17 March 2010

The Girl Who Chased the Moon Is Like Sweet Tea on a Hot Day

Like a glass of sweet tea on hot Southern day, The Girl Who Chased the Moon is refreshing, rich, and deliciously Southern. The day my book arrived I had reached a reader's plateau. Nothing seemed interesting. Then I arrived home to a tiny package. Immediately (within moments of opening the parcel) I knew this was the book that would reignite my vigor for reading. Sarah Addison Allen doesn't write. She paints beautiful images with her words. The kind of words you can almost taste. It's a a magically infused tale of mistakes, forgiveness, and making peace with your past.


"It was like she was made of cake, light and pretty and decorated on the outside - with her sweet laugh and pink streak to her hair - but it was anyone's guess what was on the inside. Emily suspected it was something dark."

"It was one of life's great injustices, that you can move on and be accomplished and happy, but the moment you see someone from high school you immediately become the person you were then, not the person you are now."