22 March 2010

Skylight Confessions | Book Review Mini

Authoress: Alice Hoffman
Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Audio
Genre: Adult Fiction | Magical Realism

My summary: In a moment of utter desperation Arlyn whispers a promise to love the next man she encounters. What follows is the twisted ghostly infused tale of their love, marriage, and the mistakes that plagued them.

My say: Skylight Confessions was like a walk through a thick dense fog. While the writing was magical, the lines between reality and magic remained lost in the haze. Despite my love for magical realism - this book never soothed my ache for happiness and resolution.

My recommendation: Alice Hoffman fans should check this one out from their local library.

My star rating: 2 stars

Kiddie-o-meter: The characters in this novel stumble and suffer through the side-effects of everything from premarital sex to drug abuse, infidelity, and the dangers of not paying attention to your children.

My final say: If you have never tried Alice Hoffman, forgo this one for Practical Magic. Have you seen or read Practical Magic? If so did you relate more to Sally or Gillian?


  1. Hmm never heard of this one, but I love how your organize your reviews :D
    Have a good week!

  2. Oooh...too bad this one didn't register higher on your reading radar...I had high hope from the cover and author. As for Practical Magic, I've seen the movie but not had a chance to read the book. I think I relate more to Sally's character....level headed, down to earth, love of family, etc. Although Gillian does seem to have some fun...*ponders* (Thanks for sharing!)

  3. Hi Juju!

    I've read and watched practical magic.i'm so psyched to read this book soon!

  4. Darlyn: I can't wait to see what you think.

    GMR: I could totally see my self and Sally and my baby sister in Gillian.

    Thanks Amelia :)

  5. In a world full of guys who wear jogging pants with dress shirts, promising to love the next man you meet is very dangerous proposition.

  6. I've never read Alice Hoffman. Maybe I'll pass this one.

  7. Oh no! Only 2 stars, I am so disappointed.

    I would say - When i was younger (18 - 24) I was Gillian, wild and free and always in trouble. But now as a mature adult - I am definitely Sally. Great question!

    Also - have you read Green Angel or Green Witch also by Alice Hoffman? I have not read them but they sound interesting - they seem like your kind of books.

  8. Wendy: Nice answer :)

    I haven't tried Green Angel or Green Witch but I have heard great things about them and want to :)

  9. I think I might have seen Practical Magic, like, during the neolithic era... and couldn't remember it anymore now. Is that the one with Nicole Kidman?

    2 stars? I'll pass. And, no, I haven't read anything by Alice Hoffman yet.

  10. I like your mini review :) I think I read one of her books about a mermaid. Thanks so much for adding my button!!

  11. Yes I have seen Practical Magic and loved it so maybe this is for me..

  12. Alrighty. I haven't read from this author yet. If I read from Alice Hoffman, I'll read another title instead of this one. =)

  13. Thanks for the honest review! I love the cover and the title of this book, but I don't think it's really my kind of read, but I loved your review! :)

  14. i haven't read a alice hoffman book before. the cover is really pretty on this one and the blurb sounds interesting if i was browsing, i would've picked it up just for those two reasons... thanks for the honest review. if i ever decide to read a book from this author, i'll make sure to pick up practical magic instead :)

  15. Great review - even though it didn't live up to the expectations! Love how you arrange your reviews! :)

  16. I haven't been completely certain about what I think of Alice Hoffman since I read The Story Sisters. But there was a book of hers I liked about a woman who was struck by lightning (I hope it was by her, anyway) that I really enjoyed. So yeah, probably very good advice you gave about checking it out. Great review, very to-the-point.

  17. I loved the movie for Practical Magic, really fun. I'm definitely a Sally girl...I'm way to responsible and OCD.

    Good review though, the ones that don't appeal to me are always the hardest ones to do, but you handled it very well! Thanks!

  18. I loved quite a few of Hoffman's books but her last few I've had trouble with. Maybe it's just me getting older or something?

    I always related better to Sally but was intrigued by Gillian.

  19. Andrea: Fab point!

    1stdaughter, Melissa, Bookalicious, and Carrie: Ahhh thanks ladies :) *hugs* You are always so supportive

    Chutzpah: Thanks for stopping by. I haven't tried Story Sister.

    Chelley & Linda Ellen: Yes please. Practical Magic is pretty awesome Oh and Chelley since you're close to your sister maybe you'll love it as much as I do.

    Cherry: LOL...that's the one and the bad-boy boyfriend (played by Goran) was mega hot.

  20. Thank you for your review Juju. I had actually seen this
    book a while ago and was thinking about reading it. I think I'll pass on that one for now.
    And I think I've seen Practical Magic, not so sure.
    I didn't know there was a book, I'm going to have to do
    some research hehe. Thank you Juju =)