03 July 2010

News Flash and Yackety-yak: Roasted?

My darlings, I am so excited! August 3rd I will be bringing my US followers an opportunity to win a brand new signed hardcover of Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle. This coffeehouse cozy promises mystery, arson, coffee, and recipes. Can I get a YUM? So tell your mystery loving friends and make sure to check back August 3rd.

Please visit www.CoffeehouseMystery.com for more about Cleo's culinary mysteries.
Click here to pre-order Roast Mortem on Amazon.
Click here to visit Roast Mortem on Goodreads.

Yackety-yak question:
Which beverage do you prefer while reading? Coffee or tea? Hot or cold?

{Photo credit: Rich Leighton}


  1. I prefer hot coffee...mmm, now I'm craving coffee and it's too late for caffeine!

  2. Though the book sounds good, I'm one of those odd few that can't stand the taste of coffee. I know, I know...odd, but really...flavored, chilled, hot, or lukewarm....can't stand it. Preferred drink while reading....Diet Coke (unless it's early morning, than juice or milk is more suited for the palette). ^_^

  3. It is winter here currently and I have become quite partial to a mug of hot chocolate while reading :) But I am also a coffee fiend

  4. Hot chocolate! No coffee or tea for this girl!

  5. I am actually drinking my lovely cup of hot morning coffee right now! yum

  6. Tea or just cold ice wather. Love that. :)

  7. It looks like I discovered your wonderful book blog just in time to enter a contest! I know I will return to read more reviews and to maybe enter to win. Thank you.

  8. This is delightful!!

    I love to have tea if I am at home, otherwise coffee.

  9. Cellar: Welcome :) Thank you for stopping by!

    Nina: Simplicity is lovely too :)

    Grace: YUM :)

    Steph: Oooo hot chocolate. I'm having some of that right now actually.

    GMR: LOVE Diet Coke. Have you tried Coke Zero?

    Mel: I know Australia is on the other side of the planet but it always blows me away that you are in the opposite season of me. I adore hot chocolate and chai in the winter.

    Namine: Spearmint yum :)

    Super: I'm craving it too now :)

    Aths: I'm the same way :)

  10. Hot coffee... so cozy and delicious. :)

  11. That book looks wonderful! I love cozies like that. As for my favourite drink while reading... that would be tea for sure! Sweet with lots of milk.

  12. Sounds great, I love the title.

    Hot chai tea or ice water for me.

  13. hmmm, delicious question - hot or cold tea!

  14. Coffee, usually cold. When I'm writing, I like it hot.

  15. Oh! I love the looks of this! Definitely checking back!

    As for your question...since I'm not a coffee or tea drinker I'll opt for my favorite hot beverage, peppermint hot cocoa. LOVE! Perfect for a cozy chilly read under a warm blanket.

  16. oh and I like hot chocolate with cream--though now I have to drink the sugar free stuff which isn't so good.

  17. Elise: Agreed :)

    Emidy: You take yours like I do ;)

    Julie: Coke makes everything better :)

    NotNessie: Oooo chai! Yummers :)

    Kinsey: How interesting :)

    1stdaughter: Peppermint and chocolate? I ADORE P&C! YUM!

    Kaye: Amen Kaye! It's just not the same. :)

  18. Both! I like coffee or wine! It depends on how hot it is and what time of the day.

  19. itsJUSTme: Wine? Why didn't I think of that? :)

  20. Margaritas... or hot coffee. depending on the time!

  21. Gina: Seriously. You're brilliant! Why haven't I tried margarita with my reads? ;)