31 July 2012

Adieu Maeve

As a teen, my very favorite literary character was Benny Hogan of the Circle of Friends. The chubby beautiful brave Benny. So it stung today to hear of Maeve Binchy's passing. This is my moment of silence for her. Won't you join me?

30 July 2012

Children's Book Review: I Believe in Jesus Too

2¢ Worth: I remember when I was a little girl, I didn't really get other religions. Now that I'm a mama, I want my daughter to learn about different faiths. This is where I Believe in Jesus Too comes in. In a simple vivid way this book shows the reader that LDS (Latter-day Saint) kids all over the world aren't that different from other Christian children. Locations mentioned include: New York City, California, Tonga, Bolivia, Finland, Russia, Fiji, Spain, Mexico, Kenya, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, Canada, Jamaica, the Netherlands, and Brazil. The art is vivid and beautiful. With each page turn the reader visits one to two children around the world. It is so pretty that I couldn't stop turning the pages again and again.

Wooed: My favorite part is the inside cover with a world map featuring each of the kids, their faces, and their locations.


Wind-up: I Believe in Jesus Too (written by Mark S. Nielsen, illustrated by Craig Stapley, published by Deseret Books, and available as a 9.3 x 9.1 inches 32 page hardcover) is a great starting place for discussing other faiths with your kids. I love this book, have already read it to Baby Whimsy a handful of times, and I really do look forward exploring it more and more with her. 5 stars

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28 July 2012

Audiobook Review: Anna Dressed in Blood

2¢ Worth: Anna Dressed in Blood is practically impossible to turn off. When I was tisking or clucking my tongue, I was listening stock still and/or slack jawed. It was incredibly easy to get sucked into Cas the Ghost Slayer's twisted life of killing ghosts. Kendare manages to suck you in and make you feel bad for a monster. That takes skill. Then she holds you captive with danger, death, and palpable excitement in the air. This was definitely a step out of my book comfort zone that I'm glad I took. I can not wait to get my ears on the next audiobook. Hey AudioGo, pleeease hurry up.

Words aloud: August Ross has a slow, deliberate, almost breathy narration style that took me a bit to get use to. That being said, the tone and pace felt right for Cas. August also really impressed me with his accents.

  • The male POV felt authentic.
  • I like that just when I thought I knew where the story was going, it through me for a loop and took off.
Wrapper: The eerie cover is spot on! The dress, her hair, and the house are all in the story and perfectly illustrated.

Warning: If you're a giant chicken like me, do not listen to this one at night.

Whippersnappers: Plenty of profanity, death, ghosts, witchcraft, voodoo, and tortured souls make this something I would recommend to older teens or adults.

Wire tip: Thank you AudioGo and AudioBookSync.com. I scored this audio for FREE at AudioBookSync.com. Each week this summer they are giving away 2 audiobooks. You're still in time to jump in.

Wind-up: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake (published by AudioGo) is read by August Ross and is 8 hours and 43 minutes long. Audiobook rating: 5 stars. Narrator rating: 4 stars.

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26 July 2012

Audiobook Review: Savvy

2¢ Worth: If your papa was in a hospital bed several towns away, what would you do to get to him?

Well that (and the rather bizarre talent she just received on her thirteen birthday) is what drives Mibs (Mississippi) Beaumont to stow away on a pink bible bus headed for Salina Kansas. Except the bus isn't heading to Salina right away and her 2 brothers, crush (Wil), and his pissy older sister (Bobbi) just got on with her. Now they're all along for the ride as Mibs and her brother Fish wrestle with their powers and growing fears of their father's condition. Things get pretty interesting as that pink bible bus gets further and then eventually closer to Salina. Mibs discovers her inner strength, what it means to start growing up, makes some new friends, and even gets her first kiss.
Savvy is a delightful whimsical ride. A journey of self discovery and kooky bumps in the road. A story of a good girl with an extraordinary gift on the cusp of teenhood. The kind of charming journey you will love, itch to share, and enjoy again and again.
Words aloud: Lily Blau is a perfect Mibs. She conveyed her sweetness and insecurities with ease. I enjoyed listening to her, her tone, and her voices for the other characters. My only complaint was the occasional pregnant pause for emphasis, otherwise she was a total fantastic pro.

Whippersnappers: Clean as a whistle. Well, except for the running away and lying to adults but that was for a really good reason.

  • The names in this book are nothing short of great. The Beaumonts consist of Mibs (short for Mississippi), her baby sister Gypsy, and her brothers Rocket, Fish, and Samson.
  • The strong sense of family.
  • The ending. It's both happy and realistic.

Wind-up: Savvy by Ingrid Law (published by Penguin Audio) is read by Lily Blau and consists of 8 discs (6 hours and 16 minutes). Audiobook rating: 5 stars. Narrator rating: 5 stars.

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20 July 2012

Well Said: Words of Wisdom from Rob Lowe's Autobiography x3

"You can't build a life on a backstage pass or free swag at Sundance."
"Be funny whenever possible, even if some people don't get it."
"I followed my heart and stayed out of the results."

*To share these quotes from Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe I chose some images of Grace Kelly. Did you know Rob once dated Grace's daughter Princess Stephanie of Monaco?

12 July 2012

Whimsy Update: Now I'm Back

Darlings! We're back and I sure have missed you. I tried to keep in touch but by the end of the trip I fell behind. Booo! So I shall be popping by over the next week. I do hope you've been grand. Tell me sugars has anything happened while I was away?

You Slay Me!

01 July 2012

Audiobook Review: Problem at Pollensa Bay

2¢ Worth: Problem at Pollensa Bay is like a sample platter. It features pint-sized portions of some of The Queen of Crime's different characters and styles. It's 5 bites of mystery and 3 bites of unconventional romance.

Wooed: Before reading Problem at Pollensa Bay, I had no idea that darling Aggie had other reoccurring characters other than Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. I was delighted with my introductions to the Mr. Satterthwaite, Harley Quin, and Parker Pyne. Mr. Parker Pyne is a rather unorthodox and yet amusing sorta sleuth while Mr. Quin (with help from his partner in debunking crimes Mr. Satterthwaite) has an unearthly magical way of appearing at the precise moment he is needed.

Words aloud: The narrator, the late Jonathan Cecil, was a true professional. His native British English is well enunciated and easy on the ears. My only complaint was his occasional American accent. It was just off. Despite that he was really good. His Hercule Poirot was fabulous.

Wholly: Overall I could have done without the unconventional romances but I relished the mini Cluelike mysteries. Nobody does a mystery like Agatha and I'm hooked on listening to hers now. I must get more. This is a great audio for someone looking for some light summer listening or an introduction to Agatha Christie.

Wind-up: Problem at Pollensa Bay and Seven Other Mysteries (released 4/10/12 by AudioGo) was written by Agatha Christie, narrated by Jonathan Cecil, and consists of 4 discs (5 hours and 3 minutes). Audiobook rating: 4 stars. Narrator rating: 4 stars.

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