17 December 2010

The Snow Globe | Petite Book Review

Book: The Snow Globe
Authoress: Sheila Roberts
Pages: 166 Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Formats: eBook, Hardcover
Goodreads: The Snow Globe
Genre: Chick Lit, Romance, Adult Fiction
My summary: 1 magical snow globe finds 3 friends in need of a miracle.

My say: This one was like roasted marshmallows; sweet, light, and delicious but lacking in depth and volume. If the story was longer and more fleshed out, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

My star rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My recommendation: Perfect for fans of chick lit or romance who want something light and magical.

My favorite part: Getting to see inside the snow globe that shows you your future.

My favorite character: The baker gal.

My cover thoughts: This cover is SO pretty! The snow and snow globe are textured and glittery.

My kiddie-o-meter: While there is no sex or foul language, there are some icky relatives who drink too much.

My holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

My final say: If you had a magical snow globe, what would you wish for this Christmas?

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  1. This looks cute and I love your continuing Christmas theme!

  2. Hi Juju. The only chic lit books that I read are from Cecelia Ahern. This book's cover looks great though. =)

    Read my latest review on James Patterson's Run For Your Life. HERE

  3. At least the cover of the book is cheery! . . . If I could make a wish on a magical snow globe, it would be for a device to slow down time--at only certain special moments. Kind of the opposite of that Adam Sandler movie!

  4. I would wish for something simple...a snowed-in Christmas ;)

    Great review, Juju!

  5. I love the cover too...and I want a magic snowglobe...it would come in handy for days when cleaning toilets at my house is mandatory..I could say things like: Magic Snow Globe go clean that toilet or magic snow globe go wash those dishes, I have to much reading to do. HA, I crack myself up!!

  6. Cute review! I love the cover,

    I would wish for there to be snow outside for just a day. We did get a thick layer of ice one year, but that's really no fun. You couldn't even make a snow angel (and trust me, everyone tried, lol) ;)

  7. I would wish for health and happiness for the orphanage we help sponsor in Haiti. With the cholera epidemic and all the deaths in Haiti, we've been pretty worried. So far, the orphanage has been spared. We sponsor a darling girl named Marie Ange. :-)

  8. This sounds like such a great book. Just wish is was slightly less expensive. If I could wish for anything with the globe, I'd wish for everlasting health for all my family and those close to me. :-)

    PS: I never knew about Christmas Challenges until I started following your blog. Thanks for turning me on to them! I've signed up for one (a little late) but I'm going to try and get 4 books read by 12/31 - Wish me luck!

  9. Love the cover....but hate it when that happens with a book. Had that in a few of the short stories I read recently. Suppose to be short, but the way they were written, longer would have been better (and made more sense). Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for the honest review! I wish for the economy to get better so people who are currently unemployed due to this terrible economic climate (like me) can find work. I also wish my novel writing will published and my screenplays purchased so my movies can be seen on the silver screen! And most of all I wish everyone, including my online buddies and blog followers have a safe and happy Holiday season :)

  11. Julie: Now that is some beautiful wishes. I do hope you find work and get purchased. *hugs*

    Gmr: Yuppers exactly! Sometimes short is good and sometimes short leaves you short changed ;)

    Gina Precious: Love that wish! And good luck! *high five*

    Shannon: Oh goodness Shannon. What a beautiful selfless wish. Thanks for sharing it :)

    Lea & Melissa: Ahhh I love that. I have been itching to make a snow angel for like 5 years now :)

    Tina: OMG I hate doing bathrooms too. Eech! I agree! Sounds like we need a magic globe or Rosie the maid robot from the Jetsons ;)

    Renee Ann: I love that idea. I would love a rewind button so I can play it again :)

    CJ & Alyssa: Thanks :)

  12. It sounds like a cute plot line. Alot like a movie they had on TV a few years ago called Snowglobe. Its not the same story though. But very similar.

  13. I'd totally want to use the snow globe to see my future. You're right, the cover is so pretty. Sounds like a nice X-mas read. :D

  14. I'd love to look into a magic snowglobe. Sounds like another festive and warm Christmas read.

  15. It's a very cute read Juju! =)

  16. The premise sounds promising. Too bad the story isn't fleshed out a little more. Still, I kind of want to try this one.

  17. I love the roasted marshmallow analogy! Maybe because I'm a huge fan of roasted marshmallows??? ;o)

    I've got this one coming from the author and I'm really interested to read it. I'm not expecting a lot, but maybe a quite fun read. Which is kind of what it sounds like. love the petite book review!

    As for my Christmas wish...it would definitely, without a doubt be a job that my hubby loves. He has one now, but is constantly upset about this or that and not feeling like he's where he needs to be. I just want him to be the happy guy I know he is and enjoy the work he does. So we'll see, maybe in the new year? We can hope right? :o)

  18. roasted marshmallows soudns good! :)

  19. hmmm, what would I wish for? that's too hard of a question! I don't even know!?! what would YOU wish for sweet Juju????

  20. Wakela: A TV movie? You've totally peaked my interest. I must look this up :)

    Missie: Me too! *high five*

    Jenny N.: It totally is :)

    Darlyn: Thanks :)

    JessBookLover: You totallly should :)

    1stdaughter: LOL :) Thanks :) I love them too!

    O poor hubs. I know exactly what you mean. We moved this summer for a new job for Mr. Whimsy and he ended up hating it. Thankfully we got the best Christmas present; he landed a new job that should make him much happier. So this summer we are moving again. But it's worth it to see him happy. I wish you and your hubs all the luck in the world. *hugs* :)

    Cherry: Right? I could use some right now actually :)

    Stacy: Ooooo thanks for asking? A month long vacation in Italia would be nice ;)

  21. I'm in the middle of my marathon Christmas book list right now and this was the first one that I read. I agree with you about everything. Cute book, ideal for a train journey or similar as it can be read in one sitting. Ideal too for putting in the guest bedroom for Christmas visitors - which is what I intend to do. Love you blog, have just found it and am now your newest follow. Many thanks, Sally =) xx

  22. Sally: A marathon? Right on! Good for you! :) I like your idea of leaving it in a guest room for Christmas guests. Brilliant! :) Thank you SO much for visiting :) I look forward to chatting up more Christmas books with you.