11 December 2010

Christmas at Harrington's | Book Review

Book: Christmas at Harrington's
Authoress: Melody Carlson
Pages: 167 Publisher: Revell
Formats: eBook, Hardcover
Genre: Christian Fiction, Christmas

My summary: Lena justs wants a chance at a new life. So when she is offered a job playing Mrs. Santa, she grabs it and becomes the best Mrs. Santa anyone has ever seen. But sadly her past is about to catch up with her.

My say: I didn't read the full synopsis ahead of time so I was pleasantly shocked about her past and I felt for her rather immediately. Godly people have hurt Lena, but this Christmas godly people are about help her start over. Lena learns to forgive and stand up for herself. I loved this beautiful story that reminded me of the magic of forgiveness and compassion.

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My recommendation: If you like Christian Fiction, skip the official synopsis and pick this one up.

My favorite part: Lena's adorable answers (while playing Mrs. Santa) regarding Santa's whereabouts and day-to-day responsibilities.

My favorite character: Cassidy the sweet teen (volunteer elf) who believes in prayers, dreams, and Mrs. Santa.

My favorite line: "Check your history books," she told him. "Santa Claus and Jesus have enjoyed a good long relationship for centuries."

My cover thoughts: Another perfect Christmas cover. I can totally see my self doing this. Can you say, big kid?

My kiddie-o-meter: Clean but expect mentions to infidelity and robbery.

My holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

My final say: Lena's life is changed because complete strangers give her a chance. Have you ever given a complete stranger a gift?

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  1. The cover of this one looks so fun! I need to read more holiday novels before Christmas gets here. It always puts me in a happy mood.

  2. Awwm you make it feel like Christmas with all these stories

  3. Great review! This book is something I would pick up based only on that adorable cover! How cute! I like the idea of a Mrs. Santa- very cute!

  4. Brenda: O me too :)

    Blod: O Thank you :)

    Christina: Me too :) It was a nice change :)

  5. That cover just screams Christmas and I love it! This sounds adorable. Great review, Juju :)

  6. Great review, Juju! I loved Cassidy and the adorable cover art, too! . . . Like most folks, I give to special charities and have been kind to strangers--but not to the extent of seeing their lives changed like in this book. Maybe I should make that a New Year's resolution! . . . And when you said, "I can totally see myself doing this," did you mean peeking in the store windows or playing Mrs. Santa?!

  7. Renee Ann: Thanks :) That would be an awesome resolution. I would be seriously honored if I helped you spark that idea. I would totally wear a giant bright red coat and peer in shop windows. But playing Mrs. Santa does sound fun ;) *off to ponder*

  8. this looks wonderful & I adore the cover!!

  9. I had to say this first - your header is looking awesome!

    I love it that you are reading Christmas books now! This one sounds so wonderful - like one of those movies you like to watch on Christmas!

  10. I love all the Christmas books you are reviewing!

  11. Sounds great! Great review! Happy reading:)


  12. Love this! Another fantastic review. I could totally see myself staring into one of those beautiful holiday display windows...oh wait I do! hehe.

    As for a gift to a complete stranger, yep, a few different times and almost always for completely different reasons, but the one that stands out was a man on the street who needed something to eat and something warm to wear. Surprised him with a gift after seeing him day in and day out. Loved it, exactly what I adore about Christmas. Much more fun to give! :o)

  13. Gina: :)

    Aths: Ahhh thank you :) Exactly! *hugs*

    Midnight: Thanks :)

    1stdaughter: Me too *high five* Awesome answer. Thank you for sharing it with me. I love how Christmas brings out people's giving spirits. My most rewarding moment/gift to a stranger was recently I bought a man a Greyhound bus ticket home. He was so grateful. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth it. :)

  14. Looks like a great book. Have I mentioned how much I looove the way you format your reviews?

  15. I read an ad on Craigslist once from someone who said she didn't have money for Christmas presents for her kids. I bought a bag full of stuff and met her at her job to give it to her. I don't know if the ad was a scam or not. Kinda felt like it when I met her in person, but I guess that's between her and God.

  16. First off, cover love yet again! So festive and magicial looking. Playing Mrs. Claus sounds like fun though I'm curious about her past...

  17. Magic of forgiveness... I needed to learn that...

  18. Joy: 1. Thank you :) 2. Wow how very very cool of you. You're so right too. You did your part the rest is between her and God. Awesome story :) *high five*

    GMR: Exactly :) That's the best part :)

    Cherry: *hugs*

  19. Sounds fun especially with her being Mrs Claus and I can just imagine the answers she gives the kids when they ask about Santa.

  20. I like this Christmas cover, too! I give gifts to complete strangers. That's the joy of Christmas!

  21. Michelle: Thanks :)

    Jenny N.: She's really good at it :) Where I would stumble, she excels :)

    Julie: Amen! *high five*

  22. Just looking at this beautiful cover puts me in the spirit of Christmas :)

    Your reviews are always a joy to read. Many thanks for this one.

  23. Are you going to miss Christmas books after the new year? Do you collect them all year long?

  24. I've definitely participated in the window shopping shown on the cover, but right around the holidays that entails standing in a lot of snow. Great review, I'm definitely going to have to give this a try before the holidays :)

  25. This sounds like such a beautiful story! Thanks for reviewing. I'd love to give this one a try.

  26. This sounds like a classic Christmsa story in the making! I am definitely going to read this one over Christmas holidays. Thanks for the review :)

  27. Your reads and reviews are putting me into the holiday spirit. Thanks girlie!

  28. My dear, you are pushing out those christmas books. I'm still trying to get in the cheer mood. Perhaps, I need to get a holiday book. Thanks for these lovely reviews. I enjoyed all three.

    Right now there is a Beautiful Creatures Features going on at Steampunkery & Book Reviews :)

    Mad Scientist

  29. i really think i need to read this one!! thanks for the great review!!

  30. Mel: Yah :) Thank you so much for making my day! :)

    Cari: Good question. I don't collect them all year long but I do usually start in November to give me a head start :) It's kind of nice because it gives me a break from my favorite genres :)

    Lizzy: Ooo I can imagine. Especially where you live. I love Vermont (we spent several days there during our honeymoon) but I've heard it snows alllott in the winter :)

    JessicaBookLover: Thank you for stopping by :)

    Lydia: Yah :) I think you will love it.

    Jenny Girl: Yah! Mission accomplished :)

    Mad Scientist: Thanks :) I'm the holiday spirit machine ;)

    Carrie: :) Thanks