14 February 2010

Yackety-yak: Smooches

I simply could not let the day pass with out
wishing each of my darling followers
a lovely sweet Valentine's Day!

Now for my Yackety-yak questions for today:

Who is your favorite fictional couple?
Do you have a favorite kiss?

Katniss and Peeta or Katniss and Gale? (Hunger Games and Catching Fire)
Miranda and Leo? (Sea Change)
Nora and Patch? (hush, hush)
Chloe and Luke? (Laced with Magic and Casting Spells)


  1. Kat & Peeta are pretty up there...

    My fav. classic literary couple are Mr. Thornton & Margaret Hale from Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South. (Their kiss scene in the BBC movie is soooo swoon-worthy!)

    And I can't forget Mr. Darcy & Lizzy Bennet, of course :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Juju! <3

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you have lots of love!

    I am really partial to Remy and Dexter in This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. I love them so much! Also Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie in the Sloppy Firsts series by Megan McCafferty.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!!
    Right now I'm partial to Percy&Annabeth from the PJ series - cause they kissed *UNDERWATER* :o

    Have a great day!

  4. Happy valentines day!

    I have so many favorite couples! I can't pick one... I just can't. So here's my list:

    -Gemma and Kartik (A Great and Terrible Beauty)
    -Yelena and Valek (Poison Study)
    -Clary and Jace (City of Bones)
    -Lucy and Zach (Impossible)


  5. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! Hmm...of the ones listed...love NOra and Patch...also have to add Bella and Edward....and for a throwback that is getting new life in June, Julian and Jenny (THE FORBIDDEN GAME by LJ Smith). =0)

  6. I'm definitely for Katniss & Peeta!

    Hmm, couples. I love Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth :D

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you toooo! :)
    I suppose my favourite fictional couple would be Becky (neé Bloomwood) and Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic series, they're just perfect! Can't wait for the next book in September!
    Can't really think of a favourite kiss though.
    Are you going to answer your own questions? :)
    ps: Thanks for featuring my button - I've added yours too! :D

  8. Happy Valentines Day to you too!!

    Frankly, I am drawing a blank when it comes to favorite couples. There is one couple I truly love, of a book I read ages ago, but don't know the name of. It was set in the aftermath of the war / Depression. And I just wish I remembered the book.

  9. Yay!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Ooh, great questions...I love Katniss & Peeta (adorable!) and Nora & Patch (*swoon*). It's a tie between those two and they're my favourites. :)

  10. This is going to sound corny....Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in Top Gun when he chases her down the road on his motorbike.

  11. Pirate: oooo I haven't see that!

    Jessica and Amelia: I need to look up those titles :)

    Elise: Nice choices :)

    Bookalicious: Your right! I should answer! (Note these are liable to change)

    Book: Daiyu & Kalen (Gateway)
    Movie: Kate & Luc (French Kiss)

    GMR: I haven't read that one :)

    Aths: Let me know if you think of it ;) You've peeked my curiosity.

    Justine & Choco: I feel guilty for cheating on Gale but I do love Katniss and Peeta too :)

    Beach: I just rewatched their love scene the other day! *sigh* Swoony! Excellent choice and SO not corny!

    Thanks ladies for all stopping by :) I LOVED reading about your favs :)

  12. Katniss and Peeta are probably my number one fictional couple. But, Grace and Daniel in the Dark Divine are up there, too.

    I guess I don't really have a favorite kiss, though. They're all so good.

  13. FAB kissing phto!
    My favorite kiss is in Catch and Release in the fishing shed between Garner and Olynphant.

  14. Happy Valentine's Day!! I love the pic!! I have so many fave couples :)

  15. Morgan: I can't wait to read DD and see ;)

    Fifi: Oh what an excellent choice! I SO want to watch that now :)

  16. i haven't read all the other books except hunger games and catching fire so i'll have to go with katniss and peeta. TEAM PEETA all the way!! i can't wait to read mockingjay but i'm going to cry if katniss and peeta don't end up together!

    hope you had a great valentines day too!

  17. My favorites are Eva Luna and Rolf Carle from Eva Luna by Isabel Allende... they are great!

  18. I LOVE your choices.

    Thought I enjoyed Nora Roberts book McKade Brothers Series. I love the one with Rafe. Awesomeness

  19. I would have to say most of my favorite couples are from historical romance novels, espeically Benedict and Sophie from An Offer And A Gentleman by Julia Quinn.

    Or Alanna and George from the Song Of The Lioness Series by Tamora Pierce.

  20. Chelley: Me too!
    Ellie's: I have to check that out :)
    Cleverly: ooooo I've never read that one!
    Rebs: I'm adding Julia's book to my TBR pile right now ;)

  21. Julia Quinn is awesome, I'm glad you're going to read some. The Offer from a Gentlemen is kind of part of a series, I believe the first on is The Duke & I which is also really good, and her newest one What Happens In London, is a stand alone so far and one of my favorites.