21 June 2010

Yackety-yak: Word Battles

We are not writers. But as bloggers, we kind of are. Which leads me to my yackety-yak question of the day:
Do you have any words that you trip on or battle regularly?
Sure I know the rules. But often times my fingers move quicker than my internal grammar monitor and I end up typing the wrong ones. My constant nemesis?

Your vs. You're (You are)


  1. Sometimes "you're" gets me, but usually it's "they're". Like you I know the rules for there/their/they're, but it's easy to get caught up in what you're saying and/or how fast you're typing.

  2. Definitely... Huh, I actually spelled it right for once. I was waiting for spell check to correct me. :P
    That's the one word I always misspell.
    Your/You're gets me sometimes as well, which is why I have to reread my posts so many times until I have it right.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one. Your and you're can keep me awake at night - even though I know the rules but worry that in my haste I have used the wrong one. And also the old apostrophe denoting possession where a word ends in "s". Again I know the grammatical rules for when you place another s after the apostrohe and when you don't. But it is trickey and recently writing Henry James's just didn't look right, even though it is.

    This is a great post - thanks :)

  4. Happens to me all the time .. Mine is "Its" vs "It's".

  5. The word "definitely" I always have to stop and think how to spell it. I often battle the word "interesting" but not spelling-wise. It's because I use it too often!

  6. Oh, there are so many words that I mess up when I type really fast! I'm trying to think of a common example...

  7. ARGH! Yes.

    There and their

    I ALWAYS try to spell definitely, "definately"

    I mispell the character names CONSTANTLY. Cabel from the Wake series will forever be Caleb on my blog.

    It never ends. Spell check is my BFF for life, and I still catch published mistakes on my blog all the time.

  8. Friends, separate, & basically every 'i' before 'e' exception. That rule gets me every time!

  9. ah, there, their, and they're....oh yeah and separate too

  10. I get tripped up ALL THE TIME. Thank goodness for spell check.

  11. I don't know if I have any spelling problems, but I do have a problem with using the same few words over and over and over again. I catch myself and spend minutes trying to come up with a replacement, often to just type that same old word. The words:

    Blah!! I need a new vocabulary. I even had my hubby buy me one of those "word a day" calendars, but the words are just too crazy! I need a "dumbed-down" version. LOL.

  12. Oh I am just a sloppy commenter. I need spell check on my comments. Grammer, I think I'm okay, but no one has corrected me before.
    My big pet peeve is when I capitalized the first letter and the second letter by accident. Do it all the time.

  13. With me, its not so much the spelling as the typo's!
    I keep putting an "s" in "that" so it looks like "thst"

  14. Lol, interesting question. I sometimes trip up on they're and their. As for words that I STILL can't really spell (like I get them right 50% of the time) are disappoint (gah, I spelled it wrong again; thank you for firefox spell check) and a couple other words with double consonants. And you'd think I'd know how to spell disappoint after doing so many reviews. *sigh*

  15. Do I have to pick only one?

    I am always screwing something up. I am typo Queen.

  16. i did all the time!what's the word? oh yes, hear and here ;p

  17. Hmm, when I start typing really quickly, I typically mess up then/than. I know the rule, but if I'm not thinking about it, "then" tends to pop out. Also, I typo the as "teh" a lot.

  18. Ooh, this is a fun topic! We might have to borrow it from you sometime ;o)

    I don't really have any problems with grammar. However, my brain is usually faster than my fingers so I misspell words on occasion.

    I actually misspell my own name. Instead of typing Isalys, I type "Islays" - a lot! lol

    Another common one for me is when I type "about it". I usually end up with "abou tit". Damn trigger happy thumb of mine! lol

    Looking at it now, "Islays abou tit", it is a big suggestive, isn't it? LOL


  19. All: Thank you ladies for all your comments. I smiled as I read each one. It's so good to know I'm not alone.

    Isa: LOL :) Not's funny :)

    Cleverly: *giggle Typo queen ;)

    Beach: My mouth trips on that one ;)

    1st daughter: I do that too! What a good point. I love "perfect" for some reason. I keep dictionary.com (for the thesaurus) quite handy.

    Mel: Possession is SO hard ;)

  20. Farther and further. Always mix them two up.