06 June 2011

Ruby Red News & A Question for You

Have you heard? The Ruby Red trailer is out and contests are popping up all over Blogland thanks to Macmillan and Zeitghost Media! I suggest you watch the trailer immediately (it is quite cute) and visit these blogs to enter:

But don't delay. Each contest draws to a close 06.12.11. Good luck gals!

The trailer got me thinking, if you time traveled back in time what bit of
modern convenience w
ould you miss the most?
Click here to hear an audio sample of Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
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  1. Good question. It depends, of course, on how far I went back, but some modern conveniences that come to mind: indoor plumbing, washing machines, internet; oh, and the convenience of being able to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops - to name a few.

  2. Oh, I'm SO excited for this book! And that trailer is definitely one of the better ones. It is so well done!

    If I traveled back in time, I'm thinking I would miss toilet paper, mascara, and the availability of books; not necessarily in that order.

    TP is like THE basic necessity of life, and I can't imagine using anything else.
    Mascara is like my sidekick; even on days that I don't wear makeup, I cannot be caught dead without mascara on.
    And books...well, they're everywhere, and they don't cost a fortune (comparatively), and I can't imagine not being able to read Gone With The Wind, or The Hunger Games whenever I want to.


  3. Oh my gosh, BookLover brought up a good one: Slippers! ...or, um, flip-flops as she called them. I can't imagine having to stuff my huge feet into old-fashioned boots all the time. My feet like to live free. Lol.

  4. That is quite cute! The voice sounds like the voice from the video game Alice (quite old, I played it years ago on my PC). Anyway...I would miss my laptop with internet access the most. But thank goodness for pen and paper! I could write my stories that way :) Still do in fact!

  5. SO MANY! I'd probably just pick electricity. Because without that, we'd really have very little of the conveniences that we'd have today.

  6. Very cute video! If I had to pick just one, I'd go with my MacBook Pro. I don't know how I would live without it. Dramatic much? Why, yes.

  7. Aw, it looks so cute! I would miss my cell phone the most, I think. Just because it's so much easier to keep in touch with people and make plans--the slowness of having to communicate by mail or in person would drive me crazy.

  8. Depending on how far back I traveled, my laptop and the internet, or if I went too far back, toilet paper.

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  9. Well I was going to say toilet paper but that's already been said so I'll go with feminine products and Midol LOL!

  10. MY LAPTOP and an iPhone. Also feminine pads.

  11. I would miss my laptop/internet. How would I make book friends?

  12. Sounds like a great read and I love the narrator's accent! Assuming when I travel back in time that I am wealthy and not a scullery maid, I would miss my music. I love music, although I like music through the ages as well, so maybe I wouldn't miss it too much.

    Now if I went back as a scullery maid, well that would suck! Thanks for the heads up Ju-Ju :)

  13. Thanks for the link Juju...:)

    I think I would miss my washer and dryer. Oh and my dishwasher...not to mention my flat iron, makeup and cell phone....

    I once thought it would be so interesting to be amish, yeah Id last about 20 min.

  14. I'd miss so much. Like toilets, running water and the internet. Thanks Juju for helping promote the contests too :)

  15. Sounds good -- the cover hooked me :)

    So many things I would miss like all of the above answers, but definitely anything that helps us be clean. I've always commented when watching western movies how I would hate to have lived back then with those dusty, dirty men and all those long dresses to wash.

  16. The INTERNET! Yikes! I'll never go back in time!

  17. I so want this book...
    If it interests you - check out Cascade & Waterfall. They're along the same lines. AWESOME books!

  18. Thank you for the links! I really want to read this book, it's been on my to read list for a long time!

  19. Cute trailer! I would miss running water and the internet... and temperature controlled housing.

  20. Well, there's the internet, obviously. But I think I'd miss modern medicine the very very most. Leeches? Ugh!

  21. The cover on this one is what gets me the most. Very eye-catching....thanks for the links!

  22. Thanks for turning me on to the new trailer. I don't usually enjoy them, but this one was different. It made me want to read the book more than the written summary did.

    As for what modern convenience would I miss most - I'd have to say the internet! (via my computer, iPhone & iPad). Then next in line would be my beloved Kindle.

  23. I really liked this book! And that trailer is just too cute, it makes me want to read it all over again:)

  24. Thanks for linking to the giveaway, Juju.

    It is hard for me to choose one thing I’d miss. Indoor plumbing, my iPhone, my Mac, or maybe my super comfy mattress :)

  25. Whoa, that's a lot of contests! Thanks for linking :)

  26. I love all the conveniences..., therefore would only want to travel back max 10 years..., or when did blogger start??

  27. Maya: Love it! Good answer.

    YA Book Queen: No prob. My pleasure.

    Christie: O goodness yes! How ever did they sleep on those flimsy things. And before that. Yikes!

    Jenny: :)

    Gina Precious & Aths: Oh yes! Remember back when it was so hard to look things up and find answers?

    GMR: Me too. It's so beautiful and old world.

    NotNessie: *shudder* YES! Every time I'm in a museum and I see old medical tools my stomach flips.

    Midnight Cowgirl: Running water! Once I spent three weeks in a rustic home in the jungle of the Yucatan. Needless to say, it was running warm water that I missed the most.

    Carrie: :)

    Georgia Girls: O true true! I can't believe all the hardwork that use to go into cleaning.

    Jenny N: No prob! Ahhh toilets. How I love toilets.

    Tina: No prob doll! I'm with you girl! I hate doing dishes. I want to go to Amish camp and do it for one summer. But definitely not longer than that.

    Jenny Girl: Excellkent point! Great answer. I wouldn't have thought of that.

    Alexis: *high five* Amen!

    Cherry: Ooooo there's definitely no frou frou drinks in history ;)

    Jillian: YES! Life before pads must have been awful.

    Meredith: Excellent point!

    Meredith: Really? Your cell. I guess 'cause I grew up without them - they wouldn't make it to the top of my list. Prephones definitely made it hard to be away from family and friends.

    Ayless: *giggle* I like dramatic.

    Cialina: FANTASTIC answer and so very very true.

    Julie: Do you write in pen? Nice. I find that if I really want to remember something I have to write it out. Typing doesn't work the same.

    Penelope: Yes! Those shoes were sooooo awful. And I'm so with you on makeup. Your mascara is my lipstick.

    JessicaBookLover: Yes yes yes it's amazing how much clothing people use to have to wear. How ever did they survive the summers?

  28. Too late to enter, but so cool! And I have been seeing this EVERYWHERE lately, it seems!

  29. Heather: Agreed :) And thank you darling for stopping by!