29 January 2012

Thank You Mr. Postman: Audios & Collectibles

Airborn (borrowed from the library)

I cannot believe the weekend is almost over. Sweet Baby Whimsy kept us busy and I didn't get any reading done. But I did start Airborn by Canadian author Kenneth Oppel.
GreenBeanTeenQueen called it, "Treasure Island meets Around the World in 80 Days."
So tell me, what did the postman bring you this week?

*Vintage Reader's Digest Worlds Best Reading editions for my collection.

26 January 2012

Let's Talk About Austenland

I am probably totally Miss Johnny-come-lately, but I had to share this in case you too hadn't heard.
Did ya know Stephenie Meyer is producing the film version of Shannon Hale's book Austenland?
Go Stephenie! Whoot whoot! Austenland will star Keri Russell (fab), Jennifer Coolidge (LOVE her), and Jane Seymour (class act). While I haven't read it yet, I can NOT wait! Ooo and congrats to Keri! She had her baby Willa 14 days after I delivered Baby Whimsy.

For more Austenland pics, updates, and interviews waltz over to Twilight Lexicon.

22 January 2012

Win Tempest!

Want to win Tempest by Julie Cross?
Simply comment with your email address below.
A winner will be selected
February 1, 2011.
You must be a resident
of the US or Canada to win.
Good luck lovelies!

A giant thank you to St. Martin's Press for making this contest possible.

18 January 2012


Click here to learn more.

15 January 2012

Thank You Mr. Postman: Fireproof, Clockwork, & Baby Whimsy's Mail Too

I can't wait to try this one.
I've heard the film is great.
Has anyone tried reading it?


Baby Whimsy's Gifts:

Thank you SO much Kaye of The Road Goes Ever Ever On!
I LOVE the GORGEOUS blanket/quilt and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Thank you SO much to the Kirks of Teens Read and Write!
The diapers rock, the bib is total presh, and the platypus is the cutest platypus EVER!

So tell me, what did the postman bring you this week?

13 January 2012

Wee-view Book Review: Naked Heat

2¢ Worth: Buckle up 'cause Naked Heat is like riding shotgun with Castle and Beckett (I mean Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook) AND it is better than Heat Wave. Weird right? How often is the second book better than the first? Like never. But this time it really is. It's like Heat Wave set the stage so Naked Heat could shine. While Heat Wave occasionally felt wordy and lacked fluidity, Naked Heat is funnier, wittier, and flows effortlessly. Maybe it's because the stage has already been set and therefore this story required less description. Either way Naked Heat really works. Just like the show, this book made me smile and the mystery kept me guessing. Naked Heat is a delightful, 5 star, solid crime novel. Weird to have delightful and crime novel in the same sentence but in this case, it's true.

Whodunit verdict: You'll never guess. I couldn't.

Wire tip: Castle fans keep your eyes pealed for the shout out to episodes 17 (Tick, Tick, Tick...) and 18 (Boom!) from Season 2.

Whippersnappers: While nothing is too descriptive, there are mentions to sex, drug abuse, infidelity, black mail, gangs, suicide, and of course murder.

Review Copyright © of Tales of Whimsy.com

10 January 2012

Well Said: Tension and Humor

Yesterday, for the first time since sweet Baby Whimsy arrived, I got to read. Yay! Here is a couple of sneak peaks.
"The dead didn't talk, but if you paid attention, sometimes they did tell you things."
"Just as cop humor is laced with dark understatement, cop tension is also between the lines. The veteran reporter in him could hear it in the silence - the way the room fell quiet when Detective Heat came into the pen and stepped up to address them. He saw it in the faced turned to her, all experienced, many showing the world-weariness years on the job had etched into them, but all full of attentiveness."
Naked Heat is book two in the Nikki Heat series. 
Click here to read my review of Heat Wave.

06 January 2012

Contest Winner: Christmas Books

Hey chickadees! I hope everyone had a beautiful Friday/Three Kings' Day/Epiphany/Twelfth Night. In honor of the official end of Christmas, I am picking a winner to my end of the year Christmas book contest.

The winner of my collection of Christmas books is:
Kara of My Thoughts and Book Reviews

Congratulations Kara! I know you're going to love this bunch of books. Especially The Snowflake by Jamie Carie. It was definitely my favorite Christmas read this year. Enjoy! I will be contacting you via email for your mailing address.

04 January 2012

Tree House Book Nook

Isn't this mini library fantastic? Check out the rest of the beautiful tree house at ApartmentTherapy.com. Warning: You'll be dreaming of creating your own tree house after seeing the rest of this beautiful casita. I know I am.