31 January 2013

DIY Felt Case

I made this little case for my FlipShare video camera using Martha Stewart's Felt Case DIYIt was super easy once I embraced my crooked stitching. I did add a little x to the outer top corners for reinforcement. I love it and totally recommend this DIY for any small device.

29 January 2013

A Quote About Life

"She played on, finding solace, courage, fortitude, and a kindred spirit in a piece of music written in 1830. A series of notes scrawled on the page that sprang from the imagination of one man, who was reaching out across time, through this violin, to tell her that he knew exactly how she was feeling, how strange and frightening and intoxicating life could be." -City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte

Isn't that so incredibly true? Life is a beautiful, sometimes scary, exhilarating ride.

27 January 2013

Random Loveliness of the Week

The Real Fauxtographer (thank you Picture Me Reading for introducing me to her) debuted her latest YA book inspired photo this week: Shadow & Bone

Because I never tire of bookish weddings

Snow day ideas.

Amazing marital advice.

I kinda love these toddler designed dishes.

So going to try this cheese grater utensil holder when we buy a home.

Try this scarf tie. I did and it's my new favorite way.

11 January 2013

Mama Loves: Wonder in the Simplest Things

One of mama's favorite things is how Baby Whimsy finds wonder in the simplest things. Drumsticks out of wooden spoons.