31 December 2011

End of the Year Contest

Christmas is over
The New Year is near
But before you put it all away
I have a contest just for you my dears...

Up for grabs is my entire Christmas book collection!

Call Me Mrs. Miracle by Dabbie Macomber (Hardcover)
Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber (Hardcover)
The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans (Hardcover)
The Mischief of the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig (Hardcover)
Bluegrass Christmas by Allie Pleiter (Paperback)
A Door Country Christmas by Key, Melby, Phillips, Ruchti (Paperback)
Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul (Hardcover)
Christmas at Harrington's by Melody Carlson (Hardcover)
The Snowflake by Jamie Carie (Hardcover)

To enter simply comment with your email address below.
The winner must be a resident of the US.
A winner will be announced January 6th, 2012.
Good luck and Happy New Year's Eve!

30 December 2011

Christmas Audiobook Review: The Christmas Secret

2¢ Worth: This is one of those great character driven stories where all the characters don't really realize, until the end, how serendipitous their coming together is. Each person plays a roll in helping the other find their way. By the end you're completely invested and you can't wait for them to put all the pieces together and realize how blessed they really are. This tale is full of wonderful thoughtful quotes that I often had to replay, pause, and ponder. Ultimately this story is like hot chocolate with a friend after a long day of Christmas shopping. It's comforting and reminds you of what is important and what some people go through all year round.

Words aloud: The Christmas Secret is read by the authoress herself. Donna does a great job with the voices of her characters and the pace. The only thing I had trouble with is that sometimes the point of view changed and it took me a few seconds to catch up. It would have been nice if she said the character's name before switching to that character's POV.

Whisper: The book seems to say, be kind and generous because you never know what someone has gone through, the difference your kindness can make, or how they're connected to you.

Whippersnappers: The characters in The Christmas Secret have all been through something. So expect some mentions to drug abuse, infidelity, premarital sex, sex, child neglect, illness, and a few minor curse words.

Wind-up: The Christmas Secret by Donna VanLiere is read by the authoress and consists of 5 discs (6 hours and 20 minutes). But don't let the prologue deter you. It really does get much much better. Audiobook rating: 5 stars. Narrator rating: 4 stars.

Warm holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

Review Copyright © of Tales of Whimsy.com

24 December 2011

Whimsy Update: The Reason

Meet the reason I have been missing from Blogland...her name is Valentina. I will be on sporadically for awhile but wanted to pop by to wish you all a beautiful bountiful blessed Christmas.

Credit: A giant thank you to all the bloggers who suggested names for our little Baby Whimsy. In the end it was the tall, strong, dark-haired Valentina, played by Alicia Coppola on the television show The Nine Lives of Chloe King, that inspired me.

13 December 2011

Well Said: Rock, Pain, Way

"Every rock in the road can improve our lives but we might have to get a little muddy before it does."
"Pain is part of love, Christine. I don't think we'd recognize love without it."
"My mom always said, "God makes a way." I never got that. I still don't totally get it. But I hope I'm getting closer."

10 December 2011

Christmas Wee-view: The Snowflake

2¢ Worth: The Snowflake by Jamie Carie may be my favorite read of the 2011 holiday season. You see despite being a novella of only 209 pages, The Snowflake has it all. It is beautifully written, has complex characters, tender emotions, depth, and manages to stay exciting and move swiftly. When I wasn't holding my breath I was smiling. I declare The Snowflake to be the perfect 5-star holiday read for any fan of Christian Fiction. I would tell you more, but I don't want to give anything away. One thing is for sure, I will be looking for more books by Jamie Carie.

Whippersnappers: There are minor mentions to murder, vengeance, and prostitution.

Warm holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

Review Copyright © of Tales of Whimsy.com

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09 December 2011

Christmas Wee-view: The Christmas List

2¢ Worth: The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans is a 4-star quick Christmas read that is sure to remind you of A Christmas Carol. James, a cut-throat business man, is accidentally reported dead by the local newspaper. This mistake gives him the greatest gift he ever could have imagined. You see James gets to see what people really think of him and who refuses to belittle him, even in death. What follows is his journey to make things right. It sounds simple but it was really quite moving and original. By the end I cried. This is the kind of books that leaves you wondering if you owe anyone an apology.

Whippersnappers: There are minor mentions to infidelity, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide.

Warm holiday cheer meter: Low Medium High

Review Copyright © of Tales of Whimsy.com

06 December 2011

Well Said: The Things We Take Most for Granted

"We humans - at least some of us, are seriously flawed. The things that are the most necessary, the most critical to us, are the things we take most for granted. Air. Water. Love. If you have someone to love, you are lucky. If they love you back, you're blessed. And if you waste the time you have to love them, you're a fool."