15 June 2010

Emma | Review

Book: Emma Authoress: Jane Austen
Originally released: December 1815 Genre: Literature | Classics

My summary: Emma is convinced she is a masterful matchmaker and she will stop at nothing to match her friend Harriet with a proper suitor. What follows is a comedy of errors speckled with romance and propriety.
My say: Emma (the character) is difficult to love. She is stubborn, pampered, self-centered, and capricious. I agree with Jane Austen's repeated take on Emma, "I am going to take a heroine whom no-one but myself will much like." However, her misadventures in love and miscommunication are downright comical. When she is not tripping over her self-induced romantic mayhem, she is word fencing Mr. Knightley. I found my self waiting on bated breath for Emma's scenes with him. I love how he is the only one with enough gall to openly question her motives, tactics, and behavior. Their witty banter was by far my favorite part and what made Emma an instant favorite for me.
My ABCs:
  • Miss Emma Woodhouse: Audacious Bullheaded Cheeky
  • Miss Jane Fairfax: Amiss Beloved Chagrined
  • Miss Harriet Smith: Addled Bending Childlike
  • Mr. Knightley: Amiable Brazen Caring
  • Mr. Frank Churchill: Artful Baffling Cutie
  • Mr. Philip Elton: Attractive Bitter Confounded

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars; While the attention to detail was at times difficult to bear, the witty dialogue made Emma SO very worth it.

My kiddie-o-meter: Perfectly safe for any wee ones brave enough to tackle the verbiage.

My love-o-meter: When love was finally confessed and reciprocated, I got the chills. I know now why people love Miss Austen.

My recommendation: Try it!

My favorite lines:
  • "I would much rather have been merry than wise."
  • "How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!"
  • "What is good and what is ridiculous are most unfortunately blended in her."
  • "What a blessing it is, when undue influence does not survive the grave."
  • "I always deserve the best treatment, because I never put up with any other."

My final say:
  • I love how they name their estates. When I buy a home I think I will name my property. Think Mr. Whimsy will agree to Hartfield or Donwell Abbey?
  • Which Jane Austen novel should I try next? I'm hoping to try another light one.

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I read Emma as part of the Book Rat's Jane in June.


  1. Gosh Juju your reviews are amazing! I love how you did my ABCs. This sounds like a really good read, I think I'll try it!

    p.s I'm glad you're back (:

  2. Awesome brillant cool ABCs! ;)

    I couldn't get past my annoyance with Emma but I did love how Knightley wouldn't put up with her silliness, he called her out on it.

    I love that line, "I always deserve the best treatment, because I never put up with any other."

    I would recommend the obvious Pride & Prejudice or Mansifeld Park. I've heard Persuasion is excellent though, that's my next Austen read.

    I've always wanted to name my house, I love the idea. Go for it!

  3. great review juju! i love emma! mr. knightley is my all time favorite austen hero. he might not be as romantic as darcy but he's not a jerk like darcy was either.

    did you watch bbc's most recent adaptation of emma? i really liked that movie version.

  4. i will read emma after this.just finish sense and sensibility and enjoyed it too. I love the ABC's!

  5. You know, I've tried to read Emma several times and never gotten very far, however, you make me want to try again. I'll have to do it. Great job!

  6. You make me want to read this one now. I must have first read it when I was 15, so a re-read is in order!

  7. I have yet to make it through Emma, I keep trying, but I find her so difficult to like!

    Have you read Sense & Sensibility yet?

  8. I'm going to agree with just about every other commenter, and say that it was hard for me to get through this one because of Emma. I love Austen's other works, but the only thing that made me push through this one was Mr. Knightley.

  9. I have got to put this on my eReader soon! I really enjoyed Clueless, so I think I'll enjoy Emma.

    Loving the ABCs :-)

  10. April: It's been ages since I've seen Clueless. I need to rewatch it :)

    Lizzy, BookRants, and Gina: I feel ya! Miss Thang is pretty full of her self ;)

    Aths: You read it at 15? You go girl! Your a rock star! I don't think I could have handled the depth at 15.

    Darlyn: I can't wait to see what you thought of S&S :)

    Chelley: Mine too so far :) I neeeeed to read P&P. I'm actually watching the BBC Emma now and LOVING it! Review coming soon :)

    MissAttitude: Thanks :D I LOVE that line too :) *high five* Yah! I'm not the only nerd who wants to name her home. I even name my cars ;)

    Sara: You're so sweet! Thank you :)

  11. Spot-on review! I agree with you that Emma wasn't exactly the most sympathy-evoking character, but for some reason I still enjoyed it A LOT. I AM A HUGE JANE AUSTEN fan, lol. I bought Emma with Northranger Abbey and Persuasion two years ago I think... back in seventh grade -- and devoured all of them in less than two days. Definitely time for a reread here too. As for recs, I think Emma is one of the better light ones there. There's always P&P, I didn't think much of Northranger Abbey (strugggleeee), but Persuasion was pretty good too. And if you're not into reading right now, there are always movies! :D

    Lol, sorry for the rambling comment. I just love Jane Austen. Btw, for naming the house, Hartfield sounds much better.

  12. Jenn: Exactly :) So my little Janeite have you ever tried Love and Freindship? I got it for free for my Kindle and have been considering it :)

    BTW, darling you can ramble to me any time :)

  13. Well well..another Austen post. LOL. Not that we don't love the old girl or anything...and your wonderful reviews always make then sparkle even more. Can't say this is a favorite book of mine....doubtful I've actually READ it...BUT, I did enjoy the review! Love the favorite lines you chose as well...could definitely be applied to everyday life without as much as a raised eyebrow in response. Happy reading!

  14. Okay, here goes:

    Emma is difficult. But you also have to remember that she's very young and very smart AND rich, and as such, she's been treated a bit too "perfect" for her own good. That's why Knightley's so good for her. He calls her on it.

    You picked a difficult one to start with. Emma is the longest and most detailed, and the most individual happenings are focused on, and it can get overwhelming. I don't know that I would recommend Emma or Mansfield to a new Jane reader, because I wouldn't want to scare them off.

    I will DEFINITELY be snippeting this soon, and this:

    "I found my self waiting on bated breath for Emma's scenes with him."

    will be making it's way in for sure, because that's exactly how I feel. I sometimes reread only their scenes instead of the whole book.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Jane, Juju. I think you'll like it here.

  15. LOVE the ABC's! So clever!

    I actually really like the character Emma. Though, I can't exactly put my finger on why that is. I think it's mostly because she makes me laugh, and I have a hard time staying mad at anyone who can make me laugh. Though, the picnic scene makes me cringe every time. She can be so mean!

  16. Just watched this on tv randomly the other night! I have yet to tackle the book.

    P.S. I have a giveaway today! :) xo

  17. Great review! I like how you included quotes; Jane Austen's books are very quotable. :D

  18. Jessica: Thank you darling

    Shannon: Oh sweet! The BBC one?

    NotNessie: Why thank you! I agree completely. She really was rather mean in that scene. The scene that kills me is the one with Harriet and the letter from Mr. Martin.

    Misty: So very true :) And what brilliant news. If I read and loved one of the ones you consider to be the most difficult, then the others should be a like a summer breeze. Which do you think I should try next? P&P?

    GMR: Thank you darling for hanging in there. I seem to have Austen fever ;)

  19. I've never read Jane Austen, but this may have convinced me! Great review, Juju!! :-)

  20. I think this one possibly beats out Pride and Prejudice for me. It is just soooo funny and I love the characters. Plus I'm a bit in love with Mr. Robert Martin :)

  21. What a fabulous review! I think Emma and Mr. Knightley's banter almost equals that of Darcy and Elizabeth.

    All Jane Austen's novels are great, but if you want to read a lite novel I'd go with P&P or S&S

  22. Shannon: Oh darling! I hope you do :)

    Carrie: Oh Carrie! You made me squeal! Another Mr. Martin fan! How exciting. I was just thinking that Mr. Whimsy is most like Mr. Martin. :)

    Whitney: Thank you darling! I take your Jane advice to heart :)

  23. I Love Emma! Her heart and intentions are in the right place, right?

    My least favorite Austen's are Persuasion and Mansfield Park, but that is only because I couldn't relate to the heroine as much.

  24. I haven't read Emma but now I want to (my book came today, by the way!)

  25. LOL! I just loooove Robert Martin!! he's practically perfect :) He should be in the book more! My boyfriend is most like Mr Martin too :)

  26. Kim: Exactly! I think she even says that from time to time! :)

    Cat: Yahhhhh! Enjoy! It's quite spellbinding :)

    Carrie: Exactly! He's quite, simple, hardw-working, dedicated, etc. etc. Maybe you and I should write Mr. Martin's story? :)

  27. This is one of my all time ALL TIME favorite books. I think I have read it over five times. That and P&P. I think it's a close tie for me with Jane Eyre though. Oh. Now I want to start reading them again. :)

  28. YAY! glad you liked your first Jane read. hmmm, light read. we're talking Jane? ;-D what i love about her reads are that her characters are varied and complex. for least amount of both maybe Northanger Abbey.

  29. VV: Thank you sweetie. You're the first to recommend Northanger Abbey. Have you seen the new NA cover?

    BTW, you're so right about her amazing characters ;)

  30. i'm so glad you loved Emma! Jane Austen will always be a classical favorite - she's timeless!

  31. LOVE THIS: "I always deserve the best treatment, because I never put up with any other." Reflective of my blog from yesterday.

    Now following you via the Tuesday Follow. Hope you may find the time to swing over to my blog and visit for a while!

    Look forward to getting to know you...

  32. Stacy: Totally! :)

    Mitzi: *giggle* So true! Thank you for stopping by :)

  33. I named mine Cherry House :)

  34. Cherry: I noticed that when I was shipping to you. I LOVE that! :)