06 March 2011

Lost & Found Review & Contest Too

Book: Lost & Found written and illustrated by Shaun Tan
Pages: 128 | Size: 11.3 x 8.8
Premise: 3 stories that ponder loneliness, apathy, and the plight of indigenous people.

2¢ Worth: As a connoisseur and aficionado of all things light, Shaun Tan's book was not for me. However, there is absolutely no denying how very beautiful and thoughtful his book is. His striking art reminded me of the animated film 9 and left me thinking. If you are a fan of Burtonesque animation you will love this book.

Word to the wise: Do not miss the author notes in the back of the book.

Contest: I have 2 hardcover copies of Lost & Found up for grabs. To enter simply comment with your email address below. You must be a resident of the U.S. to enter. The winners will be selected and announced 3.13.11.

Page sample:

Click here to visit Lost & Found on Goodreads.
Click here to visit Shaun Tan's website.
Shaun Tan's animated short film the The Lost Thing won an Academy Award.
Click here to watch the trailer of The Lost Thing.

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  1. Don't enter me, not living in the US. Looks like a fantastic book. The cover is fun. ;)

  2. Looks interesting. Please enter me. ristaut@gmail.com

  3. Enter me please. :)


  4. I loved The Arrival! So I'm really eager to read this one too!

    ReadingOnARainyDay AT gmail DOT com

  5. Sounds good, count me in! tWarner419@aol.com

  6. Thanks for a great review. It probably wouldn't be a fit for me either but I think the cover is interesting.

  7. please don't enter me (I'm from Canada) but this book looks like a ton of fun, thanks for the review!

  8. That cover is just too cute :)

  9. Oh I love Shaun Tan's books! Thanks for entering me!

    cytljjb at gmail com

  10. Love. love, love this kind of stuff! I am an illustrator as well as being a writer, so really admire edgy and unique drawings. My email:

  11. No need to enter me, but kudos for stepping outside your comfort zone :) good review sweetie.

  12. Re-posted your contest at: http://contests-freebies.blogspot.com/2011/03/win-lost-and-found-at-tales-of-whimsy.html

    Goodluck everyone!! :)

    (not an entry)

  13. Love the artwork! Count me in, please. :0)

    librarygrinch at gmail dot com

  14. I have never heard of these books but like you I like the light books. I have a feeling this one would make me feel sad but I must say the cover is beautiful.

  15. I love how you worded the fact that it was not for you because you are a "connoisseur of all things light" - brilliant! I'm much the same way:) I don't mind dark stories as long as there is a sliver of hope to latch on to. Don't enter me, I just wanted to leave a comment:)

  16. Now how did you know that I was looking at a copy of this book over the weekend when I was putting it out on the shelf? Are you spying on me? O_o (Just kidding...but really, I was!) It caught my eye due to the cover and the length/heft. It's a mighty "heavy" book to show up in the Kids Storybook section. Agreed on the pictures, definitely has the "Burtonesque" feel to them. What the hey...count me in! (Thanks for the chance!)


  17. Wow...the art in this book is VERY cool. :)

  18. I am curious about this book.

    akaleistar (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. Hey girlfriend!
    (not an entry)

    So I see you found your award!
    Kinda like a scavenger hunt huh?
    You deserve it babe!

  20. i have heard so much about this book and this author! please enter me!!!


  21. Hmm, sounds really interesting. The cover definitely has me intrigued. Hope you're having a fabulous spring vacation :)

  22. I thought I already commented on this post, but I guess I didn't. Sorry the book didn't work for you. I think The Rabbits was probably my favorite of the 3 stories.

  23. I read the Arrival by this author and it was really cool. Thank you for the contest!!

    inthehammockblog at gmail dot com

  24. The illustrations look awesome, but I don't think it's a book I'd like either. Very cool that you have two to giveaway.

  25. I prefer to look at the lighter side of life as well. The cover and illustrations are beautiful!

  26. omg! love this bit of whimsy today. and shaun's other illustrations rock sooooo!
    and thanks for pointing out the film.
    vvb32 at yahoo.com

  27. I'm intrigued!


  28. I was just wondering, is this book written for middle graders?

  29. Interesting, but a bit of an odd fit for me

  30. The cover is really beautiful.

  31. Did you know that it did end up winning the Academy Award?! I was SO excited for Shaun Tan, as he's just an incredible person. I'm so sad though to hear it wasn't something you enjoyed storywise at least. But happy you liked the art! He's an amazing artist! I'd love one of his prints for my kiddos rooms, one of the brighter ones though. :o)

    Fantastic giveaway! Good luck everyone!
    (Not an entry since I already have a copy.)

  32. I'm a fan of animation and illustrations, in general. And I admit that I liked the film, 9. So, please include me in your giveaway. :)


  33. The illustrations are gorgeous. Please enter me as well, thank you. Miranda
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  34. All: Thank you for all your sweet comments and entries :)

    Tipsy: Great way to put it! :)

    Nina: Sorry darling :) I promise to have something international soon :)

    Aths & Christa & Carrie Hammock: O cool! You're familiar with his work :)

    Alexis: Completely understandable :) Thanks for commenting!

    Jenny Girl: Why thank you :) for noticing and saying so :)

    Cherry: Thanks darling! :)

    Cari: You nailed it! :)

    Jenny: Ah thank you! OMG yes! That's exactly how I am too :)

    GMR: LOL :) Maybe *insert evil play laugh* I am ;) Oh and so glad you entered.

    Walltowall: Thanks darling :)

    Beach: It does, doesn't it? :)

    Lizzy: I did thank you :)

    Bermuda: I liked the tale of hope best :)

    Mary Campbell & Liz: I feel ya :)

    VV: Yah! Thank you for entering and coming by :)

    Cherry: Good question. It's really hard to say. I would say: yes for the right middle grader. :) But I can definitely see teens and adults liking it too.

    1st daughter: It did? Right on! I will change that :) Thanks for letting me know. His art is really cool.

    JessicaBookLover: I am too and I really liked 9 too :) It's dark but thoughtful :)

  35. ***Please note: This contest is closed. The winners were announced 3.13.11. (http://www.talesofwhimsy.com/2011/03/contest-winners-lost-found.html) Thank you to everyone that entered. The winners were selected with help from Random.org. Please continue to check my sidebar for more upcoming contests.***