Soon We Will Be Three

I have a confession to make...I've been keeping something from you ladies. Soon I will be sporting one of these. That's right, we're expecting a baby this December.

The facts:
  • We didn't think we could have babies.
  • Therefore, she is our unexpected surprise and blessing.
  • We have no clue what to name her. Got any ideas?
  • Her room is nowhere near done BUT she does already have books.

The truth:
  • I have no idea how exactly this will effect Tales of Whimsy, but I have every intention of continuing to read, blog, and visit your blogs.
  • I am however pretty sure it will take me some time to get into the swing of things and find a new groove.
  • I have been changing the pace here at Tales of Whimsy so the transition will hopefully feel rather smooth.

So seriously, do you have any name ideas? Ideally the name will be lovely, unique, mean something cool, and sound good in English as well as Spanish.