30 May 2010

Yackety-yak: I wonder wonder

So all this talk of BEA and BBC has me really wondering. BBC definitely sounds like something I need to attend. But is BEA necessary for me? So I would like to pose some questions to all my fellow bloggers who did attend this year:
  • What did you think?
  • Was it worth the price?
  • Will you go again?
  • What was your favorite aspect?
  • If I am not interested in making publisher contacts, is it something you would recommend to me?
  • Now that you have experienced it, what advice would you give to someone who is considering attending next year?
If you did not attend BEA or BBC, what do you make of it all? Do you think you will try to attend next year?


  1. YES. It is very much worth it.

    I didn't go to BBC but BEA was probably one of the best experiences I've had in my life! I met the bloggers that I've admired and met some new ones to follow :)I think that most bloggers would say that the trip IS worth the expense. (I lucked out since I live in NY) The great thing about people that come from far away (and I mean COUNTRIES away) is that there's a station in the building where you can send your books back home-that way you don't have to lug around all those books (and believe me, there will be many things to carry if you decide to go)

    I will DEFINETELY be going again. It was incredible and you're able to meet many people, not just bloggers. Seeing your favorite authors in the flesh is unbelievable :D I would still recommend going even if you're not interested in making publisher contacts-it's too much fun to miss out on! My advice? Wear ultra comfy shoes because you will be doing LOTS of walking. And bring a backpack with water and maybe some snacks-time is of the essence when it comes to seeing the authors and getting in line-you'll be kicking yourself if you missed out on an event/signing just because you felt like getting a sandwich.

  2. I did not attend BEA or BBC but it seems like everyone had a fun time. I think I would like to go, but mainly for thr reason of meeting some fellow bloggers. It's not all that important to make publisher contacts for me but it would be cool to meet some of my favorite authors. Let's not forget the all important mini vacay....who doesn't love that.

  3. Absolutely, it is worth it!!! I really didn't "network" with the publishers as much as I thought I maybe would. But I got to meet authors, get books signed, learn about upcoming books in the industry, sit in on interesting panels, etc. I had wondered initially if it was worth it and I so think it was!! And just getting to hang out with other book bloggers was fun!

    I plan on going next year. I would say to plan, plan, plan. Have a game plan for what you want to do while you're there. Have some people you plan on meeting up with. Budget to ship books home (we did regular post office instead of Fed Ex and saved about $40. I loved the different events and the variety of them. I loved meeting up with everyone. Being in a huge convention center full of people who love books as much as you do is so fun, lol! And being exposed to everything that's coming up and receiving advanced copies for review were, of course, the icing on the cake.

  4. I didn't go, but would love to. I don't even think about the "networking" as much as I think about meeting authors, book bloggers, etc. I think the fact alone that you're in a place surrounded by books and book-ish people is enough to make me want to go! :)

  5. i didn't go because airfare plus hotel plus the fee to go to the BEA would've been too much. but i would love to go. i eventually want to work in the publishing industry so it would have been great to network. i want to meet other bloggers and authors as well. and if i've being honest, it would've been great to get arc copies of books i really want to read.

  6. After seeing all the goodies that everyone is bringing back from BEA, I definitely want to go next year if I can swing it. Unfortunately I live on the other side of the country, and I'm pretty disappointed to learn that they are keeping it in NY for the next four years. I know they used to switch locations every year, I think to Vegas, I would much more easily afford a ticket there than to NYC. But I will definitely be saving to go next year!

  7. Juju, I guess you've asked some questions that I've been wondering myself. I don't know about travelling all the way to the US for just a few bookish days. It sounds like a great opportunity to meet other bloggers but also would be a very expensive exercise for me. Plus if it is during the school year I doubt that I could get the time off. Hmmm... lots to think about.

  8. I honestly thought BEA was awesome. The experience of having so many people who love books together in one space was kinda magical for me (ok, but I'm a big dork like that!).

    As a book blogger, you can register for a press pass which means the cost is $0. Travel (and food) would be your only expense. I know bloggers this year who were able to pair up with each other as roomies and save some on hotel costs. I also know some who came into NYC on Sunday b/c the plane fare was cheaper. I personally stayed with family on Long Island and took the train in every day. Even with the cost of train and cab fare I thought it was very much worth the expense!

    I will definitely be going again!

    Favorite aspect? Meeting other bloggers. I made some great new friends that I already miss being around and can't wait to see again next year.

    Making publisher contacts was only a small part of my BEA experience. If it's nothing something you are interested in, you don't have to do it.

    If you do want to attend, I would recommend making arrangements early. They already have the dates set (email me if you can't find them - I have them somewhere!). If you need to stay in a hotel, try finding others to room with.

    I'm sure there are more reasons I could come up with to try to get you to go next year :) Email me if you want to chat some more!

  9. It does sounds like fun, but I don't think I will go..I mean I do live in Holland. LOL!

  10. Becky: Yah :) I helped. I'm glad we can both benefit from this post :)

    Nina: I feel ya :) That is quite far away.

    Little Miss Becky: Ooo how odd that they aren't changing locales. That would be nice. I vote for Vegas, Atlanta, and Chicago ;)

    Pirate: Awesome advice about comfy shoes and water :) May I ask why you passed on BBC?

    Melissa: That is how I feel about it too. Free books, publishers, and meeting authors sound fun but it is meeting other bloggers that realllly interests me.

    Jenny: Awesome advice. Especially on using the post office instead. How many days did you spend at the convention? Any tips on how to organize meet-ups with other bloggers?

    Emily (WilowRaven): I heard about the free press pass. Totally brilliant. If you don't mind I'm going to make you my go-to girl for advice next year? I guess I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I want to go, I want to make a mini vacay out of it with Mr. Whimsy, and I want to go to BBC. Maybe I will do one day of convention, one day of BBC, and then two days hitting the town with Mr. Whimsy. Which day was the big day on the floor? Thursday?

    Thank you ladies for alllll the awesome tips. I'm totally taking notes.

  11. If it was in somewhere in my continent, I would attend. As it is, no I can't...

  12. BEA was totally worth it.

    First, it was free for book bloggers and free always equals awesome. I live in NJ, so the only expense I had was commuting and food. Food was expensive, but it is anytime you go to something like this. The money I saved by commuting wasn't worth the stress and I strongly recommend getting a hotel room to anyone who can. Roommates are the plan for next year.

    After going this year, I don't think I could ever not go again. The jealousy of not going would be way too strong since I know now how much awesome is packed into Javits.

    Favorite part? Meeting like-minded people. The books, authors and publishers were amazing, but I am surrounded by non-readers everyday and being surrounded by thousands of people who don't think my obsession is crazy was a phenomenal experience.

    I only spent the first 2 hours on Wednesday really networking with publishers. It really was a small part of the whole. The books, the authors, the other bloggers and the atmosphere in general really made something available for everyone.

    Plan it to death if you go next year. Know what signings you want to go to and build a schedule around that. Get some bloggers phone numbers beforehand so you don't miss meeting up with them. While we all had badges, they weren't always easy to read and I found out afterward that I was standing next to people I had talked to online before. Don't be shy about your business cards (which are a must even if you aren't trying to get publishing contacts). They were great for remembering other bloggers I met (It can get hazy after a while) and for exchanging info like numbers and twitter names without having to write it out a million times.

    Rumor has it they'll be returning to having the exhibit hall open all 3 days next year, which will be wonderful. There was a lot of racing around that an extra day could have made a little more relaxed and enjoyable.

  13. I'm definitely going next year to BEA! I'm not sure yet about BBC....

  14. JessSecret: Noted :) I hope I get to meet you :)

    Cherry: Understandable:)

    Jennifer: Seriously awesome advice! I'm that odd cat that would pass on free books and signings just so I could relax and meet more bloggers. I LOVE the phone number thought, agree on the business card, and am considering making shirt, button, or apron that reads "Tales of Whimsy" so other bloggers can spot me. Thank you for your take :)

  15. Here is the link for the RWA


  16. I really want to go! I just followed the tweets and that alone made me feel that I missed something monumental! I've heard this requires a lot of planning, so it's good if some of us can gang up together, and plan together.

  17. I went to BEA because book bloggers went in free as press. If I had the money, I would have liked to attended BBC. I think BBC would have been a little more relevant.

    For the $30 I spent in train tickets, I decided it wasn't worth going back on Thursday. Next year, maybe I will attend again, but only if I have a partner-in-crime, so to speak to navigate the days with. Alone, it was tough.

  18. I have not been to either but am enjoying reading all the comments about these events.

  19. I plan on attending next year and any other book-related conference I can attend. I love meeting the authors, putting a face with a name, a personality with a book.

    I also hope to meet other book bloggers whenever possible. I love this world of book blogging and the people involved.

  20. Hey juJu,
    i missed you too!!

    I would recommend going to BEA. I made more contacts with the authors and the publishers I met by just talking with them or getting my book signed by them.
    I felt Bloggers were well received overall. They were all genuinely excited to meet us and get our business cards.
    Do not just take books and not say hi.

    Be professional. be enthusiastic. bring lots of business cards and wear comfie shoes!


  21. Michelle: Thanks for your take. I'm so glad to hear they are embracing bloggers. You are on my list of bloggers I'm itching to meet ;)

    Stacy: I feel ya :) I think my main priority will be blogger networking :)

    Beach: Thank you sweetie for dropping in. Have you ever attended any blogger conventions? Would you?

    Miel: I feel ya. If I go next year you can hang with me :)

    Aths: I've been trying to take copious notes so I'm prepared.
    I would LOVE to meet you ;) You thinking of going next year?

  22. I've never been to BEA or BBC. I think I'm going to BEA next year, although I have to start saving up now. I only live about five hours away (by car), so I really have no excuse. I agree with Miel, I'd rather have a group of people to navigate with, especially during my first trip to the convention center.

  23. Lizzy: O I hope you do go next year. I agree with you and Miel. My only problem is I love so many of you gals I would want to hang out with everyone. Maybe a huge blogger dinner should be organized for Wednesday night so we could all team up together and walk the floor on Thursday? *scratching chin*

  24. I would love to go and in fact me & my hubby are thinking of doing something similar to you and Mr. Whimsy. We need a vacation from life and it would be great to have a couple of extra days outside the convention just to enjoy site seeing.

    As for me...well, you know I didn't attend this year, but Armchair BEA turned out to be a huge hit! And although, I'm planning on attending the actual BEA next year I'm still working on next year's Armchair BEA as well. It's going to be crazy I'm sure!

    Reason for going...for me it would definitely be networking and meeting other bloggers. I'd really like to be involved with more children's publishers and most of them can be very guarded online, so it would be nice to meet in person.

    Great post!

  25. 1st daughter: How cool! Great minds think alike ;) Even though Mr. Whimsy and I travel every year, he's never seen New York.

    Maybe next year you, me, Mr. Whimsy, and Mr. 1stDaughter should get together for dinner or lunch?

    Working both? You courageous mama! :) Maybe you can do videos and photos from the convention :)

  26. I'd love to go but it's not gonna happen. My school years about the same time as the convention :( I'm gonna try to swing NCTE tho.