29 September 2010

Over the Moon | Book Review & Contest Too

Book: Over the Moon
Authoress: Diane Daniels
Tagline: "What do you do when an alien abducts your heart?'
Pages: 254 Publisher: Tate Publishing
Formats: eBook, Paperback
Goodreads: Over the Moon
Genre: YA Fantasy Sci-fi

My say: I really really really wanted to like this book. I have been enamored with the concept of a "human girl falling in love with an alien" ever since I saw Earth Girls Are Easy in the 80s. But the plot seemed too much like too many other books on the market right now. Girl meets boy, boy harbors secret, girl and boy fall in love, boy's secret endangers girl...you get the picture. If you like this formula, then you will probably like this book. For me it was just too much déjà vu. My other issue with the story was her inner voice. Her inner dialogue seemed too mature and didn't feel like a teen.

My cover thoughts: I love this cover and the title. Her expression, the colors, and the moon make it the sort of lovely cover I can gaze at and get lost in.

My star rating: 2 stars

My kiddie-o-meter: The best part about this book is that there is no sex or profanity. Violence is minimal and the story holds good morals. Also, while it is in no way a Christian story, faith is a nice matter of fact for the heroine. It was also refreshing to read about a character who has loving parents and a good relationship with her brother. I would feel completely comfortable offering this one to a young teen.

My contest: Want to give Over the Moon a try? If you're a resident of the US or Canada, comment with your email address below. I will announce the winner of my gently used paperback October 29th.

My final say: What is your favorite alien tale? Do you prefer your aliens mean or friendly?

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  1. Great honest review! I agree with you about so many books right now have the same plot and same elements. Like recently, I read a book talking about paranormal creatures having glamours. The Iron King featured that element too and I know it's a main element in Paranormalcy - which I thought at the time was unique to that book. I'm glad when I finally read something original!

  2. Sounds like a book I might like - shame it didn't do it for you though!

    I love the TV show Roswell - I wouldn't mind meeting those aliens lol SO in answer to your queston I think I prefer the friendly and hot!

  3. Bummer! The cover really is beautiful. Thanks for the honest review, Juju! :-)

  4. Dunno, it does seem like the same old same old. But then again I did enjoy Roswell

  5. That is a fab cover. Sorry to hear it was the same old story, that's such a drag now and days!

  6. I think the Host left a bad alien taste. I'm not really an alien fan but I do love the cover.

  7. I would love to win this book!

    ako4eggs AT comcast DOT net

  8. I Prefer nice Friendly Aliens most of the time or some friendly and some bad to make the storie entresting.

  9. Stacey: Good point :)

    Ako: Yea :)

    Cari: Man I LOVE The Host. But I feel ya :) It's a big one for someone that wasn't feeling it.

    Tipsy: I love your visits :)

    Blod: I need to try that series sometime :)

    Shannon: Thank you Shannon for visiting and being such a good friend :)

    I want to read that: LOL I'm still smiling at the hot part :)

    Julie: Yea it's hard ;) Some pull it off, some end up feeling stale :)

  10. I really want to read this. Phooey.

  11. I would still like to give it a try; thanks for the honest review.


  12. Thanks for the honest review. I'm a bit sick of the whole girl meets boy with a secret plot, so this one probably wouldn't hold my interest right now. On the bright side, the cover is very pretty.

  13. Hmmm. This sounds like a book right up my alley..especially with the romance. I've never come across the girl-meeting-alien story though! So I'd like to enter, please! :)


  14. Please do not enter me as I have far to many books to read but I do think the title is catchy and the cover is beautiful, too bad the story did not grab you. I enjoyed your honest review though!

  15. cool cover but i'm with you...give me an original storyline!

  16. Sorry to hear it wasn't your thing! I'd like to give it a try. Please enter me in the giveaway!

    stephaniet117 at yahoo dot com

  17. I would love to give this book a try, please!!


  18. Hmm, I'm still curious enough to try this book out-so enter me please!


    And thank you for stopping by today for the interview. I always look forward to your comments :) I KNEW you would recognize Suza's name-I realized that I recognized her name too when I first found out because I remembered your review for her book! I'm not surprised at how beautiful the cover for Nightshade is-Suza's work is gorgeous!

  19. I'd love to be entered to win this one. I want my aliens to be friendly!!

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  20. Great review darling! I will gets my hands on this some time soon =)

  21. Please enter me in this contest. I'd like to give this one a try. I agree with I Want To Read That. I LOVED Roswell!! I still break out my dvd's every few months. I want my aliens to be friendly and sexy like Max Evans!


  22. Ah, I can see why you like the idea of this type of book. Yea I have seen a lot of formula books. Ahh well, seems decent none the less

  23. I saw you mentioned on Gina's Satisfaction For Insatiable Readers site and thought I'd stop by to say hello. Nice to have met you, I've enjoyed my visit. With regard to aliens - give me ET anytime.

  24. Wow...nice review Juju. Too bad it wasn't a great match for ya, but they can't all be now can they? To be honest, on the alien front, I don't believe I've actually read anything with aliens in it before. As to their demeanor...I would think nice is my first choice, but if I'd take mean if I was granted kick-butt power to get them into shape. ^_^ Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!


  25. Great honest review, Juju. It's too bad this doesn't live up to your expectations. You know, I love the concept of aliens, but I'm picky about their interactions with humans. I really enjoyed I AM NUMBER FOUR's take on them :)

  26. Please enter me.

    Erin D.


    I haven't seen that much on aliens, but I loved Roswell, the tv show. Might have just been the hot boys and me being a young teen. ;] I really want to read I am Number Four though.

  27. My current favorite alien tale is I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. It's a great story...I like my aliens to be realistic--Not all bad and not all good.

    Thanks for the review/ giveaway.

    mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

  28. Great review Juju. I hadn't heard of this book before, it sounds like it could have been good but the idea has been used plenty. I'd still want to give it a try though :)

    infiniteshelf at gmail dot com

  29. I'm always looking for new authors to read, count me in! tWarner419@aol.com

  30. Sorry that it was kind of a let down. Still I want to give it a try. I like alien stories, yes I really do. I loved them since the show Roswell. Oh, how I adored that show. So good! :) To your question, I like aliens that are nice. And not those green ones!

  31. I don't believe I've read any alien stories and it sounds a little out of my comfort zone. Sorry to hear that you didnt like it.

  32. Para: LOL I love that word :)

    Lizzy: Right? :) Agreed!

    La Coccinelle: Thanks you! :) Nice to see you.

    Pirate: :D Ahhh thanks! You remembered my review? *hugs* I agree, it makes total sense! :)

    Michelle & Nina: I don't know why I haven't tried Roswell? :) Sexy aliens are definitely better.

    Petty: LOL Nice!

    GMR: Good point! You're always so clever. Kick-butt aliens are pretty sweet too! :)

    Melissa & Mrs. DeRaps: Oooooooooo I want that one! :D

  33. I just love your concise, honest reviews! I won't enter this contest because I'm getting really tired of the same old formula...and I have trouble with overly mature teenage boys. :)

  34. Great review. It kind of sounds like 1 am number 4 a little. With the alien thing :D I might read this.

  35. Kelli: Thanks :) and I feel ya!

    Faye: I need to try that one so I can compare them :)

  36. That is a pretty fabulous cover though!

  37. Over the moon sounds like a great book!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway(:

  38. Re-posted your contest at: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2010/10/win-over-moon-at-tales-of-whimsy.html

    Goodluck to everyone entering!!

    Cherry Mischievous
    (not an entry)

  39. I'm willing to read it to see if I like it. I do like the premise of the story. Thanks for offering it up to one of us.


  40. Nab: Amen to that :)

    Maddie: Thanks for coming by :)

    Cherry: You are the best! :)

  41. Hmmm .. this sounds like a true YA (no overt sex or violence), which I like. I think that my Not So Bebe Girl Autumn would like it too. I don't necessarily HAVE a favorite alien character (unless you count Frodo, who isn't really alien, just a different species); however, I do remember LOVING the movie E.T. (does that count?) LOL!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries


  42. My favorite alien is E.T. the Extra Terrestial. I loved that movie and thought E.T. was so cute! Sounds like a good book! Thanks for the chance.

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  43. Just saw this one offered on Goodreads and am definitely intrigued! I'm sorry it didn't work for you, but I'd be interested in giving it a shot.

    writing.meg [at] gmail.com

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