14 November 2011

Christmas Book Review: Sweet Magik

2¢ Worth: While I love Christmas stories, it is a truth universally acknowledged that Christmas stories are usually sweet and sappy. Something that doesn't always appeal to every reader. Well perk up my darlings cause Sweet Magik is all about adding spice to that sugar. Sweet Magik is book two in a series by Penny Watson about the oh-so-hunky beefcake sons of Santa. Each story features one son and his journey for love. What makes the stories unique is that each of the Klaus boys are very different and therefore each encounters and deals with their very own distinct dilemmas. Sweet Magik is about the youngest of the bros, Oskar. Oskar is a punk daredevil who meets his match in a reserved bookworm with a sad past. Together they tackle some hot attraction and some dark elfin magic. The result is a magical journey full of sexy moments and tests of love.

Whimsical: Two words for you = Santa's Castle

Wrapping: I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of the cover. I prefer the cutey animated cover of Sweet Inspiration. Plus, Oskar has way more tats then they featured on this cover. But don't let that stop you!

Whisper: The story definitely reminds the reader not to be so quick to judge.

Whippersnappers: This one is descriptive, juicy, and peppered with the occasional playful curse word.

Warm holiday fuzzies meter: Low Medium High

Word to the wise: You do not have to read Sweet Inspiration to enjoy Sweet Magik. They are both independent romances.

Wishing: Oskar is a mega cutie but I can not wait for Sven's story, Sweet Adventure (due out in 2012). Apparently Sven and Gregor meet some sisters that turn everything upside down. According to Penny's site she promises Sweet Adventure will have, "mayhem, espionage, and lusty interludes". Whoot! I can not wait.

What's what: Need some history on the guys?

Nicholas Klaus, Jr. = the master chef = desserts and goodies (Sweet Inspiration)
Oskar Klaus = the punk brother = employee (i.e. elfin) relations (Sweet Magik)
Sven Klaus = the hippie brother = toy production
Gregor Klaus = the expensive suits brother = financial relations
Wolfgang (Wolfie) Klaus = the humanitarian brother = charitable gifts

Wholly: Sweet Magik by Penny Watson is a 3-star perfect read for gals who want to celebrate Christmas with whimsy.

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  1. Hey looks like I got me a christmas read line up already! :)

  2. You said it right! I find it hard to read Christmas stories because they are usually too sappy, so I'm glad that this wasn't.

  3. Hi Juju! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing my book. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!


  4. You did an amazing job with this Juju. Totally blows mine out of the water. ;-)

  5. I love the premise! Santa has kids! And although I don't mind sappy...a little spice is good sometimes too!!! <3

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  6. O-O "Beefcake sons of Santa..." ...hmm, I'm having trouble making this work in my mind. Oh well...glad you enjoyed the story just the same!

  7. I would not have looked twice at this book, but you have me wanting to read it. :)

  8. Shannon: Brilliant! That's what I like to hear :)

    GMR: *giggle* Yup!

    Cindy: Thanks :)

    Melissa: I love sappy too :)

    Jen D: Ahhh thanks! I was just thinking that about yours.

    Penelope: Thank you and thank you for stopping by :)

    Aths: :)

    Cherry: Yes! :)

  9. Santa has beefcake sons? Complete Win! I have to say I'm kind of a fan of the cover because that gentleman is pretty to look at, but it is frustrating when the person on the cover doesn't really represent the character at all. It wouldn't be that hard to photoshop on some tattoos!

  10. What a unique concept...Sons of Santa. I've actually kind of really been wanting to read a Chritmas story. For some reason I'm really in the Christmas spirit this year. Love your review of this book. I'll have to check this series out.

  11. Jenny: Yes! Total win. And thank you. I'm big about the character and the cover matching :)

    Jade: Good! Me too! :) Bring it on!

  12. Is this how the Black Dagger Brotherhood spends their winter vacation?


    Sorry for the lame joke, but wow, sons of Santa! Hohoho! I like the idea...and the cookies.

  13. Never heard of the series but what a fantastic concept! It's a shame the cover doesn't relate with the character as well but your review has me wanting to look into the series

  14. Thank you so much for linking my review! I loved your review, it was so much fun to read it :P

  15. Oh my goodness, beefcakes sons of Santa? I'm still laughing. I need these books in my life!

  16. Oh, My, Heck! Where did this great idea come from? Sounds like a lovely treat for a sweet tooth. ;)

  17. Missie: LOL :) Not a lame joke. You always make me smile.

    Gaby: No prob ;) Thanks for stopping by too!

    Meredith: You do! :)

    GG: Yes! Well said!

  18. I haven't heard of these books before, but I like the idea of reading about Santa's sons. It sounds like a fun series for the holidays. Great review, Juju and thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to try to get my hands on these.

  19. Well the cover is SUPER hot and yummy!!! Totally looks like it'd warm me up on a winter's night! Lol

  20. Awww! I like the last cover better too. I would NEVER have thought this was a Christmas book. Plus the older book looks like a romance and this one looks like erotica so I would probably steer clear. Thanks for the review, now I know this one is cute.

  21. JessicaBookLover: So fun :) I do hope you decide to check them out.

    BB: That it is :)

    Carrie: Right? Good point! :)

  22. Oh wow that cover is giving me some hope that a very hot man with a nice chest is featured in it...LOL....

  23. LOL Santa has kids? I've never thought that Santa had any kids and I certainly wouldn't have pictured one of them looking like the guy featured on the cover of Sweet Magik.

  24. A series about Santa's sons? And set in Santa's Castle? Fun!

  25. Tina: Definitely :)

    Jenny N: LOL I feel ya but Penny does a great job of modernizing Santa :)

    Aylee: Totally :)

  26. Wow, sounds fun! I love Christmas books, but usually the sappy ones. I just may have to check this series out though!

  27. Steph: Hey you! Look how cute your photo is! :) I'm a huge sappy gal myself ;) But I think you will enjoy this one too :)

  28. Well Santa I would really love to meet your sons!!! Hubba Hubba. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your reviews are always so fun and creative Juju!

    XOXO~ Renee

  29. Lusty interludes?


    I think I am sweating!!!

  30. Renee: LOL :) Thank you!

    Patty: Mission accomplished ;)

  31. Oh my Juju! I must read this book! Sexy santa sons? Sounds like a perfect Christmas book to me!


  32. DT: Yup :) perfect for your non traditional Chrismtas reads list.

  33. Ha Ha That is really a different spin. But of course the Klaus's had handsome sons! Duh! :)


    P.S. thanks for the sweet comment on my new banner. :)

  34. Liz: Of course ;) And no prob! I meant it. Your site is always so lovely.

  35. I'm such a sucker for cutesy books during the cold season. Thanks for stopping by! Following.

    A Written Rhapsody

  36. Santa's hunky sons? This sounds like so much fun & perfect for this time of year!

  37. Preet: Me too ;) No prob!

    Christie: Exactly :)

  38. I like the Sweet Inspiration cover much better, too. This one kind of makes the novel look like it's an erotica or something. Sounds fun though!

  39. Not a big romance fan, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Gotta love any book centered around Christmas, IMO!

    Wanted to welcome you to the Christmas reading challenge. I hope you enjoy yourself this year. =O)

  40. Sounds like a fun book! I'll have to add it to my TBR list, especially for the holidays :)

  41. Well thank goodness the sons are not chunky monkeys like their Dad. Sounds like a good read because I don't like the sappy stuff.

  42. Julie: :) Yes! So true!

    Michelle: Thanks :) I'm sure I will.

    YA: Yah!

    Jenny Girl: LOL LOL :D Too funny and true. In this story Santa is actually fit too. The chunk is a myth. And don't worry minimal-to-no sapp in this one.

  43. Whoa, Santa's five strapping sons looking for romance? I need to read this series, STAT! Thanks for the review. I'm adding the first one to my list to read this year. :)