31 August 2009

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Hush Hush Book Review

Authoress: Becca Fitzpatrick
Pages: @400
Genre: Young Adult Fiction | Paranormal

My condensed version: Nora's life forever changes when Patch (a dark aloof fellow who is both "rough and roguish") becomes her biology partner. Now she is seeing terrible things, questioning her sanity, and convinced someone has been watching her at night. Is she going crazy? Is she really in danger? And just what is she going to do with this attraction to Patch?

My take: What a tale indeed. Some will love it while others will not. But there is one thing for sure; once you start reading this story you will not be able to put it down. It is eerie, dark, and enrapturing. A quick read that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. I spent the entire novel frightened for Nora.

My rating: 4 stars; While I really liked it - I did not love it. It is a very well written story but too dark to truly win my affections.

3 for 3:
Main character: Pretty relatable actually
Plot: Heart pounding scary
Scenery: Cliche but perfect

The meter readings:
Adventure-o-meter: High octane levels of adventure.
Kiddie-o-meter: While there is no sex, drugs, or social commentary this is a very sexy violent tale best reserved for older teens.
Adult-o-meter: Perfect for adults. This tale is thrilling and will hold your attention to the very end.

Love the love?: No. Their love never really drew me in and for me lacked tenderness.

Worth-a-read?: You must however I caution you if you are not a huge fan of dark tales check it out from the library first.

Quotable: "I was immediately aware of something different about him, I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I could feel it like electricity. More animosity? More confidence. More freedom to be himself. And those black eyes were getting to me. They were like magnets clinging to my every move. I swallowed discretely and tried to ignore the queasy tap dance in my stomach. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but something about Patch wasn't right. Something about him wasn't normal. Something wasn't...safe."

My final say: I didn't dig Patch. What do you think? Did you like Patch? From the start? Or did he grow on you?

Contest: Enter to win my hush, hush ARC.

29 August 2009

My Fair Godmother Book Review

Young Adult Fiction

My condensed version: Savannah's perfect life is in total disarray when Chrissy (Chrysanthemum Everstar) pops in to her life offering her 3 wishes.

The conditions?

1. Make it quick (your not so fairy godmother has some shopping to do)!
2. Oh the side effect may include "dizziness, nausea, lethargy, and an intense desire to eat woodland creatures".


Is it any wonder Savannah accidentally wishes to be Cinderella, then Snow White, and then accidentally sends the sweet boy who has a crush on her back to the middle ages?

Yowzers is right!

This is a fun tale about magic and finding out along the way what really matters.

My take: What girl hasn't wished for a fairy godmother or genie at some point in her life? My Fair Godmother answers those questions (and then some) by pulling back the veil on two of our most beloved fairy tales. This story is witty, funny, comical, endearing, and ends with Savannah learning some valuable lessons.

My rating: 5 stars (I LOVED it) This books belongs on my shelf.

Adventure-o-meter: High. When Savannah's not saving her tail she is trying to survive the middle ages.

Kiddie-o-meter: No sex, drugs, foul language, or social commentary. The only violence featured is light and quite necessary for the time period. This one is safe even for the youngest tweens.

Adult-o-meter: Perfect for those of us who can not get enough of fairy tales with a twist.

Worth-a-read?: Totally. If fairy tales are your cup of tea run out and buy this one.

Share worthy: "She brushed off my comment with one perfectly manicured had. "Did you think wishes were like kittens, that all they were going to do was purr and cuddle with you?" She shook her head benevolently. "Those type of wishes have no power. The only wishes that will ever change you are the kind that may, at any moment, eat you whole. But in the end, they are the only wishes that matter. Now then," she looked me up and down, from my wet hair to my bare feet. "I take it you aren't ready to go to the ball?"

Pass the mic: Check out Lizzy's take at Cornucopia of Reviews

My final say:
1. This one was so witty I had to read excerpts to my husband.
2. Don't you love the pink hair? I swear one day (when I am an old lady) I am totally dyeing my hair hot pink.

My final question: So if you had three wishes what would you wish for?

27 August 2009


Young Adult Fiction

My condensed version: Phoebe's five year plan flies out the window when her mom returns from her Grecian vacation with a fiance. Suddenly Phoebe is forced to move to a small island in Greece, deal with a mind reading stepdad, a wicked stepsister, and the pressure of being the only regular human at a school for the descendants of Greek gods.

My take: Oh my gods is right! I giggled and cheered for Phoebe as she tries to carve a place for her self in this new strange land full of magic. This is a fab story full of delicious mythological twists.

My rating: 5 stars (I loved it)

Noteworthy: Need help visualizing the characters or descendants? Check out Tera's character collages. I could NOT get enough of them and visited them consistently during my reading.

Adventure-o-meter: Low.

Kiddie-o-meter: This one is great for even the youngest tweens. It features minimal language, the main character chooses to maintain her virginity, great solid friendships, and strong female characters. No sex, drugs, violence, or social commentary.

Adult-o-meter: Adults will love the pop culture references and mythology.

Worth-a-read?: Totally run out and buy this one.

Share worthy: "Griffin's flame-blue eyes glare a hole in me. My knees go a little weak at being so close to him. No matter how many times I tell myself this one is a L-O-S-E-R, my heart still beats fast whenever I think of him. I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my body-prepared to flee if the embarrassment meter reaches the warning zone."

Pass the mic: Bookworm called it a "stellar debut". Check out her review at Bookworm Readers.

My final say:
1. I have a problem. I want chucks (Converse sneaks) like Phoebe's now and pink jelly bracelets like Nicole. My pocket books reply? "Argh!"
2. I can not wait to read Goddess Boot Camp.

Whatcha think?: I was so disappointed when my library copy arrived with the Greek god cover. I am totally partial to the winged sneaks. So what do you think readers? Which cover do you like better? Partial to the Greek god Agias or the pink laced goddess sneaks?

25 August 2009


Book: Tantalize
Authoress: Cynthia Leitich Smith
Pages: 311
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

My condensed version: Quincie loses everyone that means anything to her. First her parents and now her best friend (the hot werewolf she pines for) is talking about leaving to find a pack. Even her uncle is becoming increasingly distant due to his repugnant new vixen Ruby. The only thing Quincie has left is her mother's failing restaurant and the odd new cook. Can the new cook help Quincie save the restaurant? Can Quincie let her first love go? And just who is behind all these mysterious deaths?

My take: Cynthia Leitch Smith transports her readers to a funky modern day version of Texas where wearpeople (beings that are part animal and part human) and vampires are not only real but they even suffer from racism. Quincie's tale is alluring. The menu style layout and chapters are a nice twist. But the best twist is the end. Just when you think you know who is behind Quincie's woes you are thrown for a giant size loop.

My rating: 4 stars (I really liked it) Tantalize is fun and funky despite a few bumps in the road.

Adventure-o-meter: Medium on the adventure but high on the tension.

Kiddie-o-meter: Between the multiple mentions to promiscuity, a plethora of underage drinking, an ill placed kiss between Quincie (the heroine) and Ruby (her uncle's girlfriend), and a scene where Quincie hears her uncle and Ruby "knocking the boots" this story is best suited for older teens only.

Adult-o-meter: Adults leave reality and your notions of vamps at the door.

Worth-a-read?: It was fun. I enjoyed it. But I recommend you check it out from the library first.

Share worthy: "One step. Another. Reaching for the light switch, I tripped over a body and, flailing, landed with an oomph on a huge hard-shell animal, which hopped three feet into the air, knocking me off, back onto the still body. Screaming, I scrambled against the door, which slammed behind me. It, it...The animal was a shifter. It had to be. It was too damn big not to be. But werepeople were of the furred persuasion, occasionally feathered or scaled. Not hard."

Pass the mic: My mentor Today's Adventures didn't love it but straight shooting Shut Up! I'm Reading. totally dug it. What do you think?

Final say: Why do books always make me want to go shopping? Quincie's red cowgirl boots have me totally considering purchasing a pair of my own.

P.S. The exquisite Lisa Porter featured me today on her gorgeous blog The Lisa Porter Collection. Thank you Lisa. Your post was truly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.
Welcome Lisa Porter readers!

Can you name that cover?

24 August 2009

You Rock!!!

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Award: BINGO Beauty Award
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N (for neighborly): Room Service - Decorating 101
G (for gorgeous): The Lisa Porter Collection
O (for outstanding): Pioneer Woman


Award: Super Comments Award
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I would also like to take this time to thank the super ladies who honored me with wonderful awards I have already received. I'm not going to nominate anyone but I wanted to thank you each again for showing me the love. You guys rock!

21 August 2009

My Forbidden Desire Review & Contest

Pages: 359
Adult Fiction
Paranormal Romance

My condensed version: They are drawn to each other from the moment they meet. But their desires are forbidden because she is a witch and therefore his arch nemesis. So how are they going to survive bunking in close quarters while he protects her from the kind of unspeakable evils she thought only existed in folklores?

My take: If I had to describe this book in as few words as possible I would say it is a scandalous Harlequin novel meets Charmed. It is paranormal romance with a heavy dose of down 'n dirty. But it is fun and I did get drawn in. Carolyn Jewel creates an ultra sexy bad boy in Xia. He had me from the moment he walked in to Alexandrine's house like he owned it. Go in to this story expecting a Harlequinesque romance novel and you will not be disappointed.

My rating: 4 stars = Really Liked It

Noteworthy: My Forbidden Desire is a sequel to My Wicked Enemy but the book is an independent read and does not require you read My Wicked Enemy first. I didn't. Click here if you are interested in reading Chapter 1 of My Forbidden Desire. See below to watch the book trailer.

Adventure-o-meter: High. When they are not fighting off the bad guys they are fighting off their intense attraction for one another.

Kiddie-o-meter: This one down right sizzles and has the naughty language to match it so keep this away from the young ones. Note: there are several mentions to a couple of the minor characters swinging both ways but it is only mentioned and not really part of the story.

Adult-o-meter: This book is hot hot hot fun. Adults will enjoy the heat and banter while unravelling the mysteries behind both main characters.

Worth-a-read?: Yes! While it is not thought provoking it is a lovely steamy escape from reality.

Share worthy: "Alexandrine rolled over when Xia let out a howl. Maddy crouched on the floor, her hands covering her bowed head. Durian was on his feet, the back of his head dripping blood. With a snarl, he launched himself at Xia, who brought up a leg and gave the mageheld a thundering kick in the chest. In the same motion, Xia whirled and shoved Rasmus hard enough to send him sailing through the air. The mage hit the wall with a crack."

Pass the mic: Check out Nely's My Forbidden Desire review over at All About {n} If you do not already follow Nely make sure to sign-up now. Her blog rocks and she is an excellent writer.

19 August 2009

The Giver

Book: The Giver
Authoress: Lois Lowry
Pages: 179
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Condensed: Jonas lives in a time and place where there is no crime, no poverty, no hunger, and no locks. Where pills are used to dispose of pain and/or desire. Life is good until Jonas receives his new government assigned position. As the Receiver of Memories Jonas' eyes are irreversibly opened to all the beautiful things his people have given up.

My take: This story reminds me of the John Lennon song Imagine. It transports you to an idyllic perfect climate controlled land where families share their dreams before breakfast and hardships over dinner. But soon we realize what at the surface appears to be Utopian is actually Dystopian. There is no competition because everyone is the same. There are no mistakes because there are no choices. There are no books because knowledge is power. This is a journey in to the dark side of perfection that forces the readers to examine what are we willing to give up?

Overall I loved this story and intend to recommend it strongly to every reader I know.

Adventure-o-meter: Low.

Kiddie-o-meter: All the issues in this book are handled gently and tactfully and I can confidently recommend this book to tweens or teens. There are only two moments parents of tweens should be aware of.
  1. Jonas receives the memory of war and a young boy dying.
  2. Jonas has his first arousing dream about a girl in his class.
But again the writer covers both of these instances with such class and finesse that even young tweens can comfortably handle this one.

Adult-o-meter: While the writing style is directly geared to young adults I can optimistically assure you that most adults will relish in the hidden cautions of this tale.

Worth-a-read?: Yes. Buy it, read it, and share it with your tweens and teens.

Share worthy: "Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness. Before my time, before the previous time, back and back and back. We relinquished color when we relinquished sunshine and did away with difference. We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others."

Red light caution: While the resolution is not sad it is not by any means happy either. Read it for a thought provoking light read and do not expect a storybook ending.

My rating: 5 stars

Final say:
  1. My husband needs to read this one.
  2. What did you think of the end? How did you interpret the final moments of this book?