30 May 2010

Yackety-yak: I wonder wonder

So all this talk of BEA and BBC has me really wondering. BBC definitely sounds like something I need to attend. But is BEA necessary for me? So I would like to pose some questions to all my fellow bloggers who did attend this year:
  • What did you think?
  • Was it worth the price?
  • Will you go again?
  • What was your favorite aspect?
  • If I am not interested in making publisher contacts, is it something you would recommend to me?
  • Now that you have experienced it, what advice would you give to someone who is considering attending next year?
If you did not attend BEA or BBC, what do you make of it all? Do you think you will try to attend next year?

29 May 2010

Passing the Microphone: Just Like Me, Only Better

Good morning sweet sweets! Thank goodness it is a 3 day weekend. Whoot! Can I get, Amen? Anywho, remember my post about not being able to finish Just Like Me, Only Better?
Well the winner of my Just Like Me, Only Better Book-In Exchange-For-A-Review Giveaway is: Jacqueline from The Eclectic Book Lover. Thank you so much doll for letting me pass the microphone to you. I will be emailing you for your physical address and look forward to your review.
Happy Memorial Day Weekend all! I am off to call my G.I.L. (grandpa-in-law). He and his darling late wife served in the armed forces for many moons.

28 May 2010

First Words: Disappeared?

"Six weeks ago, my parents disappeared." - Deception by Lee Nichols

27 May 2010

Ciao Baby Contest

After my recent break-up with general romance, I decided it was time to clear my shelves of anything that might just gather dust during our separation. The results? My loss if your gain, my hep kittens!**
I am giving away a brand new paperback copy of Perfect Chemistry and a brand new ARC of Rules of Attraction. To enter simply comment with your email address below. Contest ends June 27th and is open to residents of the US or Canada only.*

*Forgive me my international fans. I promise I will have a Book Depository contest coming very soon and will pick one US/Canadian winner and one international winner.
**Hep kittens is 1940's slang for hip ladies. It can also be used to describe a female fan of swing music.

26 May 2010

News Flash: The News Wolves in Town

I can not tell a lie. I am a Twilight junkie. But not for the reasons you might think. I LOVE the wolves and Native American aspects. So my urge to squeal was hard to suppress when I found this article link on Confessions of a Twicrack Addict:
Snidbit: "Spencer said he’s played his share of historical American Indian characters—what he half-jokingly called “the leather and feather” parts. "What’s cool about New Moon," he explained, "is that we're in a contemporary setting." Korey agreed: "I think it’s important for people to know that there is a Native American community that’s very vibrant, and very now. We're sort of like a new Native America."
Click here to see more of the InStyle article.

25 May 2010

News Flash: Network From Your Armchair

Are you (like me) sad because you can't make BEA and/or BBC this year? Do you feel left out? Are you subsequently daydreaming of NYC? Consider the Armchair BEA. Some super cool cats have a place just for us.
To my chickadees who are going to BEA and/or BBC: Have fun my darlings. Please take tons of pictures. I am hoping for full reports as well. I will be with you in spirit.

Note: BEA stands for Book Expo American and BBC stands for Book Blogger Convention. Visit the abbreviations above for links to their respective web sites and details.

24 May 2010

Yackety-yak: This is it chick-lit

For some inexplicable reason I have been completely unable to connect with contemporary romance and chick-lit. So I am breaking up with the genre. We're parting ways (amicably) and will hopefully make amends some day.
Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found yourself unable to connect with a specific genre? If so, which one?
The straw that broke the camel's back? Just Like Me, Only Better by Carol Snow.
I received it for review awhile back and despite my best efforts I just can not make it work for me. It is an cute light book. But even after a 100 pages I could not find the drive to read on.

Which leads me to my revelation, it's not you chick-lit, it's me...

Dear contemporary romance and chick-lit,
It's not you. It's me. We have to break-up you see. For years you made me smile, but really you just bug me now. So in the immortal words of Motley Crue, "Don't go away mad, just go away."
Signed no longer yours,
Tales of Whimsy...
Sadly, I have been unable to fulfill my obligations to Just Like Me, Only Better. So I turn to you my sweets for help. I would like to offer you (my stupendous reading audience) an opportunity to win my copy gently used ARC.

The catch? The winner promises to read it, review it, and post it on your book blog within 1 month of receiving the book.

If you live in the US or Canada and do not mind my stipulation, comment with your email address below. I will select a winner this coming Saturday, May 29th, 2010.

For a great review of Just Like Me, Only Better check out Write Meg!
Click here to visit Just Like Me, Only Better on Goodreads.
Click here to visit Just Like Me, Only Better on Amazon.

English Trifle | Book Review and Contest Too

Book: English Trifle
Series: Culinary Mystery Book 2
Back cover tagline: "High Crimes at High Tea"
Authoress: Josi S. Kilpack
Length: 346 (Paperback) Publisher: Deseret Book
Available Formats: Paperback, Kindle
Goodreads: English Trifle
Genre: Mystery, Female Sleuth, Cozy Mystery

My summary: Just as Sadie and her daughter Breanna are ending their vacation in England, they stumble across a dead body. Now they are trapped in a manor with a killer, a mystery, and zillion suspects.

My say: Sadie is one funny, scrappy, fearless character. I really enjoyed this cozy mystery with a Clueish feel. I mean really, who can resist an English manor with secret doors?
My whodunit verdict: I was stumped right up to the very end.

My recommendation: A must read for mystery fans who enjoy female sleuths.

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars; Despite being a little slow at times, I really liked this story and would love to own a hardcover for my home collection.

My favorite parts:
  • English Trifle is a clean mystery. See My kiddie-o-meter below for details.
  • There are TONS of yummy English inspired recipes I can not wait to try.
  • English Trifle, features a fiercely strong mother and adopted daughter relationship. So often in literature and film adopted children are trouble. It was awesome to see a beautiful, healthy, relationship between Sadie and Breanna. Bravo!
My kiddie-o-meter: Despite the fact that this is a murder mystery, this story contains no gore, bloody details, cursing, or sex.

My notes: Visit Josi's website to sample English Trifle and Teresa's Reading Corner for another great review of English Trifle.

My contest: Interested in winning my signed gently used copy of English Trifle? If you are a resident of the US or Canada, comment with your email address below. A winner will be announced June 24th.

My final say: Josi has made a fan out of me. I can not wait to try Lemon Tart and Devil's Food Cake.


Thank you to Pump Up Your Book Promotion for making this review possible.

English Trifle is my 7th entry in my Thriller and Suspense Reading Challenge 2010 hosted by Book Chick City.

21 May 2010

Well Said: Teenage Psychic

"Okay, Caryn, just go for it. "You're going to attend a dance with a young man, a football player." There. That's no so hard." - Confessions of a Teenage Psychic by Pamela Woods-Jackson

20 May 2010

Water for Elephants Hits the Big Screen

Book-to-Movie: Did you hear? Water for Elephants is being made in to a film featuring Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon. According to imdb.com filming began today. What do you think of the casting?
Yackety-yak: Technically I haven't finished Water for Elephants. Why you might ask? The first two chapters were so moving I could not stop crying. Seriously I couldn't stop. So I put it down and promised my self I would finish it later. Has that ever happened to you before? Has a book ever moved you so much that you had to put it down?
{Credit: Thank you Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict for bringing this awesome news to my attention. You gals rock!}

News Flash: Going back to school

Happy Thursday chickadees. Thank heavens it is almost Friday. So here is my news flash: Fans of Christy Raedeke (Prophecy of Days), Jen Nadol (The Mark), Kay Cassidy (The Cinderella Society), and Kimberly Derting (The Body Finder) should totally check out Christina Diaz Gonzalez's blog. Christina (the author of The Red Umbrella) has an adorable feature she has been doing this week where she interviews the authors about their high school experiences. The best part? High school photos!
{Photo credit: Grease 1978}

19 May 2010

Wildflower Bride | Mini Book Review

Book: Wildflower Bride Series: Montana Marriages Book 3
Authoress: Mary Connealy
Authoress tagline: "Romantic Comedy with Cowboys"
Pages: 320 pages Publisher: Barbour
Available formats: Kindle, Paperback
Goodreads: Wildflower Bride
Genre: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Western, Romance

My summary: After returning Glowing Sun to her people, Wade finds he is in love with her and can not bring him self to leave. So he sets up camp near the Flathead tribe. Little does he know that tragedy will bring Glowing Sun (Abby) and Wade back together.

My say: As you all know, I am a character fanatic and my book love is directly tied to my ability to connect or sympathize for the main characters. When I can not connect with the characters the book ultimately falls flat for me. That is exactly what happened with the Wildflower Bride. Despite my love and admiration for books 1 and 2 in the Montana Marriages series (Montana Rose and The Husband Tree), this one did not win me over. Abby drove me crazy.
However, I did love the way Mary Connealy brought back all the characters from books 1 and 2 (fans of Montana Rose are in for a treat) and Wade. Wade is a beautiful flawed complex character that is introduced in book one, evolves in book 2, and comes full circle in book 3. Mary continuously surprised and impressed me with Wade. I still can not believe she was able to take a character I detested and turn him in to someone I rooted for. His journey with God is beautiful and a testament to Mary Connealy's writing.
My star rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My recommendation: If you like Christian Fiction, give the Wildflower Bride a try. If you are considering trying Mary Connealy, try The Husband Tree.

My final say: If you've read the Wildflower Bride, I'm curious what did you think of Wade?


18 May 2010

Well Said: English Trifle

A dead man?
No way. Not here.
That poker isn't there for decoration.

16 May 2010

Roving Reader: Witches and Heels

These covers caught my attention yesterday...

Has anyone read The Physick Book of Deliverance? Even though I saw the cover of Molly's new book on the Red Headed Book Child, it took seeing it in person to convince me I need to own it. It is SO cute. I can not wait to buy a copy.
The Roving Reader was created by GMR at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers.
It features eye catching covers captured via cell phone.

15 May 2010

News Flash: Magical models?

Did you know that Tyra Banks is working on a young adult fantasy series? The first book is due out next year.

In her own words: "The story happens in a make-believe place called Modelland - every girl in the world wants to go there because it’s where “Intoxibellas” are trained. Intoxibellas are drop-dead beautiful, kick-butt fierce and, yeah, maybe they have some powers too. The story follows a teen girl and her friends who find themselves magically transported to Modelland, even though they’re really not supposed to be there."
So what do you think ladies? Will you give Modelland a chance?
{Photo credit: This fiercely cool picture is from Tyra.com}
{Honorable mention: Thank you Bookalicious Ramblings for first bringing this to my attention.}

Whimsy Update: Through a Lens

Happy Saturday chickadees! Got a minute? 

The super sweet Amelia at Imagination in Focus has an interview with yours truly for her Through a Lens feature.

I do hope you are all having a beautiful happy weekend!

14 May 2010

Well Said: Either You're In or You're In the Way

"Balancing our emotions turned out to be one of the greatest challenges. The loss was so fresh. Early on, the pain could hit at any time. But we had to push on. We had to be leaders." - Either You're In or You're In The Way by Logan and Noah Miller
Goodreads blurb: "When identical twin brothers Logan and Noah Miller's homeless father died alone in a jail cell, they vowed, come hell or high water, that their film,Touching Home, would be made as a dedication to their love for him. Without a dime to their names nor a single meaningful contact in Hollywood—they managed to write, produce, direct, and act in a feature film alongside four-time Academy Award-nominated actor Ed Harris and fellow nominees Brad Dourif and Robert Forster. The book tells of the desperate struggle of two sons fighting to keep a vow to their father, and in so doing, creating a better life for themselves. A modern-day Horatio Alger on steroids, this fast-paced thrill ride of heartbreak and redemption will both captivate and inspire."

Yackety-yak: Contest Poll

Next month Tales of Whimsy...turns 1!
In honor of my upcoming blog birthday,
I am working on a contest to honor my followers.
But I would like your input first.
So my lovelies would you rather:

A. 10 winners win a 5 pack (Novel Tea Pouch) of Novel Teas?
(This would be open to residents of the US and Canada only)
B. 2 winners win a book of $10.00 or less from the Book Depository?
(This would be open internationally)

13 May 2010

Yackety-yak: Prologues

The other day, the fabulous Amelia at Imagination in Focus got me thinking about reading and rules. Many many hours later, I remembered one of my own reading rules. I avoid prologues like the plague. To me they are like movie trailers; occasionally fun but mostly they ruin a scene for me. Which leads me to my yackety-yak question of the day:
What do you think of prologues? Do you love them or hate them? Do they inspire you or let you down?

11 May 2010

News Flash: Naked Heat Cover Revealed

Check out the new cover of the second Nikki Heat book (scheduled to release September 28th). Steamy, huh?
Click here to read my 4 star review of Mr. Castle's first book Heat Wave.

Question for Castle fans: What do you think of Detective Demming (played by Michael Trucco)? Sure he is hot (and necessary) but is he on your nerves yet? Or do you enjoy watching Castle squirm?
Note for Host fans: Michael Trucco could make a really hot addition to The Host film.

Well Said: Moon Called

"...under the dirt, sweat, and old fear, was the distinctive scent of werewolf." - Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

10 May 2010

Contest Winner: My Double Life

Today I am proud to announce the winner of the My Double Life contest is Wendy of the Minding Spot.
Congratulations Wendy! My Double Life by Janette Rallison is an awesome book
(click here for my review of My Double Life) and I can not wait to see what you think of it. I will be contacting you via email for your mailing address. Thank you to everyone that entered. The winner was selected with help from Random.org. Please stay tuned and continue to check my right hand sidebar for more upcoming contests.

08 May 2010

Yackety-yak: Qualities

This week I was away at a funeral. Mr. Whimsy's grandmama passed away. I loved her like she was my own. She had this beautiful inexplicable way of making every one that knew her love her. Later (when we were all going through pictures) I came across a photo I immediately became smitten with and decided to share with you. Why do I love it so? Because grandmama looks so darn sassy. That got me thinking about the qualities and personality traits we are drawn to in real and fictional life. So here is my yackety-yak question for you:
What quality or trait do you love
that you also admire in literary characters?

07 May 2010

First Words: Hope or stupidity

"I once believed that life was a gift. I thought whatever I wanted I would someday possess. Is that greed, or only youth? Is it hope or stupidity?"
This thought-provoking beginning comes from Green Angel by Alice Hoffman.

04 May 2010

Scones and Sensibility | Book Review and Blog Tour

Book: Scones and Sensibility
Authoress: Lindsay Eland
Book tagline: "Can Polly deliver the recipe for love?"
Pages: 320 (Hardcover) Publisher: Egmont
Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback
Genre: Children's Fiction | Romance | Middle Grade

My summary: Perfectly precocious twelve-year-old Polly is a pint sized Janeite. Ever since reading Pride and Prejudice she longs to be a proper lady and is prone to delicious fits of fancy. So when some of her grandest friends require love, Polly decides to play matchmaker. As the story progresses little Polly is about to learn she is acting more like little Lady Catherine de Bourgh.

My say:
Polly is precious. She is an old cheery soul who trades her computer and ball point pen for a typewriter and quill. Janeites, educators, and young at heart romantics are sure to devour and delight in this Emmaesque gem. The pace is reminiscent of a whimsical stroll and brings the enchantment of Austen to the modern days shores of New Jersey.
My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars; A splendid read I will definitely recommend again and again.

My kiddie-o-meter: Rest assured, this one is flawlessly suited for even the youngest tweens.

My mini-author interview:
Q: In Scones and Sensibility, Polly's family owns a bakery. What is your favorite bread, cake, or pastries?

A: How about I do my favorite of each since no one could possibly choose just one out of all those yummy categories?! My favorite bread is pumpkin bread, warmed with butter. Cake: chocolate with chocolate frosting or buttercream frosting. Pastry: Chocolate √©clair. Gosh…I’m getting hungry now.

Q: If you could visit any Jane Austen story which would it be?

A: I’d have to say Pride and Prejudice. I’d love to walk along the halls of Pemberley and of course, run into Mr. Darcy, who would forget all about Elizabeth and fall in love with me (yes, I do love her…but not that much).

Q: Have you ever played matchmaker?

A: No, thank goodness I haven’t! All my matches would’ve been complete disasters, I’m sure. Nope, I’ll stick to writing about them or making them up in my head where they will safely stay right there.

My warning: All the alluring baked goodies actually led to me putting down the book and baking a bundt cake. I caution you my friends, do not be surprised if while ingesting Scones and Sensibility you too are suddenly compelled to create your own delectable baked treats.

My notes: Please go to Tales of a Capricious Reader tomorrow to see the next stop on The Scones and Sensibility Blog Tour.

My final say: Little Polly has enticed me to trade in some of my denim digs for some floral frocks.

Review Copyright © of Tales of Whimsy.com

Thank you Nisa for making this review possible and Lindsay for taking the time to answer my questions.