24 March 2010

The Dark Divine Blog Tour Review, Interview, and Mini Contest

Authoress: Bree Despain
Publisher: Egmont
Length: 372 pages (Hardcover)
Genre: YA Fiction | Fantasy
Goodreads: The Dark Divine

Tagline: "A prodigal son...a dangerous love...a deadly secret"

My summary: Grace's life changes completely when a childhood love returns to town shrouded in mystique. Can Grace unravel the mystery behind his disappearance and her brother's new found hatred for his boyhood friend?

My say: Whoa! If I had known this book was going to be this good - I would have read it ages ago. I adored this book and could not put it down. My only regret was when it ended. I ached a little when I was forced to let the characters go.
My verdict: Locked inside this young adult tale of mystery, passion, and "things that go bump in the night" is a story of love, redemption, forgiveness, and grace.

My recommendation: If you love fantasy you must try this book.

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars; I am SO glad I own this.

My cover thoughts: I love this cover and I love that the purple material and nail polish appear at a pivotal moment when everything eternally changes for Grace.

Speaking of the cover, when I saw this ad I immediately thought of The Dark Divine. Despite the models having the wrong hair colors, doesn't the cascading fabric, hesitancy, and lingering passion just ooze Grace and Daniel?

My slices:
  • Grace's father, the pastor, is a man who actively practices everything he preaches. I loved reading this type of man.
  • Daniel is amazing. It's easy to be good when life has been good to you but a character that can rise above violence and circumstance holds my awe and admiration. I may need a Team Daniel t-shirt.
  • Bree announced March 7th the next book in the series will be called: The Lost Saint and apparently has three different meanings. *squeaal*
My meter readings:
  • My kiddie-o-meter: This novel is pretty safe for even young teens. There is no sex, foul language, or social commentary. However, I should make you aware there are mentions to a child being physically abused and a moment when a young man tries to force himself on a young woman.
  • My adult-o-meter: Intrigue and forbidden young love? What's not to like?
My favorite steamy moment: "I couldn't help noticing the way his long, lean muscles and untamed hair made him look like a wild, powerful animal. For one small second, I wished he had pounced on me."

My Dark Divine Nail Polish Mini Contest:
Isn't the nail polish Grace wears in the book and on the cover gorgeous?
I have 3 bottles to giveaway!

To enter:
If you are a resident of the US simply comment 
with your email address below and answer this:
If The Dark Divine is made in to a film who do you 

think should play Grace and Daniel?
3 winners will be selected April 25th.

Mini contest includes:
(1) Purplish lip liner
(1) Pack of purple gum {Fruit Sensations}
(1) Bottle of The Dark Divine nail polish

My mini Bree interview:

Juju: Which character do you relate to the most?
Bree: I definitely relate to Grace the most. We have a similar upbringing and family dynamic, which comes with similar concerns and doubts. But I also think Grace is who I wished I’d been in high school. She’s like the stronger version of myself at 17. I’ve come into my own as an adult, but as a teen I was pretty shy. I love Grace because is a lot more prone to speaking her mind and standing up for herself than I was.

Juju: If Dark Divine received a movie deal, which actors would be your  first choice for Jude, Grace, and Daniel?
Bree: Oh, I used to think this was an easy question, but now I’m not so sure. Grace is easy but the boys are eluding me at the moment. (Seeing Emma play a character named Grace in VALENTINE’S DAY was totally trippy.)

  • I really love the idea of Emma Roberts playing Grace. She’s sweet and beautiful but still comes across as a strong and confident.
  • For Jude I used to picture a Tom Welling from the early SMALLVILLE years, but he’s definitely getting way too old to play the part.
  • For Daniel, I often picture Taylor Kitsch from his role in THE COVENANT playing Daniel. However, he’s getting too old for the part. (If only I had a time machine!) I could possibly see Chase Crawford playing either Daniel or Jude. Or possible Zach Effron after seeing him in 16 AGAIN. You might be able to bad-boy him up enough to play Daniel.
  • I am always happy for suggestions, so if readers want to throw some names at me, I’d love it!
Juju: Grace's mom is quite the cook and is always whipping up something magical. Would you mind sharing a recipe with my readers?
Bree: Sure thing! Here is the recipe for Meredith Divine’s Infamous Turkey a la King:

Turkey a la King
¼ cup melted butter
3 Tbsp flour
1 cup chicken broth
1 cup milk
1 tsp salt
1 small package of frozen peas
2 cups diced, cooked turkey

*Great use for left-over Thanksgiving turkey. Or you can use chicken, but I’ve never tried it that way.
Melt butter in a stock pot and then whisk in flour. Add broth slowly then add milk slowly, whisking constantly over low heat until sauce is thick. Add salt, turkey, and peas. Cook until turkey and peas are heated through.
Serve over lightly buttered and toasted hamburger buns, or if you want to be fancy, you can buy frozen Pepperidge Farms pastry cups at the grocery store.
(Not exactly low fat, but oh so tasty for a special meal!)

My notes:
  • To visit the next stop in The Dark Divine Tour visit So Many Books, So Little Time tomorrow.
  • To read an excerpt of The Dark Divine visit Bree Despain.com

My final say: Bree come to Florida! I love this book so much - I need to get my hardcover signed.

A huge thank you to the Kirks at Teens Read and Write
for gifting me this amazing read.

A giant thanks to Nisa for 
providing me with the amazing nail polish.


  1. *Not a contest entry* Yay, so glad you loved it! I read this a while back too. It's one of my favorites.

  2. Awesome review, Juju!! this one is definitely on my to read list!! I haven't read the book, so I can't really say who I think should play them in the movie...I loove the calvin klein ad you posted though!!

    inthehammockblog (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Glad you liked it. I thought it was okay - paranormal is just not my thing. I'm not into werewolves and vampires.

  4. my sister read this one but i haven't yet. great review juju and i like the mini interview with the author--great questions! if i was a cook, i'd try that recipe. one of these days, i'm definitely gonna read TDD! please count me in for the giveaway!

    bookmakeupreview AT gmail DOT com

  5. i wish i can participate too.the nail polish purple colour is beautiful..

    i already order the book online.cant wait to have my own copy!

    btw, great review Juju!

  6. Really? Ah, crap. Now I'm going to have to read this book, cuz you made it sound really good. Thanks a lot.


  7. Sounds good! I haven't read the book either, so I'm going to guess at who I think the characters should be... Amanda Seyfried (the girl from Mama Mia) and Zac Efron... how did I do without reading? haha!

    jennala @ cfl . rr . com

  8. It sounds like a great book! I've heard good things so far.

  9. WOW, I need to read this soon, how great it is to get surprised like that.

    BTW - I came over to say thank you and I have an award for you.


  10. I just mailed my copy of Dark Divine to Colombia to my contest winner and now I'm sooooo green!!

  11. Great Juju! This kind of book is not really for me, but I enjoyed the interview with the author, and will def. give the turkey ala king a try!

  12. I loved this book. I am very excited for TLS! Great stuff on the book, I love reading all I can on it. Count me in on the contest.


  13. I loved this book - loved it!

    I think Grace should be played by Demi Lovato and Daniel should be played by Joe Jonas.

    mrso_d at yahoo dot com

  14. I'm glad you loved it as much as I did. The Calvin Klein ad really does fit the book, it's wonderful. Fantastic interview as well.

    For the cast I would want Emily Browning for Grace and maybe Drew Roy for Daniel.


  15. Adriana: FAB choices! I like Emily and Drew Roy is a cutie :)

    Shannon: Demi is adorable nice choice.

    Erin: Me too! Hurry TLS :)

    Jeanne: Thanks :) If you try it please let me know how it goes :)

    Cherry: Have you read it yet?

    MarceJ: Thanks hon :)

    Jenny: Not half bad :) Thanks for playing and entering.

    NotNessie: LOL You always crack me up ;)

    Darlyn: SO sorry honey! Silly shipping costs always hold me back.

    Chelley: I hope you love it too :)

    Mary Campbell: I feel ya! Not everyone is a crazy wolf gal like me ;)

    Carrie: Thanks for entering :)

    Jessica: Great minds think alike :)

  16. Great review. I've yet to read this, but now I really want to! I've got a bottle of this polish at home. It looks great on you (if that's your hand in the pic lol) so now I really want to paint mine! :]

  17. Great review! I've been hesitant about this one but now I really want to read it. I see more and more great reviews of it.

  18. The Book Owl: Yup. That's my hand. I LOVE the color. So pretty! :) I hope you love it.

  19. I need to read this book! Juju, you make it sound so good!

    Jude looks like a young Tom Welling? (*drools*)

    Too bad I can't enter the contest, but this is an awesome post. =)

  20. Oh wow! What a great review!!! I could almost see the steam rising from my computer screen while I was reading =]

    But I don't know WHO to pick for movie stars...i haven't read the book .... guess you just have to tell us more, more, more!!!!

    i do so love your blog, the colors, everything! it's way, way cool

  21. Okay! So, you got me! I've seen it and seen it, but no one ever did it justice obviously. Because now that I've read your review I really want to pick it up! Thanks so much!
    the1stdaughter at gmail dot com

  22. Hi, I love, love this book! I've told Bree so in another book chat and I hope she comes to California so she can sign my copy! I'd love to win though. Let's see I think they should be played by...

    Emma ~ Nina Dobrev (she's really great, plays Elena on Vampire Diairies)
    Daniel ~ Jared Padalecki (he's awesome on Supernatural, in Season 5 already, my latest obsession in shows, well, along with vampire diaries...LOL)
    Jude ~ honestly, I don't know, Daniel is my favorite, sorry! :)

    That wasn't on purpose, but my two favorite shows just happen to be paranormal shows anyway, so... they would already have experience! :)

    Anyway, great interview/post!

    I'm in the USofA!


  23. Shauna: I LOVE your choices :)
    1st daughter: YAH! I feel so honored :)
    Stacy: Thank you SO much :)

  24. I have wanted to read this one for a very long time just haven't gotten around to getting it yet. Now I think it's a must! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, JuJu, I love it when a book really blows me away! :) Thank you for the wonderful review and interview.

    I'd love to enter for the very pretty nail polish, thank you! :)


  25. You even got a recipe out of her. That is MADE of awesome. Rock on.

  26. You know I've had this book since it first came out and I still have not read it. Your fantastic review just bumped it up. :)

    No need to enter me in the giveaway.


  27. Don't enter me as I am not in the US, Ju, but re-posted your contest at: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2010/03/win-dark-divine-nail-polish-at-tales-of.html

    Goodluck to everyone else entering the contest!

  28. Cherry: You rock!

    Nely & Krista: Yaaa! :)

    Heather: *giggle* You're so funny :)

  29. I love the set up...of your nail polish. Not entering

  30. I think Dakota Fanning should paly Grace and Robert Pattinson should play Daniel.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  31. Love your review!! Looks like a great book to read!

  32. Thanks Cleverly and Aths :)

    Aik: Nice suggestions :) Thanks for entering and stopping by!

  33. The recipe was a brilliant idea! I've got to try this. Thanks for the interview. I loved TDD too!

  34. Please enter me in the contest!
    Emily tessnowhite@gmail.com

  35. For Grace I think either Carey Mulligan or Amanda Seyfried and for Daniel, Taylor Kitsch. And just for fun, Matt Lanter as Jude.

    Thanks for having the giveaway and for the chance!! :D

    tabbylewis (at) hotmail (dot) com

  36. Wow, 5/5, huh? I've been hesitant to pick this one up for some reason, even though I've heard great things. Hmm. Might have to bump it up from near the bottom...

  37. wow you really liked this one huh. I so wanna buy this one and soon

  38. Gosh, good question!

    How about Rumer Willis and Sean Harmon? Perfection!

    outofthemist @ gmail .com (remove spaces)

  39. I would have Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner play Grace and Daniel.

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  40. I'm thinking Taylor Lautner and Amber Tamblin


  41. I have not read the book so i could not say who should play them. But i do want to read this book.


  42. Great review! I've had this book on my shelf for too long; I finally picked it up so I guess I have lots to look forward to. I love that pic - the swooshy effect of the sheets is mezmerizing.

    P.S. I'm so sad I missed the contest. :(

  43. ***Please note: This contest is closed. The winners were announced 4/28/2010 (http://www.talesofwhimsy.com/2010/04/mini-contest-winners-dark-divine-nail.html) Thank you to everyone who entered. Please stay tuned and continue to check my right-hand sidebar for more upcoming contests.****

  44. Jessica(BookLover): I had it on my shelf for months before I finally dove in. Then I wanted to kick my self for waiting. It was SO good.

    Me too! I want sheets like these.