01 February 2011

Yackety-yak: Dear Shelf

Dear YA books sitting patiently on my TBR shelf: You're beautiful babies. But ah listen I have sorta been in the mood for something different and more mature. So for the time being, I am sticking to adult fiction. Sorry babies! Don't be mad. I promise I will be back before you know it! *wink wink* - Tales of Whimsy...
I have always been a mood reader. I have to be in the mood for certain storylines. But I usually stay within my favorite genres. Well for some reason, probably because my life has been a bit tougher than usual lately, I find that I am reaching and craving the kind of books I usually only read intermittently: adult books. Books with contemporary female characters struggling with life.
Anything you gals can recommend me?
I ran out today and bought Eat, Pray, Love. Wish me luck!


  1. I completely agree. I am a mood reader as well. When life gets tough, I always turn to books that comfort me a bit more. Eat, Pray, Love is one of my favorite books; I hope you enjoy it! Did you see the movie? If not, make sure you see it....after you read the book, of course. ;) I hope things start to look up for you!

  2. Omgosh Juju- you are so funny...You know sometimes I feel that way as well. The YA is like going back to highschool sometimes...Baaachhhh...:D

  3. Ooo I totally understand where you're coming from with this, I'm a mood reader too. Some days I don't even feel like reading!!! I know that's probably blasphemy but it's true. I'd rather sit down and watch a movie or *gasp* go for a walk! I hope you enjoy Eat, Pray, Love nver read it but I've heard it's good!

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. totally understand about books and moods . The YA novels will be there

  5. Julie: True :)

    Renee: I have those days too :) *high five*

    Tina: It's quite a ways back for me too ;)

    Christina: Yah! Exactly! I did see the movie and I was hungry for more details about her spiritual experience. Thanks for your kind words :)

  6. I definitely go through phases with my books, and sometimes only adult novels will do. I hope your tougher than usual time gets better soon!

  7. I also read by mood! You said novels, but EPL is a memoir, so I am recommending Mennonite in a Little Black Dress and What We Have and Bitter is the New Black. Have fun reading!

  8. Oh, I'm so with you! I've been in a cozy mood. Ah, well, I'll get the suspense challenge done & return for the romance, ya, Hmmm, something...

  9. It's not contemporary, but I recommend The Help - if you haven't read it yet. :)

  10. Carrie: :) Thanks

    Meredith: Thanks sweet pea

    Carin: OOoo thanks! I'm writing those down right now :) Thanks so much for stopping by and recommending me some books :)

    Gina Hott: :)

    JessicaBookLover: I think my mother in law read that one. I will make note of if. Thanks for the recommendation :)

  11. I am in exactly the same boat as you--meanwhile the YA books keep piling up, but all I want to read are adult books. Have you ever read:
    Enchanted April by Elizabeth Arnim?
    Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winnifred Watson
    Step Ball Change or Romeo & Julie by Jeanne Ray? Those are fun romantic ones I think you might enjoy...

    And I saw a book in someone's mailbox -- Winter's Sea by Susanna Kearsley. That one really caught my eye!

  12. Ditto! I have my phases. One time it would be Agatha Christie, the other will be historical fiction, then I would be on Paul Auster binge.. etc. depends on my mood =)
    My favorite authors are Paul Auster and Jeffrey Archer. Any books by them I would recommend!

  13. Kim: I just wrote those all down for further investigations. Thank you SO much! Did you read Miss Pettigrew and see the movie? I loved the film! :)

    PlayingLibrarian: Thank you so much. I've never heard of either of them I don't think.

  14. I love adult contemporaries. I'd recommend:
    Claire LaZebnik's, If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now,
    Beth Hoffmann's, 'Saving CeeCee Honeycutt,'
    Alicia Bessette's, Simply From Scratch'
    Susan Henderson's, 'Up From the Blue'

  15. Steph: Wow! Thank you! I am loving all these recommendations :D

  16. I feel ya on the phases. I go months reading nothing but YA fantasy, and then I hit a point where I don't want to touch any more books about teen angst. Then it starts all over with adult historical fiction, and moves to another genre after a while. I'm finicky with books. Lol. Anyways, I really hope you like Eat, Pray Love. I haven't read it yet, and I'm still trying to decide if I want to.

    Some recommendations:
    Outlander by Diana Gaboldon
    The Help by Kathryn Stockett
    Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen
    The Other Boleyn Girl (if you like history) by Phillippa Gregory
    Mistborn (best intro to sci-fi) by Brandon Sanderson

    They are all from different genres, but none of them will remind you of a YA novel. :D I don't really read much contemporary fiction, so I can't give recommendations in that department, but I hope one of these sounds good!

  17. Pen: *giggle* Yah I'm not alone :) I tried Outlander and didn't dig it. But I am definitely going to finally read Water for Elephants :) I also need to look up Help. Thanks for your advice :) I love the variety of ideas you gave me :)

  18. Have you read The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls? It's a memoir, but read like fiction (and true life is stranger than fiction). Her writing is engaging.

    Her 2nd book is called Half Broke Horses: A True Life Novel, which is about her grandmother. Even though it's not contemporary, but her grandmother was such a strong character!

  19. I have always been a mood reader. I hope you enjoy ELP, I have heard either you really hate it or you love it.

    My recommendations are Still Alice by Lisa Genova, The Godmother by Carrie Adams and Happiness Sold Seperately by Lolly Winston.


  20. I can totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I just cannot read a "set" book. I have to get out and read something totally random. I would suggest Still Alice too. Then Bel Canto, any Sophie Kinsella, Shutter Island.

  21. im totally a mood reader too. I jump around from book to book like you wouldnt even believe!

  22. Aths & Marce: Still Alice sounds so heartbreaking. Like a living nightmare. Did you gals really like it?

    Aths: Bel Canto sounds very interesting. It intrigues me ;)

    Marce: I remember you recommending me Happiness Sold Seperately. Sounds like this is the perfect time for me to try it :)

    Christa: I haven't no. Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to look this author up :)

    Olivia: :) Thanks for stopping by.

  23. Still Alice is one of my favorite adult fictions (note, I don't read a lot of classic or chick lit...). It is sad though.

    I'd also second, third... The Help. Usually not my type of book but it's a lighter read than Still Alice.

  24. Hmm, I've only been reading young adult for a short time. Before that adult novels are all I read. Here are some suggestions:

    1. The Help
    2. A Scattered Life
    3. Its Not about the Cookies

  25. Hey Juju--Yes I fell in love with the Miss Pettigrew movie and had to get the book. It's pretty much exactly the same as the movie. Also there is a movie out for Enchanted April- it came out ages ago and is hard to find but so good!

  26. i totally get you on reading based on moods. sorry can't recommend any because i'm in my YA romantic comedy phase.

    eat pray love was pretty good. i enjoyed it.

  27. I have a ton in every adult genre. E-mail me what you're in the mood for! :D

  28. I hope you enjoy Eat, Pray, Love more than I did :) I have to recommend Still Alice by Lisa Genova, One Day by David Nicholls, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.

  29. Well I've already admitted to being a mood reader. I'm currently reading Outlander and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    However, if you are feeling the contemporary female struggling with life, I would recommend "Love the One You're With" by Emily Giffin.

  30. Great post! I'm a mood reader too. As for book suggestions....


    The Art of Racing in the Rain
    Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry
    Jemima J by Jane Green
    Buffalo Girls - Larry McMurtry
    Little Big Man


    The Lost Dogs - It's about the Michael Vick dogs...REALLY good

    Empire of the Summer Moon - About the rise and fall of the Comanche Nation and Quanah Parker

    I had a bnch when I started this comment and now my brain has gone into "brain fart" mode and they're all gone. :(

  31. I am TOTALLY a mood reader! That's why I can't say "my upcoming reviews are going to be..." It's just too hard for me.

    I hope things go better for you in the near future! :)

  32. I am a mood reader, for sure. I think because the tone of a story effects me so much. There are books others have raved about that I've just never been in the right mood to read. My motto: I only read what I feel like reading! . . . And here's a suggestion of a great adult book: If I Gained the World by Linda Nichols.

  33. Christa: O thanks! You are like the third person to recommend The Help to me :)

    Gina Precious: A Scattered Life sounds good! Did you ever review that one? :) Thanks for the recommendations. You're my 4th Help recommendation :)

    Kim: Wasn't it adorable? Lee Pace is such a cutie poo! I will definitely check it out :)

    Chelley: Thanks :)

    Tipsy: O will do! Thanks hon! :)

    Jillian: Thank you so much for your recommendations :) I just added A Forgotten Garden & The Thirteenth Tale to my list :)

    Reflections of a Bookaholic: Yah I tried that one and didn't like it. Thank you so much for your recommendation. :) That was has caught my eye a time or two. :)

    Jamie: Thanks :) You gave me a great list! You know, I've been considering the Art of Racing in the Rain :) I remember Jemima J. I read it ages ago (before I blogged). I loved it. Thanks again :)

    Lily: OMG me too! I never know how people can lay out their reads for a month ;) *high five*

    Renee Ann: Agreeed! :) So so so true. Just because a book is good, doesn't mean I'm ready for it. Great point and amen! Thank you for the recommendation :)

  34. Here's what I'd recommend, and I know it's technically YA, but it reads dark and mature, too, with a theme of hope. Definitely try The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin :)

  35. Melissa: Cool idea! I liked Impossible. Thanks hon :) I'm off to investigate.

  36. Juju - No I have haven't posted a review on my blog, but I did review it on Shelfari, I'll re-post that review to my blog now.

  37. I'm a mood reader, too. Hmmm! How about like a fun little mystery cozy. I like those, but haven't read them in a long time. Like something at a B & B or something funny like Stephanie Plum. I read a good one once about a lady who is an Episcopal priest. Darn, I wish I could think of the title or author. Now I'm in the mood for a cozy! See what you've done! LOL

  38. If you're looking for stories about women struggling with tough situations that will make you both laugh and cry, I'd recommend anything by Marian Keyes, but particularly Watermelon, Is Anybody Out There?, and Rachel's Holiday. She is one of my most favourites.

    And again - Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella ;)

  39. Gina Precious: Right on! I just say it. It was such a good review :)

    Julie: LOL :)

    Alita: O 20s girl! I am so off to add that to my list :) Thanks for your recommendations. I need to look up Marian Keyes.

  40. Hope you enjoy Eat, Pray, Love - and may your struggles be light! The type of book you're looking for usually isn't my genre but if I come up with one, I'll let you know.

  41. Still Alice -- YES
    Author Daphne Du Maurier -- YES
    Loved Eat Pray Love -- real without imposing
    These Is My Words -- a real favorite YES
    Saving Ceecee -- a lovely cozy YES
    The Help -- YES
    Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society -- YES
    I haven't read any of Kate Morton, but she is definitely on the list.
    Enjoy your new journey!

  42. Kim: Oh wow! You're so cute. You gave me a little cheat sheet of yes'! Love it :) And thank you :)

    Alyssa: I like that :) "May your struggles be light" :) Thank you!

  43. I know what you mean. I've noticed that in my recent review requests/blog tour sign ups. I love my YA and children's books with a vengence but sometimes an adult one will just speak to me. As for suggestions fitting your request....(pardon if you've read any or all of them ^_^)

    Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews (this one has some laughs though too)

    Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman (the main character is a young girl despite the adult fiction genre, but it certainly deals with life struggles and understanding)

    Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by....okay I'm at a loss here, but it's the first book in the series. (I read ALMOST all of it once upon a time and it tells the life stories of this group of friends as uncovered by the one ladies daughter through their book of memories)

    Done with my ramble disguised as suggestions...hehe...happy reading! ^_^

  44. GMR: Why thank you darling :) you can ramble to me anytime. I love it! I am off to research Hissy Fit. Thanks for your suggestions :)

  45. Hope things improve for you soon. ((Hugs)) As a mood reader I can totally relate to how you feel. I’m dealing with a bit of YA burnout myself right now. Must be all the tween/teen angst I’m having to deal with from my own children.

    I second Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society. It is a book that didn’t even sound like my type, but I loved it. The Help is also amazingness!

    Genoa Bay by Bette Nordberg is one I read last year and really liked even though it made me cry a few times.

  46. The Fixer Upper should fit what you're looking for. The main character is dealing with some stuff but it's funny too. I couldn't handle my own stress and a fictional character's without some laughs thrown in! I'm also reading Plant Life by Pamela Duncan which is more serious but is that contemporary-women-dealing-with-issues kind of thing.

    I enjoyed Eat Pray Love. I hope you do too!

  47. I'm also a mood reader, and I tend to go through phases of non-fiction (Apollo's Angels, and As Always, Julia are on my shelf), and funny/romantic books like those by Jenny Crusie.

  48. Ooh, I heard good things about Eat, Pray, Love! My mom wants to take me to see the movie...but I may end up reading it first. I'm looking forward for your review! :D

  49. Christie: O girl! I bet that could definitely do it ;) Thanks for your input :) I'm off to check out Genoa Bay.

    Jen: Thanks :D That sounds perfect! :)

    Lizzy: Ooo the Apollo's Angels cover is beautiful. I use to dream of being a ballerina when I was a girl ;) (I never did take classes) Thank you so much for your recommendations :)

    Justine: Thanks :) I also need to read Water for Elephants before I see the movie :)

  50. I read mainly ya,but once in a while I jump back and an adult book is just what I need!

  51. I'm a huge mood reader. I love adult fiction when YA is being too emo for me. Now, I'm scanning the comments for recs.

    Happy Reading, wherever you mood takes you, Juju. ;)

  52. I'm pretty much a mood reader too :)

  53. Kaye: Do you jump genres? :)

    Missie: Thanks doll :) I'm riding the mood wave :)

    Elie: Exactly :)

  54. I just finished "An Object of Beauty" by Steve Martin, and it was wonderful. You will love it if you are an art or art history buff! As an Art History major in University, I couldn't put it down (plus it made me feel brilliant for knowing the paintings he was referencing).

  55. Hmmm. I'm a mood reader as well. But I mostly only switch between YA and regency romance. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  56. Melina: Welcome :) I will definitely look into that one :) Thanks so much for the recommendation :) Who's your fav artist?

    Cialina: Thank you for stopping by mine :D

  57. Have you ever read Jodi Piccoult, Kristin Hannah, or Heather Wardell? They are my favorite women's fiction writers. All are excellent!

  58. Wow so many Help recommendations, I may have to read that one.

    Guerney and Potatoe is good also.

    Good luck, have you chose something yet.

    My other recommendation for some laughs are Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips.

  59. Kelli: JP sounds heart breaking but I do need to check out the other two :)

    Marce: Regarding Help: Right? My thoughts too :)

    To answer your question: I took everyone's ideas, went to Amazon, and downloaded a bunch of samples for my Kindle. So far I'm leaning on The Act of Racing in the Rain and Life from Scratch. Thanks for asking and checking back with me :D

  60. I'm a mood reader,too. This might be why in the past I always failed at reading challenges.

    I'm one of the only women who really, strongly disliked Eat,Pray ,Love!

    I love everything Barbara Kingsolver for her good female characters. Toni Morrison,too.

  61. Jupiter: Hi Jupiter :) Those reading challenges kill me too (I have a post soon coming up about that)

    So tell me what did you dislike about Eat Pray Love?

    Thanks for your recommendation and visit :)

  62. I felt like she was way too self-absorbed to really experience the opportunities she was given. She whines a lot about stuff that I just want to tell her to get over it. There was just something about her voice that rubbed me the wrong way

  63. Jupiter: Thanks for coming back and responding. Ironically I'm having the same issue! Crying in her bathroom for 47 nights? Goodness! :P

  64. Miss Juju, I'm emailing you with some suggestions!

  65. This really cracks me up now, especially since my "Why Do You Read YA?" post. LOL

    I think I don't get tired of YA as much because of the Chick Lit site and having to read both types during the week. It helps to keep me balanced I think. Sometimes I really hate that, but in the end...for me, it's probably better.

    As for rec's...hmmm....There's one I read not too long ago that I absolutely loved called Leaving Unknown by Kerry Reichs. It is Chick Lit technically (which I know you kind of banned a while back, but it's worth it). It's about this quirky girl who travels across the US and stops in all the unusual cities across the US, "Unknown, New Mexico" for example, and ends up breaking down and working at a local book store. I loved it! It has all the elements there. I think you'd really enjoy it. :o)

  66. Michelle: Cooool babe thanks :D

    1stdaughter: Exactly :) Usually Adult Fiction is too much. I want to get to the meat. But on the other hand, when life is tough - I need the inner voice of Adult Fiction. I need people who are feeling what I'm feeling or characters I can relate to now (not when I was younger). Usually I love the YA voice. But sometimes (like these days) YA is too much about escaping and not enough about battling life's down side and coming out victorious :)

    Thank you soooooo much for the recommendation. That sounds fun! :) I'm totally going to look into it.

  67. I find that my mood affects my reading experience too. Including my choices... sometimes, that is why I am reading two or three books at the same time...

  68. Cherry: I wish I could do that. My fear is I will mix the characters up :)

  69. Cherry: LOL I have this mental image of me mentally placing a housewife in the graveyard slaying vamps ;)