07 November 2012

The Horrible Funk, The Flying Books, and The Whimsy Update

Oh my darlings, I'm in a frightful bookish place. I'm afraid to admit it but I'm in a funk. A terrible fierce funk. I finished a few books that were good but not great (reviews coming soon) and that has put me slap-dab in the middle of a horrible hole where I can't find anything that appeals to me. I feel like a little lost bookworm. Even my usual love for Christmas books is on the fritz. So no books but my mama is still visiting and therefore Mr. Whimsy and I have gone on lots of mini adventures and date nights.

Which leads me to the awesomeness I want to share with you today, check out the book wall art. The owner of my local architectural salvage and antique shop has covered a room in her shop with old book pages and has a curly swirl of books climbing up the wall to the ceiling. Isn't it grand? She even has little shapes popping from the pages!

What else have I been up to?

Now you tell me, what's the story morning glory?
Reading anything fabulous? Get any Christmas shopping done?
I have been so obsessed with Baby Whimsy's upcoming December 
birthday that I haven't purchased a single Christmas gift! Bad Juju!