23 May 2011

Yackety-yak: American Doll

Were you an American Girl reader? Well then for a chuckle and a smile, you have to check out the What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life article by hairpin.com. I wanted a Samantha doll but always considered myself to be a bit more of a Molly. Sadly, the costly price tag kept my folks for buying me one. But don't fret there is a prediction for those of us who never got one.
So tell me, did you have a American Girl doll? If so which one?

Credits: The American Girl image is courtesy of
American Girl.com. Thank you Midnight Cowgirl of The Fashion Planner for bringing this article to my attention. For a more compressive fun quiz about what kind of gal you were take the American Girl quiz.


  1. I never had an American Girl doll but I wanted Samantha. I use to love looking at the catalog when it came in the mail.

  2. awesome! i wanted an american doll too back in elementary school. my friends and i all had our favorite. mine was samantha and my bff was molly.

  3. I LOVED the American Girls! I got one each Christmas, but now that I'm a super broke adult, the price tag stuns me. I didn't realize how much they were as a little kid! Jeez! I didn't realize that Samantha was the trendy one, since I was the only kid I knew that read the books and had the dolls. I loved each one of the girls equally, but I thought the prettiest doll was Felicity. My favorite doll was the one I got that looked like me :)

    -Kate the Book Buff
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  4. No American Girl doll, but I have been collecting the books for my daughter ever since she was born. Her name is Molly! :-)

  5. we read some of the books but alas, I also felt the dolls were too expensive.

  6. I loved the books and I had Felicity and Molly. I had no idea they were so expensive at the time. I still have them though. I took good care of them. They are at my parents- maybe I can give them to my daughters one day if I have any! I will have to check out this article.

  7. Ahhhhh! I love your new button! Soooo perfect for YOU! *grabs*

    No, no American Doll for me, but plenty of Mexican finger puppets! LOL

  8. Okay, now that I look back at my comment, I'm super embarassed. Please realize that is a really child toy and not me trying to be dirty.


  9. Oh, I'm so glad you posted this! I'm forwarding it to me sister, because we both had American Girl dolls. I totally wanted Samantha, but my sister got her, so I had to settle for Felicity. I did like her clothes, though. :)

  10. Alas no! My parents also couldn't really afford to get me one, so I never asked. I was a pretty perceptive kid!

  11. I always wanted the Samantha doll too but we couldn't afford one either. :-( I'll admit I went to an auction and I picked up a Felicity doll a few years ago for around $20, I couldn't resist even though I'm all grown up LOL!

    XOXO~ Renee

  12. No, I was never into these but I'll check out the quiz anyways.

  13. This was a series my daughter like to read as a youngster. She had quite a few books, but I don't believe we ever purchased a doll for her. Its been such a long time ago, I don't remember any of the names ~ sorry. I just remember she really liked the books! :-)

  14. I had a Samantha, and though it's totally mortifying to admit it, my grandma bought me the matching nightgown. I only wore it when I slept over at her house, though! :)

  15. My daughter had a Samantha doll!!!
    It was after my time.
    I will check out the site though.

  16. Oh and I thnk I forgot to tell you...
    My daughter just started a new book blog!
    She is really excited about it, please check it out

  17. Ha! I loved that article and I thought it rang very true. I didn't have one because they were quite expensive but if I had one it would have been Addy of course...and for the reasons mentioned. Although I really did like Addy. I read all of them but connected with Addy. Hmmm. Wonder why?

  18. I, too, never had an American Doll but I thought they were awesome and of course I wanted one hehe.

    By the way, I love, love your new blog button, Juju! So pretty ;)

  19. Love American Girls! I had a Felicity. And yes, I still identify with colonial Williamsburg. :)

  20. I never had any American Dolls ; I think they weren't available where I live. I wasn't interested in dolls as a kid, if I remember correctly.

  21. I had a Kristen doll. She was blond like me and I love Little House on the Prairie. I also read all the books, even for the dolls I didn't have. I was totally bummed when Pleasant Rowland sold out to Mattel.

  22. I saw that article recently and it's so on the mark! I had a Molly and I did pick her because I had glasses. My sister - who was the cool one - had a Samantha. I remember reading both of the books and thought Samantha's world was so enchanting. But Molly was my reality. ;)

  23. No, my parents are like yours. They deemed American Doll or any other doll that expensive as a too frivolous waste of money... but then they never failed to put food on the table, so can't really complain :)

  24. Funny you posted this. I was just having a conversation with my cousin about these books and dolls!

    I grew up in the Philippines and we obviously didn't have American Dolls, but every time my cousin comes to visit, who is from Michigan, she always gives us her American Doll books!

    My favorite has always been Samantha.

  25. Believe it or not....nope. No American Girls read or collected here. In fact, I don't believe i had even heard of them in my youth. Go figure!

  26. I have never had an American Girl but at our local indie they host an American Girls party and it's always a full house.

  27. Isn't that article fantastic? When I visited Chicago a couple of years ago, I had to pop into American Girl Place. It's insane how many dolls and accessories they have now.

  28. AAAAAAAAAAA!! Omg. If I didn't already love you, this little post has endeared me to you forever. I loved the American Dolls (still do)!

  29. I didn’t have an American Girl doll but my daughter has one & we have some of the books. Her doll is the one you can choose the different features so she is like a twin for the doll owner. My youngest also has a bitty baby from American Girl. I’ll let her pick out a doll when she is older.

  30. I didn't have one either. But thanks for sharing the article. :)

  31. That article was great! I had the books, but no dolls. I wanted Samantha because she had great accessories, but I probably would have gotten a Molly.

  32. Andrea: OMG me too! I use to obsess over the catalog and all the accessories.

    Chelley & Kaye: Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

    Kaitlyn: You had some awesome parents! It's amazing how pricey they are/were.

    Shannon: What a good mom you are! *high five*

    Christina: Oh how cool! I like that plan.

    1. Yay! Thank you for grabbing it!
    2. LOL those were probably way cooler anyway *wink wink*
    3. LOL I knew what you meant. LOL but I love that you blushed.

    Penny: How much of an age difference is there between you and your sister?

    Renee: Hoo-ray for taking life by the horns and buying yourself one! *high five*

    Gina Precious: I reallly liked them. It was such fun to visit different time periods.

    Sarah: OMG Sarah I would have loved that! There is no shame in that game!

    Walltowall: Right on! I will pay her a visit.

    Alexis: LOL I feel ya. I'm sure I would have connected with the Latina too. But she came out after I was a bit older.

    Bere: Oh sweetie thank you!

    Meredith: Have you been? I went several years ago and it is way cool!

    Misha: Where did you live?

    Whitney: Kristen was cool. I loved how she taught me about their Christmas celebration(s).

    Casee Marie: I feel ya gf! I was the same way. And I wore glasses too.

    Cherry: Amen sister! My parents were tough but it paid off and made me good with money.

    Jillian: How cool that your cousin shared!

    GMR: Oh no! The books were SO good. I want to get in a time machine, travel to young you, and hand you the books.

    Cari: How fun!

    Midnight: OMG I want to go there!

    Tipsy: *high five* Kindred spirits!

    Christie: I love all the different ones they have these days. When I was young there was only three. Then slowly the company and books/story lines expanded.

    JessicaBookLover: No prob!

    Jennifer Abundance: I had the books but no dolls too. That Samantha did have great accessories!

  33. i haven't read any. but my daughter has and has a Jess doll who is a part of the American Girl Today collection. love browsing through the AG catalog. the accessories and clothes are so cute!

  34. VV: Oh my yes! Any plans to take her to the big store someday?