16 May 2011

Yackety-yak: I Wish You Were a Novel Miss Mars

Have you ever loved a TV show so much that you wish it was series of books you could read? That is how I've been feeling about Veronica Mars. I finished it several months ago and I still miss it. I wish it was based on books so I could have a Veronica Mars reading summer. It would make EXCELLENT Young-Adult Fiction and then I could stop imagining who Veronica actually chose in the end.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, do tell! Which show?


  1. I don't watch a whole lot of TV, so I've not really had this happen to me yet. Right now the TV show I'm in love with is called "Modern Family". I really can't imagine that being good as a book though. lol

  2. I love Veronica Mars too! Soooo good! I wish Felicity were made into a series; I would definitely read it this summer!

  3. Yeah.. I just watched Buffy and wish it had never ended. But luckily for me, the series is being continued as comic books. I'm glad you like Veronica Mars. I've been on the fence about the show (do I need one more addiction?), so I think I'm going to give in!

  4. Gina Precious: Right on. Family shows are fun. I like The Middle.

    Christina: YES! Felicity would be an awesome book series! *high five*

    Aths: I use to love Buffy. That is lucky. I would LOVE some Veronica comics. OMG you have to try Veronica. It's SO good.

  5. I did love Veronica Mars and miss it still :( I also miss Firefly and Dark Angel

  6. I've never seen Veronica Mars. Hmmm...I think the closest thing to that kind of feeling for me would be Dr. Who! :-)

  7. Blod: Oooo Firefly! That's one I've been meaning to start. It's good?

    Shannon: Another one I need to watch! The older show or newer one? Cause there was 2 right?

  8. I feel that way all the time about Buffy. I really miss it. Yeah sure there are a lot of adapted stories to read and the comics, but it is not the same. :(

    I still can't believe Veronica Mars was canceled. It had a lot of love!

  9. Missie: I feel ya! *high five* And you're right? Veronica was awesome. Boooo!

  10. Hiya
    I'll have to check out old shows of Veronica Mars--never watched it! Hmm, as for a TV show I'd like to see made into a book series... I like the characters in FRINGE, but in a book series I'd like to see them as more character-driven and less formulaic "Solve the plot quest in one hour" kind of deal.

  11. I really don't watch American TV shows since I can't schedule a fixed time for them and I'm afraid to get on Hulu... and become addicted, lol. Cool question though! I'll definitely have to look into these TV shows. :D

  12. Never watched Veronica Mars, but have always wanted to. I'm currently watching the new BSG on Netflix. Best way to watch tv shows.

    Ditto on Buffy....I so miss that show.

    Firefly is freaking awesome Ju-Ju! You must watch that show and cap it with the movie Serenity. You will not be disappointed.

  13. I so wish this was a book series, VM rocked!

  14. Buffy and Firefly and doll house
    Loved BSG but its gone

  15. Love that series! I own the first season and have seen all of it. Not the second season though for some reason.

    Agree with Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse, awesome shows.

  16. What a good question! I'm thinking about some of my rare, less popular 1960s shows that I would love to read in a book. I just have to think a little longer to come up with some really good ones. Stay tuned...

  17. I have never liked a show enough, Now I feel like I am a missing out on something. I never even heard of Veronica Mars.

  18. I bet LOST would have made a great book series.

    I've never watched Veronica Mars. I should look it up on Netflix.

  19. Veronica Mars is awesome, I still hold out hope that one day they'll do a movie

  20. I agree that Buffy, and Angel, would make great book series.
    I also love watching old episodes of Twin Peaks, and while one book was published after the show was cancelled, it didn't cover the entire series.

  21. Now I'm thinking that I have to give Veronica Mars a try. :)

  22. I've never watched that series. I find that I enjoy a series more when I can watch it all at one time. If I watch it on television with commercials or life going on, I tend to get bored. I just finished Ghost Whisperer and surprisingly loved it.

  23. Veronica Mars is awesome! I loved that show. I think for me, I would have loved The OC to be a book. Haha. The OC is incredibly cheesy and corny but oh I loved it when it was showing back when I was still in my early high school days. They actually made a couple of books as stand alones but they're not really "series based on the show" if that makes sense.

  24. Two of my fave series: The Vampire Diaries and Boardwalk Empire are books...though I haven't read the books! lol I wish Mad Men were a book series. I would devour those books like I do the show!

  25. Love Veronica Mars and ws so sad when it was cancelled. Another series I love to watch is The Vampire Diaries but its already a book series.

  26. it would make brilliant fiction!

    hmmm, as for me? i don't really watch much tv... i do love bbc's BEING HUMAN though and would devour it as a book (which is weird as i don't read vampire/paranormal fiction. but the show is just awesome :)

  27. Great topic! Hmm...a show that I wish were a series...that's a hard one! There are several from the old WB days that would be fab most have been mentioned already. Sometimes though, we get an idea of what it would be like in writing and the reality doesn't life up one way or the other. That would be the only reason I would be hesitant on some.

  28. YES!! I am always telling my daughter "That would have made a great book!"

    There was this lifetime movie "Waitress" loved it!!!! It would have been such a great book! Kinda Alice Hoffman-ish.
    "The Good Wife" would make a great book series!
    And another lifetime movie I loved was "Elvis and Anabelle" that would also make a great book!
    Wow! I could probably think of a lot more, great question!

  29. LOL- Ive never watched V. Mars, I think I can check it out for free on Netflix..:) I just finished LOST a few nights ago and I LOVED it!! I wish there were Lost books and Matthew Fox invisible posters I could hang in my bedroom.

  30. I haven't watched V Mars, but then I haven't watched much tv for awhile. I have Netflixed the first two CD's of the show Drop Dead Diva which I have found very enjoyable.

  31. I don't know--but maybe I'd like to read the books that Castle writes.

  32. Dude, I was just thinking about this yesterday! And now I've completely forgotten it!

    And you're right, VM WOULD make an awesome YA series!

  33. Hmm, that's an interesting question. I think it would be interesting to read a book series after the TV show LOST but it may be more confusing than the show! lol!

  34. I really enjoyed Veronica Mars. And Pushing Daisies! I tried Firefly once, but my husband copped out. I think I need to try again. Twin Peaks too...never seen it!

  35. I've been happily addicted to Felicity, The Gilmore Girls, and LOST over the years. (All gone by the wayside now.) I loved the dialogue in these shows and felt any of them would have been a stellar novel series! I'll have to check out Veronica Mars this summer . . .

  36. I love Veronica Mars too! Actually, it was supposed to be a book with a young guy as a protagonist instead of a female. But I'm glad it turned into a TV show.

    However, now that there will be no more episodes of Veronica Mars and looks like a movie is still unlikely to happen, I do wish that Rob Thomas will just continue Veronica Mars as a book series. I need closure for this series soooo badly.

  37. What a great question! I just finished watching all four seasons of The Tudors on dvd. At first I didn't think I would like it, but then I became addicted haha :). I'll have to check out Veronica Mars. Thanks for sharing your question :). Look forward to connecting and keeping up with your blog!



  38. A decade ago, I used to be a Star Trek TNG addict. So much so that I bought DVD box sets of it... good for me, some of the stories are also in book forms. Also got those :)

  39. Catherine: O The Fringe would be good. It's generally too dark for me but I bet a book would rock.

    Jenn: Oooo Hulu is addictive.

    Jenny Girl:
    1. Agreed! LOVE my Netflix.
    2. I need to retry BSG soon.
    3. Will do!

    YA Book Queen: *high five*

    5 Monkeys: Doll house? I've been meaning to watch that one.

    Andrea: What really? You must! *wink wink*

    BookBelle: Cool! I can't wait for your answer.

    Liz: OMG if you ever get a chance, try it. I think you'd really dig it.

    Joy: Amen to that. Then maybe I could have had a deeper finale.

    Reb: Darling! You're out there? I thought you were gone. Hello hello! *hugs* I would LOVE if they did a movie. *le sigh*

    Yvoone: Twin Peaks. I never did try that one.

    JessicaBookLover: Please please do!

    Alexis: I did like GW. Veronica Mars is all done (sadly) so it's definitely one you should try and watch as a whole. It's great and super addictive.

    Jillian: Agreed! That totally makes sense and is a major bummer. You would think they would connect it more.

    Julie: Boardwalk Empire? I've never heard of it. Is it good? I seriously need to try Mad Men. I wish Netflix had it on instant.

    Jenny N: Amen sister! I tried Vampire Diaries and didn't love it. I wonder how I would feel about the books.

    Nomes: I have so been wanting to try Being Human. That's another one I would love to see available on Netflix Instant.

    GMR: Very true!

    Walltowall: Waitress is so good! I really liked that movie too. For some reason, I had no idea it was Lifetime that produced it. I must check out Elvis and Anabelle.

    Tina: It is on Netflix so definitely do. OMG I loved LOST until the end and totally agree about Matthew Fox. He is so swoony.

    Georgia Girls: I LOVE Drop Dead Diva. It's such fun! Enjoy!

    Kaye: I read the first Castle book (and own but haven't read the second yet), it's a treat for fans but not the same as the series. It's more of what Castle would like his relationship with Beckett to be. Side note: Did you see the finale?

    Tipsy: Please come back when you remember and let me know *wink wink*

    Jenmarie: If there was LOST books, would it not be cool if there was alternate endings?

    Alyssa: OMG LOVED Pushing Daisies! *high five* I need to try Twin Peaks too.

    Renee Ann: I loved Felicity and need to try Gilmore Girls. LOST rocked.

    Charmedlass: Really? I did not know that. So the books were never written? I need that closure too! *high five*

    Rebecca: I need to try the Tudors.

    Cherry: I've never been a trekky but I totally understand the love. *smile*

  40. I do this with movies more than shows, but I found myself missing Charmed and Gilmore Girls in a bad way recently. If they were based on books I’d be reading them :) Grey’s Anatomy would be fun to read as well.

    I’ve never watched Veronica Mars. I might need to see if I can get it from Netflix since you aren’t the first who has raved about it :)

    P.S Awesome post topic :)

  41. Can you believe I haven't watched Veronica Mars?!
    I feel the same way about my favorite shows - Downton Abbey and The Borgias.

  42. Christie: Oooooo I miss Charmed! Good choice. And you must try VM. It is on Netflix.

    Misha: OMG You must remedy that *wink wink* I've never heard of The Borgias.

  43. I feel that way about a TON of shows. Buffy, Angel, Alias, Sex and the City, Freaks and Geeks. Ahhh, I do enjoy tv every now and then.

  44. Michelle: Have you tried the Sex and the Cityish books?

  45. been meaning to try mars. you're reminding me ;-D

    you know i can't think of any shows to share. it's always the other way around. i would love books turned into shows.

  46. VV: I feel ya! And I really hope you decide to try it.

  47. Good post... sometimes I wish the Gilmore Girls was a book. I watched the series after it aired on TV and was in LOVE!


    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life

  48. I don't think this has ever happened to me. I usually like shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order. Not sure how these would work out in a series hehe. I've never heard of Veronica Mars. Crazy? Okay, you've completely peaked my interest. I'm off to do some research! Thanks, Juju =).

  49. My anxious life: I've been SO wanting to try Gilmore.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Bere: OMG I hope you check it out. I think you would get totally sucked in. It has what you dig (mystery) and a super cool teen sleuth.