27 December 2010

Grace: Review & Christian Fiction Book Club Discussion

Book: Grace: A Christmas Sisters of the Heart Novel
Shelley Shepard Gray
Avon Inspire
Paperback, Audio, eBook
Grace: A Christmas Sisters of the Heart Novel
Christian Fiction, Christmas

My summary: It was suppose to be a peaceful family only Christmas for the Brenneman's at their B & B (Bed & Breakfast). But a man running from his memories and a young unwed pregnant woman are about to check in.

My say: Grace is a wonderful holiday tale about opening your heart and home to those God sends your way. It is full of lessons on grace and forgiveness. Plus, it features a sweet modern day Joseph and Mary.

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My recommendation: I highly recommend this one to all fans of Christian Fiction.

My favorite part: I loved how this story was really two love stories at the same time.

My favorite character: Anna (a minor but fascinating character) who became Amish after hiding out in their community and falling in love with an Amish man.

My favorite line: "Regret will only make you lose sleep, not solve the problem."

My cover thoughts: I am ready to check in!

My kiddie-o-meter:
While this novel is delicate and lovely, it does mention some ugly things that happened to several of the characters in their pasts; such as rape, physical abuse, and death.

My Christian Fiction Book Club Discussion Q & A: Grace was the Christian Fiction Book Club pick for December. After reading the novel, each member picks one discussion question to feature and discuss in a blog post. This is mine.
(SPOILER WARNING! Please highlight to read)
Question: Melody never wavered in her decision to keep her baby. Was this the right choice? Would you have blamed her if she wanted to give it up for adoption?
Answer: I don't believe there is a right or wrong. It depends on the situation and what the person can handle. I was inspired by Melody's unwavering determination to love her child despite how it was conceived. Talk about grace.

What are your thoughts?

My holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

My final say:
How do you practice or add grace to your life?

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  1. A modern day Joseph and Mary - I'm intrigued. :)
    Great review, Juju!

  2. So, I'm just now finishing this one up and I'm going to have to come back to check out your spoiler-y portion. I just love how cozy Gray's books are and this one so far is no exception. Definitely makes me want to "check-in" as well! Lovely review! I'll be back to check out the other portion in the next day or two! :o)

  3. Don't these XMas tales just leave you full of warm fuzzies. Love it-thanks for the review.

  4. Love that quote you picked.

    This one sounds great. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

  5. I enjoy reading the things you pick out of each story, Juju! And I agree about checking in to this inn--maybe with the book that tells Anna's story. (I could have my own little book reviewers' retreat in Amish country!)

  6. I love christmas stories and this sounds perfect. Great review.

  7. Have to agree...that cover IS inviting!

  8. beautiful review - and grace...what a perfect topic this time of year!

  9. Another very thoughtful review. I like books which have little life lessons. I may give this one a chance for next year.

  10. Sounds like a great story with a deeper message! Hope you had a happy Christmas :)

  11. The spoiler makes me want to read the book! Thanks Ju-Ju for the kind heart warming book recommendation :)

  12. Thanks for participating Juju! I ran out of time to read this one and I think there was a computer glitch with our host this month.

    Do you have any suggestions for January's pick? What inspy titles are you already planning to read in January?

  13. A modern day Joseph and Mary, sounds good.

  14. this sounds soooo good!! i hope you had a merry christmas, juju!!!

  15. Sounds good, maybe I will read this for next Christmas.

  16. ...a modern day Joseph And Mary... I wonder what kind of spin that'll make... interesting :)

  17. Gosh this sounds sweet! Great review, Juju :)

  18. High holiday cheer? Sounds like the perfect book for the holidays. Nice review, Juju! :D

  19. Love the cover! I've always wanted to stay at a B&B.

  20. I love your review. It was a good book. I'm glad I did finally read it!

  21. sounds like a lovely read. happy new year! :)

  22. Two love stories! Aww. This does sound like a good Christian read! :)

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    Joy: No worries Joy! I was concerned when I saw nothing but I decided to trudge on :)

    Jenny Girl: YAH! Thanks for reading it :)

    Renee Ann: O now that sounds dreamy! I LOVE that idea. *off dreaming*

    Elie: Exactly! :)

    1stdaughter: Did you ever finish it? :)