13 August 2011

Yackety-yak: Let's Talk Trilogies

I have a confession. Trilogies are starting to bug me. The problem is by the time the next book comes out, I feel as though the details of the previous book have gotten fuzzy. Especially with those that pick up exactly where the previous one left off. My reviews don't help because I aim to keep them spoiler free with minimal plot reveals. It makes me wish books came with a "Previously..." recap similar to what the TV networks do at the beginning of new TV seasons. So you know what I'm thinking? I am seriously considering trying to avoid trilogies until all 3 books are out and I know I can jump to the next book. Huge huh?
Has this ever happened to you? What do you think of trilogies?


  1. I've actually started doing that. (waiting for all the books to come out before reading the trilogy) More often than not I find I loved the first book, adored the second, and then the third just went way off the deep end. It got so annoying that I just stopped buying books until they were complete.

    Great discussion question! :)

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  2. I've been doing that - avoiding them until they're all out. Except the ones that aren't plot dependent, just location dependent.

  3. Same here, especially if it takes a really long time for certain books to come out. By then I do not even remember that I loved book 2 and want 3

  4. I must admit that I like trilogies best when I can read all three at once. Especially if the first book mainly sets things up, and all the good stuff actually happens in the next two installments.

    I do like a series, like the kind many romance authors do, where they write about each member of a family. But those usually stand alone. They just allow me extra glimpses of some of my favorite characters.

  5. I love trilogies, I honestly do! But I do sometimes have the same problem of not remembering what happened, especially when the author takes forever between books!
    Sometimes I wait till all 3 books are out so I can read them all back to back.

  6. That's a good idea with the "previously" section. Comic books do that (my hubby reads them). It would also help for those who want to pick up a series in the middle.

  7. I actually do like trilogies, but I usually don't pick them up until at least the first two are out. I used to have time to go back and read the previous book right before the new one came out, but...not so much anymore.

  8. Rachel Caine does a small pre-cap with her Morganville series. I agree, it would be great if they all did this.

    I actually start to lose interest in trilogies/series because the next one takes so long to come out. Not only do I forget what happened but I forget why I liked the book(s) in the first place and end up not continuing.

    My favorite trilogies/series were ones that had a few books out already and I was able to read them in a row. Not a coincidence.

  9. Sounds like a great idea. I might try that as well. I haven't picked up book 4 of the Blue Bloods series, but I forgot what was going on. I am not a rereader so that is not an option.

  10. That's what I usually do, wait until the last book comes out before starting to read that series, I do not have patience :)

  11. I am the same way!!

    I was happy I hadn't heard of the Hunger Games until shortly before Mockingjay was released. So I was able to read all of them at once.

    I read Shiver but waited to read Linger until after Forever had been released so I could get them all done at once.

    Seems like Book 1's in a triology frequently don't end in cliff hanger...like the publisher waited to see if it sold before ordering the rest of the series.

    But book 2s are always cliff hangers!

    I have Divergent, but I've heard that's going to be a series, and it has a cliff hanger so maybe I shouldn't read it yet.

    I was pleased with the Waterfall series this summer, they were all cliffhangers, but they were released so close together. None of this waiting a year between books business.

  12. There are some trilogies that feel like they could have been written as one book and I find those very annoying.

  13. Trilogies are a bit of a crap shoot, that's for sure, but usually worth playing.

  14. YES! I feel the same. I'm tired of cliffhangers and I've also taking the stance that I'd rather wait until the series is complete, mostly because the details do get a bit fuzzy.

  15. I'm right there with you. ALL series are starting to kill me. It's wearying to try to keep all the details straight, especially when you are waiting years between books. I think your plan is a good one - and I might adopt it myself!

  16. I don't have this problem myself, thankfully, because I have a pretty good memory that rarely lets me down. That said, what bothers me more is the prevalence of cliffhangers in trilogies and the horrible, torturous wait between each book. In that sense, I too would rather read books in trilogies back to back as well.

  17. Agreed. When books in a series come out at least a year apart, it makes it too easy to lose interest. Plus, with all the books I read in between, it makes it a little more difficult to remember all of the details. I might try to wait for some of these series to be released in full, too.

  18. I normally re read the previous book a few weeks before tge next one comes out, but now i take notes while i read for my reviews. So i guess i like trilogies :)

  19. I'd felt like that for a while... it ended up I'd read the first one, and just google the rest to find out what happens later lol

  20. I'm right there with you! To be honest, I've gotten a few advanced copies that are now the second in the series and I'm holding both until the last one. It has everything to do with that "fuzzy feeling" you mentioned, because I almost always feel like I need to reread the previous book and that my review feels muddled by the lack of connection between books. Sometimes. Granted there are a few series, including the Charlaine Harris books, that I can pick up where ever without that problem at all, but that's a rarity.

    Excellent point! I've definitely been increasing my "stand-alone" reading pile. So nice to feel complete at the end of a book. :o)

  21. Yes! Trilogies are starting to bug me too, but for a different reason. I feel like there are very few trilogies any more that should actually be trilogies. Most of what I've read lately seems to be one long story that is just stretched until it will fit into three (or more) books. I'm starting to look for standalone novels, which have proved to be fantastic in their delivery and in leaving me satisfied.

    I totally get what you mean about forgetting the details, though. I find myself picking up the next book in a series and being utterly confused with who the characters are. I may have to adopt the same strategy as you. Let me know how it works out! :)

  22. I've been having that problem since even before I was a blogger, lol. Although it's gotten a bit worse now that I AM one. But I think that now I appreciate stand-alones even more :)

  23. I do that. I wait till they are all out or wait to start the series when the third is due out soon. If there is a huge cliffhanger and the next book isn't available, it will ruin the book for me. I hate cliffhangers.

  24. I think I could be right there with you chickie.

  25. I like trilogies, but agree it's so hard to remember the previous book! But on the other hand, I don't like reading books in a trilogy all at once. What a conundrum! I prefer to read series books. However, teen fic tends to be trilogies. I'd also prefer to have some answers to what's happening in the story in the first book...then wait a year from now for the answers. TV shows are starting to do that! They keep spiting them over multiple seasons.

  26. I combat with this all the time! :) Sometimes I get a little put-out when I discover a debut as part of a series, and other times I can come to terms with it. Sometimes I can wait for at least Book 2 to be out, and other times I decide that reading Book 1 ASAP is absolutely necessary for life to continue. Sometimes I get lucky and stumble across a series when Book 2 is out or close to being released. Sometimes I forget about the series until much, much later when more of its books are out.

    I'm sure you're like me and don't have enough energy to keep track of all these series we have to read! Which is sometimes the downfall of waiting, whether for the whole series or simply the next-in-line.

    There are days when I miss the standalone books :)

  27. When it ends with a cliff hanger, ahhh...that's the worse!

    Or if all of the books are out and I try to read them all back-to-back my brain starts freaking out. That's what happen to me on the Twilight series...I read them so fast by the end I was almost sick of them. Which probably wouldn't have happen if I would've had to wait...idk, if that even makes sense.

  28. I feel that way too but what happens is everyone has read the book and is raving about it and I basically have no clue what they are talking about since I'm not up to date with the series.

  29. Since I used to read a lot of big sci-fi and fantasy series that sometimes stretched to 7 or more books, I always try and wait until a series is completely out to start reading it. I find it much easier on my memory to just read them straight through!

    I also think publishers are encouraging writers to create longer storylines that have to be broken up into more books. Makes me sad because I really love stand alone novels!

  30. Series, trilogies eh they all are wearing my patience thin. For example, Unearthly was a great story, but it's going to be over a year when I get to read Hallowed. I've forgotten so much of the intricate details. Grrrr!

    I like your thinking, wait until entire series is out before starting. The only problem is Netgalley is such a lure for me!!!

  31. i totally understand what you mean, Juju. Sometimes it's very frustrating to be be left with a cliffhanger, no matter how good the story is! Maybe that's part of the excitement, but I always wish I could just read and complete everything already.

  32. I agree with what bermudaonion said--some of the series should never have been split up into separate books! The first book feels like a long introduction, and most of the time I'm not even sure whether I want to continue with the series.
    And I totally like the idea of "Previously..." :)

  33. I am SO OVER trilogies. I just finished Becoming Marie Antoinette and I enjoyed it, but I was disheartened to learn that book 2 would be coming out in a year. Sometimes I don't want to commit to a series, I just want the story in one and now that everything seems to be a series or a trilogy, it just gets under my skin. I realize it's all a marketing ploy and a way to get more money from readers, so it just bugs me even more...

  34. i don't mind trilogies too much. mostly because sometimes it does take that many pages to complete a story. however, i do like the individual books more if they can stand alone as well.

  35. I know what you mean! I don't read most of the trilogies unless I have them all now, and most do have some tidbit recaps within the chapters, but most of the time..I have to depend on my faulty memory. >_<

  36. I totally get what you mean. I don't read too many series, but I had that issue with the Hunger Games series. I forgot a lot of stuff by the time the 3rd book came out.

  37. I feel exactly the same way! Sometimes I have to review the book or read the plot summary on Wikipedia. It's frustrating. I like series that have a little summary at the beginning.

  38. I know what you mean....the series are starting to burn me out because there are so many I still have to read...or I read one and then by the time the next one comes out I forgot what the first book had in it....grrrrr....

    I would suggest trying series that are over, then you can read them as one big story...;)

  39. My sister and I were actually just talking about how we can't remember what's happened in previous books in series or trilogies. I've recently finished City of Fallen Angels, the fourth in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. My sister is reading it now herself. And she said to me how she can't remember much of anything from the first 3 books. I really wish authors would bring you up to speed with a little recap like you said.

  40. I do exactly that. I forget more than I remember. So what if I wait and read the Hunger games trilogy long after everybody else.
    I love your idea of a brief recap. That would be so awesome.

  41. I definitely feel the same way. It's always frustrating to start the first novel of a trilogy, and then have to wait a year for book two (and forget nearly everything that happened previously). It's almost more worth it to just wait until all the books are out,

  42. I have mixed feelings on trilogies...On one hand it's a nice way to shorten a series, but flesh out the story. Sometimes, I wish the series was longer than 3 books. Other times, I feel the 2nd book gets the "second book syndrome" and eats a third of the story. Clear as mud, right?!

  43. I totally see your point, although I have read some series back-to-back-to-back, and have gotten bored. That's probably due to the story though.

    Anyways, I'm reading a book right now that is book 2 and immediately picks up after book 1 which I read last year, so it was a bit tough going. I think it depends on the series.
    This is good idea for next year: finish the series!

  44. i'm kind of the opposite. i can't read a trilogy all in a row. It becomes all one long book for me and I start to get bored. True, I'm fuzzy on the details sometimes, but I just go with it :))

  45. Trish, Gina Hott, Alexis, & Cherry: Really? Right on! I thought I was alone. I'm so glad to hear that.

    Blod: Yes! OMG so frustrating.

    Renee Ann: Yes I prefer those too! Those are quite nice.

    Walltowall: Exactly. And I know they can't help it but it's tough. Those huge gaps are hard to fill.

    Jenny: Thanks :) I would ADORE that.

    BookJunkie: I'm so bad about rereading. I know I should but I just don't have the self discipline for it.

    Tina Carmen: 1. Oh cool. I did not know that. 2. And yes agreed. The longer they are spaced out the more I lose interest too. 3. Amen sister. I read Twilight and Uglies like that. One after another.

    Melissa Coffeebooklaundry: I was just saying how bad I am at rereading. I lack the discipline.

    Joy: Ooooo good point! You're right. Book 1 usually isn't a cliffhanger but leaves things unresolved. Book 2 are more likely to be cliffhangers. Thanks for the warning on Divergent! And yes that is a definite plus on the Waterfall series!

    BermudaOnion: Yes that too!

    Elle Strauss: Worth playing? Yes. Worth waiting is the part I'm debating ;)

    Missie: Exactly!

    Cecelia: Yes. And you're right, the huge trend makes it even harder to keep up with it all.

    Aylee: You go girl! I wish my memory was that good.

    JessicaBookLover & Mel: *high five*

    LauraK: You go girl. I'm so bad at that.

    Christa: LOL that's a solution! :) Then if the Google search sounds good, continue reading.

    Danielle Angel: Yup. That just happened to me. I think I'm going to sit on one until the 3rd comes out. I find I just can't do it anymore. :) All hail the stand alones.

    Penelope: Yes ma'am. Amen! That is definitely true. I too am starting to look for stand alones. I'll keep you posted.

    Sandy: Right? Good point. It's worse now though, I think because I read more.

    BookBelle: LOL join the club

    EpicRat: Yes! I am so over it. I can't keep track with all these triologies.

    Jenny N: Oh yeah. That is annoying. :)

    Allie: Yes. I totally think it's a trend that is here to stay for now. Sadly.

    Gina Precious: Amen! I completely agree. It's grrrr making.

    Jillian: I love the excitement part. But my memory keeps failing me. LOL

    Ivana & Kelli & Gabrielle & Lisa: Thanks :) I wish more in the industry would pick up that idea.

    Natalie: Yes! The commitment is too much to ask. I want to read, relish, and move on. Stupid marketers. It's like they've gotten lazy and are riding the triology train for all it's worth.

    VV: :)

    Dazzling Mage: *high five* I feel ya on that faulty memory.

    Aths: I'm having that issue too. Before I read Mockingjay I need to start over. I hate starting over. ;)

    Tina: Exactly what I'm thinking. Wait till it's over.

    YA Book Queen: Right? :)

    Lily Child: *giggle* both great points ;)

    Jenny Girl: Good point. It does depend.

    Julie Swell, Jenna, & Carrie Hammock: True true. I feel ya gals. I think optimally if I love them I can read them back to back. If I need a break, I can wait several weeks or a couple months in between so that it's still fresh but not so far apart that I've forgotten. But basically I need them closer than a year apart.

    Thanks gals for sharing your thoughts.

  46. I totally agree with you, but I even have a hard time committing to a series because there are so many other choices as well. After watching the movie The Help, I now know I'm okay with watching a book-to-movie if it has been at least 6 months since I read the book -- a year's even better, since I forget this and that ;)

  47. GG: Ooo good point. Book-to-movies are a great example of combos that require spacing :)