14 October 2010

Moonstone, Moon Rise, and Moon Spun | 1-for-3 Book Review

Series: Unbidden Magic Series
Authoress: Marilee Brothers
Available formats: eBook, Paperback
Goodreads: Moonstone, Moon Rise, Moon Spun
Genre: YA | Fantasy

My summary: Allie is a poor, yet totally normal girl, that lives in a travel trailer with her slightly neglectful but well-meaning mom. Until one day, a nearly fatal accident causes her to use powers she didn't know she had. This series follows Allie's adventures from discovering and grappling her abilities, to falling in and out of love, to learning how to protect her self.

My happy thoughts: What makes this series so delightful is the incredibly spunky and snarky heroine. Marilee is incredibly gifted at humor and the inner voice. I laughed and laughed at Allie's take and thoughts.

My mad thoughts: While the first two books rocked with originality, the third (Moon Spun) just didn't work for me. I'm really bad at sports anaologies but it is in an entirely different ball park with too much going on. I could rant and rave about all the things I disliked about book three, but the important thing is...
Don't let book three detour you from books one and two.
My kiddie-o-meter: While Allie is a good girl, she does occasionally curse and there are mentions to sex and alcoholism when pertaining to her mother. There is also minor mentions to an incubus impregnating a nun and the author does poke fun at some hypocritical Christians. Neither are major nor ruffled my feathers.

My love-the-love: Kudos to Marilee for writing a young heroine who is strong enough not to define her self by her boyfriend. When one doesn't work out, she moves on. Yea Allie!

My star ratings:
Moonstone and Moon Rise = 4 stars
Moon Spun = 3 stars

My final say: Despite my dislike for book three, I really liked one and two and I am really hoping for another book. Have you ever had that happen to you? Have you ever loved parts of a series?

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  1. Hey....I know these books! They are from BelleBooks right? I haven't heard too much about them until know (besides the synopsis)...thanks for shedding a little light on them! As for series where, well, some books were better than others....can't think of any right off the bat, but I mean really, it can happen with ANY series, especially book 2 in them since it's trying to live up to the hype of book 1, right? Happy reading....

  2. What a bummer to know the 3rd is quite a let down.I t kind of effect the mood but I will give some credit too like you. =)

    Thanks for the honest review!

  3. I thought these were only available as e-books! Hmmm. I'll have to check this series out once I'm in the mood for fantasy (I've been craving contemporary reads as of late!)

    That stinks that the third book wasn't up to par with its predecessors but...at least they didn't ALL suck, right? lol. This sounds like a cute series and thanks to your reviews, I'm going to give it a shot :)

  4. Haven't read them yet. But yes, it happened to me before that I only like part of a series. Take Evernight , I liked the first 2 books but I didn't like the following ones. Same is true for Evermore, loved the first book but then I was really mad at the last one.. didn't like it at all!


  5. Thanks for the review :) I'll try the series. Sound like lots of fun! Yeah, it happened to me with the Ghost Dusters series by Wendy Roberts. I loved the first 2 books, but the 3rd book was big disappointment, but I still have hopes for the next one :)

  6. I've seen covers of this series around, but never really looked into them much. Really interested now, because of the heroine. Great post!

    Also, you've been tagged!

  7. Oh, these books seem too cute and enjoyable to miss. Thanks for the rec/review!

  8. That's too bad they the Author didn't follow through with book 3, but they do sound like my kind of book! Don't ya think?

  9. Great review. Too bad that the third book isn't that great. But they do sound awesome. :)

  10. I struggle with series because I feel the need to start at the beginning and continue on and time just gets away from me and sometimes I can't finish them. THen I feel bad...so I tend to seak out stand alones.

    But I have read series where I have liked certain installments much better than others.

  11. This sure sounds like an interesting series! I will need to look it up. Too bad the last one is a disappointment.

  12. Since I know you've read my reviews, I know you know I felt the same way about the 3rd book. I am happy you felt similarly because now I don't feel so alone. ;)

    There will be 2 more books at least, I am so excited for them!!

    But Juju is right - do not let the third book being a little different dissuade you from reading the first two or the series at all!!

  13. I hate it when a series disappoints like that. I love snarky heroines so I'll at least have to try to first two!

  14. I tried to read this one....I got half way through book one and couldnt do it...:D Im glad you made it farther than me!!

  15. Great reviews.
    And yes this happened when I read the Poison Study books, loved the first, the 2nd was tolerable and the third, one of the worst books last year

  16. As always, a great review, Juju. I usually have books in a series that I don't care for as much as others, but I can't think of any I totally disliked right now. :-)

  17. I loved some of the Anne Rice vampire books, but not others.

  18. GMR: Sure are :) Oooo you're right. The 2nd books always struggle.

    Darlyn, Chelley, Dazzling, Yllektra, Nina, and Shannon: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment :)

    Pirate: True true :)

    Danny: I haven't read those but it made me smile that you understood :)

    Aleksandra: That is exactly how I feel. Bummed but hopeful :)

    itsJUSTme: They totallllly are :) You should so try them. Do you have an ereader?

    Michelle: I feel ya! I miss stand alones.

    Aths: You should totally get it from NetGalley :)

    Cat: You and I are on the same brain wave. When I was reading it, I was like, "WTF? This is totally out of the ball park." Then I went back to your reviews and thought, "See she agrees!" So yeah we are totally *high five* eye-to-eye on this one.

    Alyssa: Ooo this one has tons of great snark :)

    Tina: LOL thanks :)

    Blodeuedd: oooo I hadn't heard that about that series. Good to know! :)

    Lisa: Oooo agreed! I remember not liking the others too! :)

  19. Oh totally!! I think when it comes to reading series, we all love some books more than others for any number of reasons...or some start off great, but then lose steam along the way. Seems like that's what happened with this one.

    Thanks for the honest review! I'll have to check out books #1 and 2 someday.

    PS: Help us Create A Halloween Story and while you're there, you can sign up to win our Halloween Prize Pack {includes a copy of "Eat Prey Love" by K. Sparks}.

  20. Good to know. I'm planning on reading the first one soon.

  21. that always irritates me when the last book in the series is a bomb :(

  22. Definitely irritating when a series does this, but it sounds like, with the possibility of two more books, it could wrap up nicely. I may wait until at least one more is out to give it a go, then I won't be so bummed about the third.

    My experience with this: The Wake series by Lisa McCann, the third (and last book) was terrible in my opinion. And then The House of Night books, the book in the series before Burned was so boring and drawn out - definitely filler material.

  23. Ooh, I love spunky heroines. And I love the covers of these!

  24. I've seen these around but still havent picked them up yet. I've read a couple series like that where the first book is so good but subsequent books fall flat but I keep reading the books because I feel invested in the story and characters.

  25. Hopefully I am getting a nook for Christmas!!!!! Yea!!!

  26. Yes, likeing 2/3 in a series did happen for me with the Libba Bray series,Great and Terrible Beauty. Girls boarding school in Victorian England. Books 1 & 3 were excellent, whereas #2 was meh, and alsmot derailed the series for me.
    I'll keep this series in mind. Thanks girlie!

  27. The Cassandra Palmer series by Karen Chance... The second book was such an annoying read that I stopped reading Karen Chance altogether. Good thing Tesco had a sale and they were practically giving book three away and so I picked it up and rediscovered Karen Chance's magic again. The series is now at book 4 and the annoying style of book 2 never happened again.

  28. I enjoyed this review and yes, I have liked parts of a series before. Hunger Games and Catching Fire, to be exact.

  29. Well, this isn't a series that I'd normally pick up, but I like the sound of it. I'll skip book 3, though!

  30. Kelli: Oooo are you saying Mockingjay fell short? Interesting. I still haven't read my copy.

    Cherry & Jenny Girl & 1stDaughter: Exactly! I'm hoping book 4 goes back to its roots :)

    Lizzy & Carrie: Yes ma'ams :)

    itsJUSTme: *fingers crossed* for you!

    Jenny N: Yeah I know that feeling. Once you're invested it's so hard to let go :)

    Meredith: Me too! Spunky snarky heroines rock!

    Andrea: Good luck! :D

  31. I've been reading the first, though I had no idea there was a second a third.

    Oh, and BOO! (:

  32. Mandy: *giggle* Boo to you too darling ;) Love that vv!

  33. Excellent review, Juju! These sounds great. I will have to check them out. This happened to me with the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. I loved the first book, really liked the second, but the third one had me pulling my hair, that's why I haven't picked up the fourth one. Eventually I will get to it. Thank you for your honest review, Juju! =)

  34. Bere: That sounds just like me! Good luck *fingers crossed* for your #4 :)