16 November 2010

Interview & Contest: The Language of Souls

Welcome Lena! Lena Goldfinch is the authoress of The Language of Souls.

Q: So tell me, what sparked this story?

A: The Language of Souls sprang from two central story questions:

1. Without a common language, how could two people fall in love? Or, by his/her actions, how would someone win your heart? Though physical attraction plays a role in this, of course, I was especially interested in exploring elements beyond looks.

2. What if our soul was a physical thing, something we could tangibly keep, have taken from us, or even something we could choose to give away?

Those may have been the twin sparks that fired my creativity, but it was ultimately Solena and Rundan who won my heart and propelled the story. Solena, a healer with a genuine desire to save her beloved grandfather. And Rundan, a conflicted soldier, who strives fruitlessly to please his military father, though he'd rather spend his time pouring over an ancient text.

Q: Votifs play a strong role in The Language of Souls, can you explain them briefly to my readers?

A: A votif is a small molten jar of sorts, worn at one’s waist, which contains the embers of one’s soul. In both cultures, the votif is essential to life and there are many spiritual rituals associated with it.

Q: Describe The Language of Souls in 5 words or less.

A: The Language of Love Is: a tender story about an uncommon love.

(You see how I cheated there? I’m hoping you’ll float me the “a” and the “an”. Can I buy a vowel, Juju?? *grin* Stripping down the story to 5 words really hard. Maybe even harder than taking the SATs. lol!)

Q: If The Language of Souls was being made into a movie, who would play Solena and Rundan?

A: The actress who comes to mind is Keisha Castle-Hughes, who played the girl in The Whale Rider and Mary in The Nativity Story. I loved her in both. (She’s all grown up now and is a mom herself! Time flies, right?) Keisha brought qualities to both of these films that make me think she’d be great as Solena.

Rundan was way harder for me to place. He’s as a young man in his early twenties. He’s earnest, honorable, and brave, in an almost knightly fashion, and yet he has this scholarly side... So maybe if you took Heath Ledger in A Knight’s Tale and magically crossed him with the scholarly James Spader in Stargate? (The collective wisdom of Google and IMDb has failed me, so if any of your readers can think of a contemporary actor who’d work, I’m all ears!)

Thank you SO much Lena for stopping by today!

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Contest time: Doesn't it sound good? Well Lena has decided to give one of my readers a PDF of The Language of Souls. To enter simply comment with your email address and please tell me what actor you think could play the role of Rundan if this book was ever made into a film. This contest is open internationally and the winner will be announced November 30th.


  1. Now see this is why Interviews are never a dime a dozen...you never really know what you'll get. This one, definite points for sharing a bit more about the story and the smile factor included throughout. ^_^ Great job ladies!

    (not an entry)

  2. Terrific interview. I loved Heath Ledger in a Knight's Tale!!
    Maybe Cary Elwes back when he did A Princess Bride in '87. Not now though... but I still loved his personality on Psych!

  3. Juju, thanks so much for having me on the blog! I'm in love with the actor stills you found, btw.

    @GMR thanks, glad you enjoyed the interview. :)

    @Gina I LOVE The Princess Bride!! It's one of my all time favorite movies. :) ("Wuv, twue wuv.")

  4. This sounds absolutely amazing! This is definitely my type of book...great interview :)

  5. Such a charming interview!

    (and I know I'm breaking my no-blogging rule...but technically this is just commenting...right? No blogging being done!) ;)

  6. Heath Ledger immediately came to my mind too when I was reading this interview for an actor but since he is no longer with us....maybe Matthew Goode (he played Declan in Leap Year). Great interview and definitely on my TBR list!

  7. Seriously? This book sounds incredible! How about Hugh Dancy from Ella Enchanted? I know he's not blond but I think he fits the other characteristics...plus he's waaaay cute! ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  8. Great review! I'm really intrigued about votifs. I like your new header. It's so you! I can't wait to see what other ones you're going to try out :)

  9. Not entering, I just enjoyed the interview :)

  10. I don't read many interviews but I really enjoyed this one.

    I can visualise actors after reading a book but I must be getting old, I can't think of young 20 something male actors, lol

  11. Marce: LOL I know the feeling ;)

    Blod: Well thank you and thanks for popping by.

    Julie: Thanks :D *beaming*

    Renee: You are brilliant! I love Hugh Dancy! Especially when his hair is shaggy. Perfect suggestion!

    Book Loving Mommy: Yay!

    Pirate: O darling! I've missed you! Of course it doesn't count *wink wink*

    Melissa: Do you have an eReader?

    Lena: Thank you soooo much for coming by! I loved this read. And btw, Keisha is perfect!

  12. I enjoyed this interview and the book sounds awesome :D

    Hmm I'm not sure who could play Rundan in a movie...perhaps Robert Pattinson?


  13. Looks like a book for me :)

    What a lovely review! I'm a Heath Ledger fan *swoon* I dare to dream.

    Trying to start a Bucket List Challenge let me know if you are interested.

    Mad Scientist

  14. awesome interview! this sounds really interesting!

  15. @all thanks for all the lovely comments. :-)

    @pirate penguin glad you stopped by (I won't tell! ;))

    @Book Loving Mommy this is super top secret (so don't tell anyone) but when I picked a character photo for the hero of my ya-fantasy-novel-in-progress, AIRE, it was of Matthew Goode! (shhhh!)

    @Renee when I was 12, I fantasized that my pen name would one day be Chelsea Renee Bridgewater. I still love that name. (It's up for grabs, btw! lol) Hugh Dancy was perfect as Char, wasn't he?? I love that movie too. He could bleach his hair, don't you think?? :)

    @Marce I hear you! ;)

    @Arielle I think my teen daughter would have picked Robert Pattinson too. :)

  16. @Juju It hasn't even been that long and I'm already aching to be back! *HUG* It'll be our little secret ;)

    @Lena Lol, thanks for that! :)

  17. Oooh, the Language of Souls sounds like a gem. I'd love to read it. :)

  18. I think Karl Urban would make a good Rundan. He is a versatile actor... not to mention I'm crazy about him :D

    Re-posted your contest at: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2010/11/win-language-of-souls-at-tales-of.html

    (not an entry)

  19. Karl Urban is Dr. Bones is the newest Star Trek which gives a brainy look. He is also Éomer in the Lord Of The Rings which gives the "knight" look. All in one actor!

  20. Cherry: Oooo I'm crazy about him too! *le sigh*

    Pirate: Agreed ;)

    Carrie: I think you'd really dig it :)

    Mad Scientist: Very cool! I need to check it out :)

    Arielle: Always a sold choice :)

  21. JuJu - I am going to enter, this one still intrigues me.

    How about Leo from the series Charmed?? He still can pull off 20 something, right, lol


  22. Marce: Ooooo I love him! I wonder what he's up to these days. His name is Brian Krause. Great suggestion!

  23. ***Please note: This contest is closed. The winner was announced 11/30/2010. (http://www.talesofwhimsy.com/2010/11/winners-winners-winners-candidates.html)
    Thank you for your interest and for entering. Please continue to check my right hand sidebar for more upcoming contests.***