26 April 2010

Evil Under the Sun | Book Review

Authoress: Agatha Christie
Length: 220 (Hardcover)
Original Publication Date: 1941
Goodreads: Evil Under the Sun
The LOST Connection: Sawyer is reading this book in Season 3 Episode 14 before being interrupted by Nikki.

My summary: Murder, intrigue, and propriety mingle and sizzle in the summer heat at the Jolly Roger Hotel on Smuggler's Island Leathercombe Bay. Thank goodness detective Hercule Poirot just happened to be vacationing there when a dead body turns up.

My say: Now that I have read my first Agatha Christie, I see why she is so loved. The story is ripe with colorful characters, plots twists, and mystery.

My whodunit verdict: I had my theories. I even kept a diagram of the characters and possible motives. But the mystery alluded me up to the very end.

My star rating: 4 out 5 of stars; Evil Under the Sun is a beguiling tale I am proud to add to my home library.

My kiddie-o-meter: Despite being modest by today's standards, the story does contain murder, infidelity, and many more adult themes.

My LOST observations:
  • Arlena Stuart captures the hearts of many men just like Kate.
  • Arlena and Nikki Fernandez are strikingly similar. But (because I refuse to spoil the book) all I will say is that they are both actresses with poor taste in men.

From book to film to wii: Two thumbs down on both the film and the wii game. They both kind of hurt.

My final say: Have you read any Agatha Christie? If so, do you prefer Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple?

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Evil Under the Sun is my 6th entry in the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge 
hosted by Book Chick City and my 3rd entry in the LOST Books Challenge.


  1. I still have NOT read Agatha Christie...headed to the library tomorrow! Any suggestions on my first read of her books?!?

  2. I feel sort of bad saying this but I've never really had any interest in reading an Agatha Christie book. This review makes me thing I might want to reconsider that though.

    Actually, we did read And Then There Were None when I was in 7th grade, so maybe I always considered her a school author. I don't know!

  3. Yay for reading (and loving) your first Agatha Christie!

  4. I've read a couple of Agatha Christie, but that was many years ago, so I don't remember much. I do remember enjoying them, though. Glad you enjoyed this!

  5. I have been a fan of Agatha Christie since I was a teenager. My English teacher kept a lot of Agatha Christie paperbacks in the classroom that we were allowed to borrow. My favorite of her books is still And Then There Were None. I prefer Hercule Poirot over Miss Marple and I've always enjoyed David Suchet's interpretation of Poirot.

    I am glad you enjoyed Evil Under the Sun. That was one of the first Agatha Christie books that I purchased and read. I hope you will continue to try her other mysteries.

  6. I haven't actually READ any of her books but I've thoroughly enjoyed the tv/movie adaptations I've seen over the years. Who doesn't love Poirot?!

  7. Heather: I loved reading him. He's such a saucy pants.

    Christina: What a cool teacher! I must try your recommendation; And Then There Were None.

    Aths, Briz: Thanks dear :)

    Jenny: You should definitely try her now :)

    Stacy: Christina recommends And Then There Were None and I've heard Murder on the Orient Express is good too.

  8. Great review!! I still can't believe there is an ac wii game!!

  9. With Agatha Christie, I find it impossible to guess the plot.

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

  10. I had a moment of panic. When I logged into your site all of the text, aside from your review of course, was teeny tiny and I couldn't read it or figure out what was going on. Panic!! lol

    Anyway, I've read a couple of Agatha Christie's novels and while I was impressed with them, I found it frustrating that the mystery was so illusive. It seemed to me as though one could never quite logically reach the conclusion of who the killer was (REALLY was, not assumed to be by the reader). For me that was always disappointing, since to me, the mystery didn't quite make sense.

  11. When I was a teenager all I read for a while was Agatha Christie. I loved her books so much. I will have to read them again soon. Murder on the Orient Express was one of my favorites!
    I liked the movie of Evil Under the Sun. But I haven't tried the Wii Game.

  12. Becki: Oh that was my favorite part. I loved that it kept me guessing. But I totally feel ya and appreciate your input.

    Regarding the layout: Sorry! I've been playing ;) I'm sort of obsessed with that.

    Andrea: Oooo I need to read Murder on the Orient Express. I really liked the film too!

  13. At this point, I have not read any Agatha Christie, but then again I am a newbie when it comes to this genre (only two books under my belt so far). Definitely will have to check them out as I progress though, since they have been around forever, and generally there is a pretty good reason for that (as you discovered). Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!

  14. I never read Agatha Christie but heard a lot about her wonderful books. now I wonder why i never read any..confusions..

  15. Nice review, first time I heard of this author, I'll check her out :)

  16. I haven't ever read any Agatha Christie, but you keep talking about her so much that I may just have to! Great review!

    PS...Loving the blue and the new avatar! So pretty and great on the eyes!

  17. Great review! Glad you enjoyed it.

    BTW, love the new layout.

  18. This is a little embarrassing but I have never read an Agatha Christie! Is this a bad thing?

  19. Great review! I haven't read Agatha Christie before, but I totally need to now. You kept a diagram? It must have been good if you were that involved in the book! ;)

  20. I have heard great things about her books. I'll definitely have to try them! Any recommendations for my first Christie read?

  21. Lily: This one was cute 'cause it was short. Christina recommends And Then There Were None and I've heard Murder on the Orient Express is good too.

    Lea: I know. I went in to expecting to be stumped and trying to see if I could break the code ;)

    Beach: No way! But you should definitely change that ;)

    NotNessie: Thanks doll :)

    1st daughter: Definitely do!

    Darlyn: I feel ya doll ;)

  22. Juju, you hit on why I love Agatha Christie so much. Wonderful characters and a not-so-easy-to-figure-out mystery.

    I have always been partial to Hercule Poirot myself, but that probably has a lot to do with my love of Peter Ustinov in the role.

    You didn't like the movie? Did you watch the one from 1980-ish with Mr. Ustinov? I loved it!

  23. Lori: *high five*

    As for the film: I just couldn't get in to it and the costumes looked like someone went bedazzler happy ;) I did however really really like Midnight on the Orient Express (the film; I haven't read the book yet).

  24. I've read only one Agatha Christie book and that was when I was in high school. Like a century ago. I couldn't remember it anymore. Not the story nor the characters. All I could recall is the "feeling" or impression it left me with. Maybe it is worth re-reading it again...

  25. Juju,
    *High five* back atcha!

    The costumes were very bedazzled. That's one thing that I just adored. It must be the 1930s OTT gene coming out in me. ;)

    Have you seen the movie version of Death on the Nile? Loved that one too. Bette Davis is in it and she's snoooooo-tay and it's a hoot.

  26. I still need to read my first Agatha Cristie, but is it horrible to admit my favorite part of this review was the Lost connection section?

    Did you know because of Sawyer, I've been wanting to read Watership Down and reread A Wrinkle in Time? And I haven't even seen all the seasons of Lost.

  27. Heather: LOL. I LOVE that you're reading Sawyer reads. He so dreamy when he's not angry. If you read Watership Down please let me know what you make of it. I've totally considered that one.

    Lori: *laughing* true true! Oooo Death on the Nile? I'm off to add it to my Netflix list. Thanks for the recommendation :D

    Cherry: I'm interested to see what you would make of them now. I bet if I had tried them as a youngster I wouldn't have liked them.

  28. I haven't read anything by Christie yet, but I bought 3 of her books at a library sale earlier this month and am eager to get to them :) It's just too bad Evil Under the Sun isn't one of them!

  29. I read everything by AC - even her autobiography and travel book! Many of her books were in the house, since my mother was a fan before me - so I basically grew up reading them (along with some Ellery Queen and Rex Stout). One of the most tricky ones is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (with Poirot). You only understand why when you get near the ending...Christie made a very bold move with that.
    I must admit I never succeeded in discovering the culprit, except in a book or two (she wrote 33 with Poirot, 12 with Marple, various with other characters and a ton of short stories...). But really, I can't recommend her stuff enough.

    1. I'm so glad to hear you say that. I tried sooo hard to figure it out. But hey that's the mark of a good writer right? The twists keep coming and you never lose interest.

      Thanks for popping by Roberta!
      I think it's very cool that you share your love of mysteries with your mother.

  30. Which film version did you see? Was it the Peter Ustinov version? That was my very first introduction to Hercule Poirot when I was a little kid, but, ugh. If that's the version you saw, I'd recommend reserving judgement until you watch the David Suchet version--no comparison! (Unless the David Suchet version is the one you already saw and didn't like, in which case I can't help ya.)

    Is the Wii game the same one as the PC game? I'm pretty sure it is. If you *almost* liked it, you *might* like the other Agatha Christie games better (I know I did): Murder on the Orient Express (pretty good) and And Then There Were None (by far my favourite). But if you completely hated the concept of the Agatha Christie video game, you probably wouldn't like any of the other ones.

    1. Yes! That's the one. The 1982 one. Good to know. Noted! Thank you.

      No clue how similar they are. They usually update things for the Wii. But good to know. I'm kinda interested in try the Murder on the Orient Express one now.