04 December 2010

Christmas Letters | Petite Book Review

Book: Christmas Letters
Authoress: Debbie Macomber
Pages: 269 Publisher: Mira
Formats: eBook, Hardcover, Audio
Goodreads: Christmas Letters
Genre: Christmas, Romance, Adult Fiction

My summary: Katherine hates parenting guru Dr. Wynn Jeffries. She fervently believes he is single-handedly ruining children across America with his ridiculous best selling techniques on child rearing. The man wants to bury Santa for Pete's sake! Thanks to his book, her once adorable nieces are now total terrors. Little does she know that fate is about to bring these two very opposite souls together.

My say: This story is pure fun! Several scenes had me laughing out loud. I loved watching these two completely different people fall for each other. The humor and love/hate tug-of-war make this a must read for anyone seeking a light Christmas escape.

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My recommendation: Perfect for anyone in need of some romantic holiday cheer.

My favorite part: The bad kitty scene.

My favorite character: Her kooky amateur psychic neighbor and friend LaVonne.

My cover thoughts: Isn't it beautiful? Don't you want a cup of hot cocoa right about now?

My kiddie-o-meter: No sex or foul language.

My holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

My final say: Did you know writing a Christmas letter that surmised the passing year use to be a tradition? I had no idea! Is this something you do? Or do you know anyone that still does it?

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  1. First of all, I love the format of your petite book review! Mind if I borrow it? I could credit you :-)
    Secondly, I'm a fan of Debbie Macomber but haven't read this book. If you gave it 5/5 I'm adding it to my list.
    Thirdly, yes I know about the Christmas letter tradition. We receive several each year. Some are long and some just hit upon the highlights. I do like to receive them but I think I may be too lazy to write one ;-)

  2. Mary:
    1. Thanks :) I'll email you.
    2. Yah! You know I never read DM before this Christmas. Then I ended up reading 4! :)
    3. That's SO cool. I think I would love receiving them too. Sadly I think folks from my generation are too lazy for it ;)

  3. I love Debbie Macomber! Have not heard of this one yet!

  4. I love Christmas-y books and I don't read enough of them! This definitely sounds cute...great review, Juju! :D

  5. Sounds adorable. And the cover's great!

  6. Love/hate tug-of-war? Nice!

    Mmmm, yes - hot cocoa or hot apple cider. :)

    Great review, Juju!

  7. I know any book by Debbie MaComber would be a good read and seeing the Christmas books you've been reading is getting me in a festive mood myself.

  8. I did know of the tradition to send Christmas letters to summarize the year used to be a very popular tradition. In fact, the hospital where we work, I still see some of those.

    I think I've read another book by this author and enjoyed it, but I can't think of it off the top of my head.

  9. Yay for romantic holiday cheer! This one looks adorable!

  10. I love this book! It's one of my favorites!! Though his thoughts on kids irks me something fierce every time I start it again!
    Terrific review!

  11. This sounds delightful! I'm picking up a copy of her latest this week because of your review. I need a couple more Christmas books for the Chick Lit site and though this may not be strictly "chick lit" it still sounds fun! Loving the "petite" book reviews!

    On the year end summary letter question...my grandmothers (3 still alive) all do this every year. In fact hubby's grandma sent one out just this week. It's really fun because you see all she's done throughout the year, plus she usually talks about the family as a whole.

  12. Nice review, Juju! I definitely want to drink hot cocoa with a lot of these Christmas books! The covers are gorgeous :)

  13. My cousin still writes an annual Christmas letter but I didn't realize it was an old tradition...cool!

    XOXO~ Renee

  14. Juju, I had no clue about the Christmas Letter tradition. Make me wonder.

    I'm so glad you really enjoyed this one. Sounds perfect for the holidays.

  15. Juju, what a delightful review. I have several Macomber holiday titles, but I'm not sure if I have this one. I don't think so. I'm definitely going to have to get it. I'm glad you're enjoying your books for the challenge.

    I'm posting your guest post over at The Christmas Spirit on Sunday (today). Thanks again for doing it for me. You are definitely suite, Juju...LOL...couldn't resist!

  16. I do want some holiday cheer :) Little late for me this year but perhaps some other year

  17. This one is definitely going on my list! It sounds like the perfect holiday read.

  18. I have heard so many good things about Debbie Macomber books but haven't try any merely because I don't really know where to start. This book by her sound like a pure joy. But I wonder if it's part of a series?

  19. OMG! I absolutely love Debbie Macomber. I hadn't seen this one yet. I love all her Mrs. Miracle books!

    I can't wait to get my hands on this one!! Even if I don't read it in time for the Christmas Spirit challenge, its now on my must read list.

  20. Bury Santa? O_o Don't think I like the sound of that particular character already though how they come together should definitely prove interesting is nothing else. The only Christmas letters we use to write were to Santa...but it sounds like an interesting idea....happy reading!

  21. Sounds like a fun read! I'll be looking for this one :)

  22. I really want to read this one too, nice review.

  23. Oh, I just reread this review and the story sounds a lot like the movie "You've got Mail" its one of my FAVES!!!

  24. debbie macomber always writes the best, fun light-hearted romantic stories! glad you enjoyed this Christmas romance!

  25. Sounds like a very sweet read! My sister just bought a Macomber book -- her first read by her. I'll have to see what she thinks!

    And yes, writing a Christmas letter wrapping up the events of the year has long been a tradition in my family and others! I enjoy reading others' letters, especially when we lose touch throughout the year.

  26. O0oh this book sounds like a good one. I am going to the library later on today and am going all out for the holiday break I'm having soon! I must borrow this one. Sounds so good.

    ps - you've been tagged ;)

  27. This is an author I’ve always wanted to try. Thanks for another amazing review :)

  28. interesting final say. we always get one christmas letter out of the batch of incoming cards from a particular family member who keeps this tradtion alive.

  29. I think I need to start reading Debbie Macomber...

  30. I love your lists of highlights! I have a couple of her christmas books on my shelf, but haven't read them yet.

  31. Kim: Thanks doll :)

    Cherry & Christie & Meg & Stacy & Wakela: I haven't read her normal stuff yet but I am LOVING her Christmas stuff :)

    VV & Meg: Really? I want someone to send me a Christmas letter now :)

    Jillian: Hey! Thanks for popping by :) Make sure to pick up some Debbie. Her Christmas stories are my favorite of the season so far :)

    Gina Precious: Ooo you have a definite point there! They did have an odd love and hate. Good point! :) You're so clever.

    Kaye & Cari: Thanks and thanks for stopping by :)

    GMR & Julie: Exactly! :)

    Shy: I can't speak for all her books, but the Christmas ones I've read are all strong stand alones full of spirit and fun :)

    Lizzy & Meredith: It totally is :)

    Blod: Good thinking :)

    Michelle Addict: LOL Nice :) And thank you :D

    Renee: Ahhh, see I'm envious. I want someone to write me one ;)

    1stdaughter: Thanks pumpkin! This one is perfect for you :)

    Ahhhhh you have 3 grannies that do that? So cool! I have 3 grannies too but my husband's granny doesn't do it and my 2 are Hispanic and as far as I can tell this isn't a Hispanic tradition. But I sure wish it was. :)

    Gina Hott: Yah! I think it's an instant fav for me too :) OMG I agree. I was tickled pink when he had to eat crow ;)

    Gina Precious: Really? How cool. Let me know if you remember which DM you've read :)

    Jenny N.: Yah! Mission accomplished ;)

    Jessica BookLover: Thanks :) Ooooo apple cider. Sold! :)

    Renee Ann: Agreed :)

    Melissa: I think you would dig this one. It's cute, short, and sweet :)

    Wall-to-wall & Carrie: Grab it! You'll love it :)

  32. I don't write those kind of letters but I get a few. They are always fun to read because they are generally from people I don't see very often at all.

  33. My letters would consist of; Coffee, Toddler, Nap, Work, Eat, Drink, Read, Sleep. REPEAT>

  34. Yes, I made the header that I now have on my blog - it was time for something new. lol

  35. Michelle: LOL :) You could make a picture Christmas letter :)

    JessicaBookLover: Well bravo! It looks great!

  36. You're giving me some great ideas for holiday books! :D