30 April 2011

Review: The Violets of March

Wisdom: "And besides, fate has a way of bringing you back when it's time to come back."

2¢ Worth: Slightly broken and ready-for-repair Emily finds a diary (from 1943) on the second day of her visit to her great-aunt's beach house in Washington. While the story is definitely laced with romance, it was the mystery of it all that really sucked me in. Trying to figure out who was lying and why, propelled me to finish this book in one sitting. Lets just say Emily unearths a great twisted family history full of lies, lost love, unspoken truths, and unrequited love. Told in first person, with Emily periodically reading the diary entries, The Violets of March is a 4-star story best suited for those that appreciate dramatic love with their mysteries.

Whippersnappers: Infidelity, child abandonment, promiscuity, and death.

Whine: One hotheaded character made me wish I could reach into the book and slap her. But don't let that hold you back. This read is worth it.

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27 April 2011

News Flash: It's Almost Derby Time

Just in time for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, the sweet and saucy Miss Tipsy featured yours truly and a delicious Bourbon Slush recipe I inherited from my late grandmother-in-law. Check it out at the Tipsy Reader.com and maybe you can whip up a batch to watch the race with.

Credit: This image belongs to the Women & Whiskies of SkyySpirits.

26 April 2011

Well Said: Amish Wisdom

"A little spice mixed with the taste of love could make for a scrumptious life." - A Marriage of the Heart by Kelly Long
"Forgiveness leads to peace in our hearts. But peace and strife can't live together. That's the battle your waging, and it's one you can't win, not unless you let your bitterness geh (go)." - What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller
An Amish Love is an anthology made up of 3 individual novellas.

25 April 2011

Spring Cleaning: Hardcover Trade

About a month from now, Mr. Whimsy and I will be heading out to our soon-to-be new state to start rental property shopping. The upcoming move has me spring cleaning and checking my bookshelves to see if there is any I can swap or trade. So I thought why don't I tell you gals what hardcovers I have available for trade and what hardcovers I am looking for. If you're interested, email me and we shall swap. Note: I am looking for permanent trades.

UPDATE: As of 5.16.11 the remaining books have been donated to the library. Thank you for stopping by.

24 April 2011

Wee-view: Already Home

2¢ Worth: You know how life is a beautiful mess? How sometimes when it rains it pours? Then after that horrible rain you didn't think you would ever see the end of something profound happens? Well that is the best way I can describe Already Home. The characters deal or reflect back to serious issues like infertility, teen pregnancy, adoption, physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, prostitution, divorce, illness, and death. But through life happening and people colliding the reader is given a glorious set of characters who seem to say, "Keep moving forward, believe in yourself, love one another, and cherish your family." I know some find Susan's dialogue sappy but I say you need a little sugary goodness to balance the tart of life. Already Home is a surprisingly sweet and reflective (4 star) story about going home, starting over, family dynamics, and finding a balance.

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23 April 2011

Wee-view: Can You Keep a Secret?

1st Words: "Of course I have secrets. Of course I do.
Everyone has a few secrets."
2¢ Worth: Sophie Kinsella strikes again with a wickedly funny chatterbox who spills her guts (after too many vodkas) to a handsome stranger on a plane. Only to find out later the handsome stranger owns the marketing firm she works for. While the story isn't new per se (it's a classic girl meets prince tale), Sophia brings it hilarity, levity, and her gift of funny oh-so-true inner dialogue. Sophie's books are like book candy. You can expect them to be sweet, sassy, and light. So the next time you need a quick retreat pick up Can You Keep a Secret? for a fun sugar rush. 4 stars

Whippersnappers: Sex, sexuality, and profanity.

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22 April 2011

First Words: Hometown

"What would you do if the people you loved, the places you knew, disappeared without warning?
..."People disappear. Cats and dogs go missing. Car keys, stitch markers, your favorite sunglasses. But not your hometown. Hometowns aren't portable. You can't load them onto the back of a flatbed truck and roll them to a new location. Every now and then Mother Nature reaches into her bag of tricks and tests the mettle of a small town. She flings tornadoes and blizzards, fire and floods at them then watches in admiration as they bend, but never break. And they definitely never disappear without a trace."

Spun by Sorcery by Barbara Bretton

19 April 2011

Well Said: The Postcard

"The island has a way of calling one back when it's time.
Come home. I have missed you, dear."

I pressed the postcard to my chest and exhaled deeply.
Violets of March by Sarah Jio

17 April 2011

Gruen's Cameo

I know Water for Elephants movie news are everywhere BUT I had to pass this on just in case you hadn't heard it. According to a recent interview in BookPage:
"Gruen and her entire family have cameos in the movie. Her big moment comes when Robert Pattinson (as Jacob) brushes past her during a tense scene with a runaway circus animal. "I'm the astonished woman watching an elephant (Rosie) steal produce!" she says."
Cool, right? I know I will be keeping my eyes pealed for Ms. Gruen.

Credit: Quote and images courtesy of BookPage. Thank you Walmart for making print editions of BookPage available. Click here to read Sara Gruen's BookPage interview in full.

16 April 2011

Well Said: Friends

"No man can be called friendless who has God and the companionship of good books."
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Credits: Image courtesy of EmersonMade was first seen at The Lisa Porter Collection.

Contest Winner: Shapeshifter Contest

Hey gals! I'm just dropping by to give some good news to Sara at Cleverly Inked. Sara you've won my Shapeshifter contest. Congratulations doll! I will be contacting you via email for your address.

A great big thank you to the rest of you sugars who entered!

Off topic: I totallly had a phone exactly like this when I was growing up. I could kick myself for not keeping it.

The winner was selected with help from Random.org.

13 April 2011

Wishin' and Hopin': Charlie

On a lighter note, I am a huge fan of blogger-turned-writer The Pioneer Woman (aka Ree Drummond). Well imagine my glee and surprise when I learned this morning that Ree is releasing a children's novel about one of my favorite real life characters on her blog, Charlie her basset hound. I can not wait!

Charlie the Ranch Dog releases later this month.

12 April 2011

Whimsy Update: Outpour

First I want to say, thank you so much for your amazing outpour of concern. Papa Whimsy isn't going to make it. His long battle with diabetes is nearing it's end. So while you will see me around, (you gals are medicinal) I probably will not be consistent for a bit. *hugs*

09 April 2011

Whimsy Update: I'll Be Back

Papa Whimsy is in dire straits so I am spending lots of time in a hospital waiting room. So in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'll be back...

07 April 2011

Tales of Whimsy Royalty: Sophie Kinsella

*imaginary tooting horns* This humble blogger hereby crowns Sophie Kinsella the Queen of Inner Dialogue. Ms. Kinsella, I know it is a digital award from a bitty blogger but it comes from the heart.

Keep your eyes pealed for more upcoming Tales of Whimsy royalty.

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05 April 2011

Well Said: Robots

"Sometimes I think Jemima sees men as alien robots who must be conquered by any means possible." - Can You Keep a Secret?

03 April 2011

Sundae Sunday & Shopping

This is how I celebrated the 119th anniversary of the ice cream sundae. My kamikaze sundae (bit of hot fudge, strawberry, and caramel sauce) and some discount book shopping at my nearby used book shop.
Can you believe I've never read Jane Eyre? Shame on me! Bitter Sugar is about a Cuban private investigator written by a Cuban private investigator. Being half Cuban I had to pick it up.

So tell me my sweets, did you do anything sweet today? Or did you perhaps buy or receive any cool books this week?

Wee-view: The Fortune Quilt

Girl receives fortune-telling quilt.
Life flips.
Girl blames quilt.
Girl seeks out quilt-maker.
Girl mends and finds friendship and love in an avant-garde little town.

2¢ Worth: The Fortune Quilt has the 3 c's = a fun cover, concept, and characters. The concept is executed well and it is easy to get sucked into the array of eccentrics that inhabit the small Arizona town of Bilby. However, what really wooed me was Carly's close knit relationship with her family. I always find it refreshing when a character really values and loves her familia. Carly is close with her father and two sisters. But all of that is tested when her deadbeat mom suddenly reappears after 17 years. The Fortune Quilt by Lani Diane Rich is a quick and quirky (3 star) story about forgiveness, following your heart, and love.

Whippersnappers: There is profanity, mentions to sex, sexuality, homosexuality, transsexuality, alcoholism, and Wicca.

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02 April 2011

Eureka! Embroidered Books?

Embroidery covers? Oh yeah baby! Illustrator, cartoonist, and embroiderer Jillian Tamaki was commissioned by Penguin to create embroidered covers of some classic literature. Aren't they beautiful? According to Jillian's site, the new embossed covers will be released October 2011. Click here to see shots of her work in progress, close-ups, and the Black Beauty cover.

So what do you think? Will you be buying one? Which is your favorite?

Credit: First spotted at the deliciously addictive Happiness Is.
Image credit: These images are the property of Jillian Tamaki and Penguin USA.

Free Kindle eBook Alert: Homecoming

Happy Saturday darlings! Do you have any extra fun plans? I have a sweet alert for you. The Homecoming by Dan Walsh is currently FREE for the Kindle. Isn't the cover great? It makes me long for a train ride.
Don't have a Kindle but still interested? Considerdownloading the Kindle reader (for free) for your for PC, BlackBerry, or iPhone. Own a nook? Check out Free Friday at Hott Books.

01 April 2011

Well Said: The Journey

"It may sound like a cliché, but marriage isn't always about how it started, it's about what happens on the journey."
Already Home by Susan Mallery