31 December 2012

My New Year's Swap

Ever since Baby Whimsy was born, December has been my busiest month of the year. With Baby Whimsy's birthday, Christmas, shopping, and our annual trip to visit family, I am beyond busy. I can barely enjoy books in December. Let alone reflect, finish my reviews, and prepare for the New Year. As a family, we don't get time to just sit, decorate, and be the Whimsys in our own sweet casita (home). I'm not complaining. I love our extended families and I love that spending time with them is our priority at Christmas. But I have decided that from this point forward the Whimsys will honor the Chinese New Year. We will use January to reflect, give thanks, and prepare for the New Year. I'm even thinking we will decorate with red lanterns, put out mandarins, and eat Chinese food. I'm not Chinese. I'm not even close. (100% Hispanic actually) But I need this. Plus, I'm thinking it will be an awesome family tradition and way to expose our daughter to another culture. So over the next month I will wrap up my 2012 reviews and talk about my findings and favorites. Tonight we shall dine on steak and wine and I will breath easier knowing Tales of Whimsy and I have a little more time.

Are you ready for the New Year? Are you doing anything special?

20 December 2012

Today's Bookshop Inspirations & Thoughts

1. I got to see my first book tree in person today. 
If you think they're cute online, wait till you see one 
in the flesh. So much prettier and way more impressive.

2. & 3. I might have to try to replicate this painting
and this Charlotte's Web chair. Aren't they both darling?

4. When I win the lotto, I'm SO buying this entire shelf.

So tell me, have you seen anything bookish recently that inspired you?