...this sounds like a Christmas cutie! (sappy description, I know, but it does sound like fun!) I totally second your thoughts on the wishing bit. Even if it doesn't happen or really work the way we think, it seems that just by putting the thought out there sometimes helps us to reach the ends we seek.

    If I could wish for anything? Wow...so many things to put in for this year (not all centered on me, I PROMISE!)....I guess I would wish that my family and I could spend more time together. We are constantly getting pulled in different directions for various necessary reasons and it would be great to be able to relex, throw away all worries, and enjoy each others company.

    Happy holidays....and happy reading!

  20. I can not tell you ladies how much I've loved reading your Christmas wishes.

    Jess(BookLover): I too want a white Christmas!

    Shannon: Good luck selling your home!

    Lizzy: Amen sister! I need that too!

    Justine: I'm a big library girl too so I totally understand.

    Alyssa: *hugs*

    Pirate: That would be cool.

    Nina: Me too!

    Maya: Your answer rocks! Amen sister! *high five*

    GMR: You are so right. Sometimes just putting it out there helps! I love that you wished for more time. That's beautiful.

    *fingers crossed* that all these dreams and wishes come true!