22 November 2011

My Book Themed Baby Showers

Collage 1 and 2: The Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower
Decor: Tea cups, pearls, white rabbit, clocks, playing cards,
the Mad Hatter's hat, skeleton keys, flowers, and tea pots
Menu: tea, coffee, and an afternoon tea inspired menu
(tea sandwiches, fruit, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cake)
Gifts: Supplies and clothes for the baby
Color scheme: pink and white

Collage 3: The Once Upon a Time... Build a Library Baby Shower
Inspiration: Martha Stewart
Decor: Menu on the spine of books, bookshelf for the baby, book garland
Menu: sweet tea and mini versions of Kentucky themed foods
(hot browns, derby pies, benedictine sandwiches)
Gifts: Everyone brought a book for the baby
Color scheme: pink and black

Both showers were totally darling and bookish.

Have you ever attended or hosted a book themed party?