04 March 2015

Where February Went

Our almost 10 pound breech baby, Gloriana, was delivered via cesarean February 9, 2015. The rest of February was composed of swollen feet and legs, recovering, blurry days, sleepiness, bonding, and oodles of sweetness, cuddles, coffee, and snow.

How did you February go?

24 January 2015

My Secret Garden Inspired Baby Shower

That's a teeny-tiny bird next to the key. Mr. Whimsy made the mini gate. It was so sweet and simple and lovely.

Have you ever attended or thrown a bookish inspired party or gathering? 

Remember Little Miss Whimsy's Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower?

21 January 2015

Another Word to Live By

For the past two years I've chosen a word or words to focus on for that year. It's instead of a resolution but it's also a bit more than that. It's a mantra. It's an inspiration. It's a reminder. Last year's word was grow and despite the garden that never happened, we grew and grew. Our faith grew more roots. We found a church to plant ourselves in. We blossomed as homeowners as we remodeled our bathroom and basement. I grew more confident as a parent. We sowed a healthier lifestyle. But the sweetest bud is the one that sprang in 2014 but needs a tiny bit longer to finish. Our second daughter is due in a handful of weeks.

This year's word is outside. Deep inside me I feel a pull to get outside more. To spend more time breathing in fresh air and being set straight by the quiet majesty of nature. To stargaze, walk, hike, camp, landscape, build a fire pit, and hopefully even make an outdoor play area for the girls.

So how about you? Have you contemplated how you want 2015 to go for you? Have you chosen a word, mantra, or inspiration for this year? If you have, please share. I would love to hear it.

22 December 2014

Hearthside Happenings

Craving eggnog. Even though I know raw eggs is not a good idea right now.
Resting every chance I get. Seriously every chance I get.
Enjoying the Nurturing Great Kids Devotional.
Wrapping presents.
Stretching a bunch.
Packing for our trip to visit my family.
Missing my chiropractor already.
Making my lists and checking it twice.
Obsessed with scarves.
Wishing for a new poncho or two.
Vowing to have a fire pit by next fall.
Sneaking in as many Christmas movies as I can.
Tweeting Christmas movie wisdom.
Stalking mommo design for kid's room ideas.
Pondering shades of peach for the new baby's room
Reflecting on the baby's name we're mostly sure about.
Debating keeping her name a secret till after she's born.
Hunting for a small used dresser for Little Miss Whimsy's room.
Thinking I need to try this Christmas album and print this tweet on a t-shirt.
Proud of the bacon chutney and essential oil blend I made Mr. Whimsy for Christmas.
Marveling over how my sweet adventurous spunky funny girl turned three one week ago.
Loving how Little Miss Whimsy shouts, "Merry Christmas!" every time the Christmas lights flick on.

17 December 2014

Hug It Not Fight It

Up until recently, watching the earth prepare for a time of slumber was bittersweet. Lovely until after Christmas when winter seemed to lose it's sparkle. But while learning more about the Sabbath in the Priscilla Shirer bible study Breathe, something came to me. Maybe winter is a type of Sabbath? Maybe it's a time for all of us to rest and reflect while nature does her thing? Maybe I should embrace it? Hug it not fight it. That plus my growing belly and increased sleepiness (nothing tuckers me out quite like baking a bun in my oven) have me actually ready to cheer on the season. Now tell me, has any sweet peace come to you lately?

11 November 2014


Is it me or is fall in all her gorgeous color and splendor simply flying by? One minute the leaves were beginning to turn and now it seems like they're almost all done. It make me a little sad. Makes me want to grip fall tight like Little Miss Whimsy's leaf bouquet. Fall is such a sweet sweet time. I wish it would last longer.

07 October 2014

Don't Think

Sometimes, the best thing I do (or don't do) is refrain from over thinking things. That happened this weekend. Which resulted in me riding in a chairlift for the first time. It was so scary and beautiful and thrilling. Have you ever tried it? If I had looked it up beforehand or over thought it, I might have talked myself out of it. I'm so glad I didn't. Now I have to admit, I look forward to doing it again. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever not thought something through and been happier for it?