23 February 2010

The Puzzle Ring | Blog Tour Review

Authoress: Kate Forsyth
Pages: 439 (Paperback)
Genre: Children's Fiction | Fantasy
Tagline: "Hannah is almost thirteen when she discovers her family is cursed..."

My summary: Hannah is not a typical tween. She loves Nina Simone and reading. Now Hannah is about to embark on the kind of adventure she has only dreamed of. It all begins when she learns she not only has a grandmother (who lives in an old castle in Scotland) but there is a family curse and an entire slew of juicy mystical details her mum has been keeping from her. Now it is up to Hannah to journey through time to save her family.

My say: When I woke up the morning after finishing The Puzzle Ring, I felt like I had just returned from a long fantastic voyage in a far away land. I literally woke up ready for adventure. The Puzzle Ring begins much like a modern day version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It sets the scene and builds the characters and relationships. But once the characters go through the gate the adventure never stops.

My verdict: The Puzzle Ring is a fantastic journey to set right an overdue wrong.

My recommendation: Read this on a rainy (or snowy day) when you need to escape to a faraway land.

My cover thoughts: I love the design, colors, and look of this cover. It highlights the tree (an intricate part of the story) and leaves the reader wondering.

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars; This story is deliciously enchanting.

My favorite part: Kate's attention to historical details blew me away. The children quickly have to learn how to eat, talk, and comport themselves in the late 1500s to avoid imprisonment or death. She even places Hannah at Kirk o' Field the night Lord Darnley died in 1567.

My Meter Readings:
  • My adventure-o-meter: Granted the adventure takes a bit to start but once it does hold on to your hats! This story contains magic, angry fairies, wicked witches, enchanted creatures, wild kelpies, freaky imps, and even stone gargoyles that come to life.
  • My kiddie-o-meter: Occasionally spooky but overall quite safe even for the youngest tweens.
  • My adult-o-meter: If you love The Chronicles of Narnia you will love this story.

My interest in the author: Kate Forsyth impressed me. I will definitely be looking in to more of her work.

My note: Click here to read my interview with Hannah.

My final thoughts: Hannah and her friends go back in time. That got me thinking if you could time travel what time period would you most like to visit?

Thank you Kate for this wonderful opportunity!


  1. Juju, have I ever told you how much I ADORE your "meters"?! Seriously, I even put a little shout-out to them in my review today...they're so awesome! I really do want to know about content before I jump into a book, and so it is all kinds of wonderful that you have those meters! Thanks again!!

  2. This sounds great! (and it sounds very adventurous!)

    Awesome review Juju! :D

  3. I am so happy that others are discovering the wonder that is The Puzzle Ring. It was the best book I read last year and I have been a huge fan of Kate's since 1998!!

    I do love your meter's too!

  4. Amelia: Ahhh thanks darling!It sounds like you and me do the same kind of research before reading :)

    Cat: That's SO awesome :) Kate is really awesome. Thanks for passing by.

  5. If I could go back in time, I would without a doubt, go to turn of the century 1900 New York City! I just blogged about this yesterday as a matter of fact! Such a rich history, I often think about those mansions on Fifth Avenue.. the Vanderbilts, the Astors, etc.
    Somebody needs to invent a time machine for me! :)

  6. I'm off to add this to my Amazon wish list! Thanks, Juju. :-)

  7. Thanks so much for the fantastic review! I absolutely loved this book too and I really enjoyed being a part of this blog tour! :D
    If I could time travel, I'd go back the the late 19th and early 20th century, to the time of beautiful dresses etc, I'm just really fascinated by that time! :)

  8. Great review! I read NotNessie's review a few days ago and now yours and now...I think I'm going to have to pick this book up! It sounds like so much fun!

    Great idea for the Meter Readings as well. I think it's so nice the way you have the entire review set up. Thanks so much!

  9. The Puzzle Ring sounds wonderful! I gotta go recommend it to my friend now since she loves this kind of literature :D

  10. Ooh, I LOVE those books that still have you thinking about them when you wake up in the morning! I love the Chronicles of Narnia (adore is perhaps the word), so I guess I HAVE to read this book! :-)

  11. rgeat post...I've been hearing about this book sporadically on the net so I always love when blogs I frequent cover them as well...its like a familiar voice giving a recommendation. =0)

    Thanks for sharing!
    (OH, and did you check your email? There might be something there you want to see!) =0)

  12. This review is just fantastic! And I have to agree, the historical detail was wonderful.

  13. Oh... this looks so good! I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    There are lots of time periods I'd love to visit. But if I had to pick just one... Gosh, I can't. There are too many!

  14. Oooo sounds good! And I had a puzzle ring when I was in high school - fun!

  15. La Cocc: I feel you! Its hard for me to decide too. Turn of the century and the 20s to name just two :)

    Briz: Me too :)

    Thanks 1stdaughter :)

    Bookalicious: I'm SO with you on the dresses :) I think that's part of why I want to see the 20s :)

  16. love the cover and your review--very nice.

  17. yes, juju, those are my little shih zu's they are both 14 years old and I can't stand to think of them getting any older. They love to travel and they are so good too. But when we got back home, my little male had a running fit...

  18. As always, great review! I've seen this book in a few places, but hadn't read a review until today. I'll have to pick this one up

  19. WOW! That sounds like an awesome book. Totally right up my alley! I think I'm going to buy it tomorrow. lol!

    Thanks for sharing your great review with us.

    Book Soulmates

  20. I just loved this book! :) Lovely review Juju! :)

  21. Thanks for the great review :)
    Now I want to read it even more than before :)

  22. Sound like a great read. I love the cover. My book is set in the 1500's and I struggle with historical details - I think I'd better check this book out.

  23. Girl, this sounds sooooooo good! I adore the cover! :)

  24. Thank you so much for your comment. I needed that bit of encouragement today. :-)

  25. This sounds so good. I really want to read it. Plus, I just love that cover.


  26. I so want to read this one!! Good review!

  27. Ooh! This is now officially on my TBR list! As soon as I can finish the books I already own *sob* (check my post later today to know what I mean).

  28. This sounds like such a great book! I'm really intrigued by it. Great review!