06 January 2011

Love in a Headscarf | Review

Pages: 253
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publicity site: Loveinaheadscarf.com
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Genre: Memoir, Adult Non-Fiction
Goodreads summary: Love in a Headscarf
Buzz: She has been dubbed the Muslim Bridget Jones.

My say: Have you ever wondered what it must be like for a modern day Muslim? Have you ever pondered or been fascinated with the process of arranged marriages? Well then you have to read this book. Love in a Headscarf is witty, charming, and often comical. It is the real life story of a British Muslim gal looking for her Mr. Right. I smiled and smiled through Shelina's journey to find love and a balance between her culture and her faith. By the end of the book, she will feel like your friend and you will be so proud of what you've learned about her faith, her choice to wear a hijab, and her views on love coming after "I do".

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My favorite people and parts:
  • Shelina's relationship with her mother.
  • When Shelina and her gal pals get together and swap suitor horror stories.
  • Her guts! Shelina challenges what "nice" girls should and should not do. This gal travels, buys a sports car, and climbs a mountain.
My notes:
  • Don't you love when a blogger makes it? Check out the blog that started it all.
  • Click here to visit the Love in a Headscarf site and watch interviews with Shelina.
My final say: Shelina, I have to ask (forgive me) did you keep a grand count?

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  1. her blog and writing is so interesting! to have a peek inside the life of a muslim woman is such a fascinating perspective - thanks for the great review!

  2. oh and i simply adore the new header! beautiful!!! beautiful!!! beautiful!!!

  3. yay i like that she challenges what nice girls are allowed to do!

  4. This is why you are amazing. You read a little bit of everything.

    Congrats to Shelina. I'm happy that she made it and her adventures sound fun.

  5. Haha, I wish I had suitor stories to share. xD I'm really curious about this book, and see how different it is for Muslims living in Britain (I live in a Muslim country, so we're the norm while Westerns are the..um.. aliens?).

    Thanks for the review!

  6. This sounds fun! And interesting. :) Great review, Juju!

  7. This sounds like a good one! Love when bloggers make it, too. Can I just say---I love the way you do your reviews, Juju!! :)

  8. Oh, I was really looking forward to this review! I was fascinated by Randa Abdel-Fattah's "Does My Head Look Big In This?" and since then have been wanting to read more about muslim women. "Love in a Head Scarf" sounds both fascinating and funny, and I love the quote at the top of her blog!

  9. I love the header on her blog: "They tried to put me in a box and I said, 'No, thank you.' And I noticed she pointed out the difference between an arranged marriage and forced one--so it seems like her family's done a great job of mixing cultures . . . I'm glad I can pop over here for some interesting reviews. I agree with another commenter that you have quite a wide reading range, Juju!

  10. This might be interesting. It always amazes how devoted people can be in their faith, traditions and so forth.....

  11. I love that this is such a powerful book...I should definitely read this. Great review, Juju!

  12. Yes, i have wondered about those things!
    Sounds like a good book.
    Thanks for the review.

  13. Awesome review, Juju! You always make me add books I'd not normally read to the TBR stack!

  14. This sounds so good! Thanks for the review- I've added this one to my wishlist.

  15. 4 out of 5 on a Whimsy scale is great! Thanks for the review!

  16. Sounds super fun! Will check it out.

  17. This sounds really good and its the first time I hear od it. Great review :)

  18. Great review, it does sound like a fun and interesting look at "Today's Muslim".
    Adding to wish list.

  19. Great review Juju. I've often wondered what love and marriage is like for Muslim women.

  20. This sounds amazing! Great review!

  21. Wow this looks realy interesting. I loved Bridget Jones so it would be cool to read this especially since it features a differnt culture. I love to learn new things in a fun way! Thank you for sharing!

    XOXO~ Renee

  22. Sounds like a winner...great post Juju!

  23. Love the idea behind this story, it's so unique...at least in it's telling. From the sounds of it it looks like a really fun read with some great insight. Fantastic review!

  24. The Muslim Briget, lol, that I would have to read

  25. I love Bridget Jones plus the fact that she's a blogger = awesome!

  26. I love the comparison to Bridget Jones. Definitely makes me interested in it.

  27. Muslim Bridget Jones, mmmmmmm, sounds fun. interesting how a lot of us picked up on that notation.

  28. I’m intrigued by this book in a major way. Thanks for the wonderful review!

  29. The Muslim Bridget Jones? I definitely want to read this book. Glad it's available on Kindle. I love reading about different cultures. Go bloggers! Great review, Juju!!

  30. I was born into a Catholic family but I am now a non-religious person. It was difficult to tell the family that I no longer believe in their religion. But I can imagine that it must be much more difficult for a Muslim girl to veer off the well trodden track...

  31. I've been looking out for this book for a while. It sure sounds fascinating!

  32. I love the diversity in reviews that you post. Thanks for keeping us well rounded.

  33. Elie: Thanks! That's my favorite thing about your blog too :)

    Aths: Really? Cool! I hope you win! :)

    A. Thanks for sharing that! *hugs* It definitely sounds like you can relate.
    B. What impressed me about Shelina is that she really knows and learns her faith so when people try to challenge her and tell her what she can and can not do, she is able to counteract/retort with knowledge about what the book really says and what really is ok.
    C. Thanks for being such a good friend!

    Julie: Me too! *high five* If you love different cultures then you will definitely dig this.

    Speaking of different cultures, have you ever seen the movie "Shades of Ray"? I think you would LOVE it.

    Alyssa, Christie, VV, Joy, Blod, GMR, Renee, April, Cindy, Andrea, Cari, Walltowall, Melissa, and JessicaBookLover: Thank you :)

    Jenny N.: Right? I always cheer for bloggers :) Have you ever heard of The Pioneer Woman?

    1stdaughter: Thanks pumpkin :)

    Kelli & Carrie: Me too! :)

    Freda: Yah! :)

    Jonita: Awesome! Thanks for visiting! I need to try the book you just read about an arranged marriage. :)

    Gina Hott: Ahhh! Best compliment ever :)

    Tina: Oh me too! I sometimes think I should study faiths of the world. :)

    Renee Ann: Exactly! I am so glad you checked out her blog! *high five*

    Katie: I've been considering that one! Is it good? :)

    Miss Becky & Stacy: Oh thank you darling! :)

    Dazzling Mage: Really? How cool! Then you would totally dig this book! :) Aliens? Good word/description :)

    Missie: Ahhhh thank you! *hug* You made my day!

  34. Fantastic review, Juju! This is my first time hearing of Love in a Headscarf and I do have to say that it sounds really great. I will definitely have to check it out. Thank you, Juju =D.

  35. Interesting books!
    and your blog is cool =)