21 April 2014

What I Loved About Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Artist: Louis-Leopold Boilly 1761-1845
Segment of Conversation Dans Un Parc

The Bennet's have five daughters and no money. Sadly all this takes place in a time when even educated women didn't have many options. So the girls MUST marry well. But the Bennet girls, they want more than dollar bills. They want love or at the very least a smart match and dude they can grow to love. What follows is part love/hate romance and part family photo with loads of underlying humor and social commentary. In short, it's a brilliant book I loved reading despite not totally loving Mr. Darcy.

It's true. I won't be buying a Mrs. Darcy t-shirt and I don't think he's the bee's knees. However, I did love watching the Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet tug-of-war. I loved how their characters slowly realized their misconceptions and softened over time. Like we all do in the real world. I couldn't get enough of the commentary on life and love. Plus, how great was all the things he was willing to do for Lizzie without recognition?

The other part of this book that shines is it's glimpse at family. Pride and Prejudice let's us become part of the Bennet's. Experiencing day-to-day life with a kooky meddling mom, intelligent yet distant dad, geeky sister (Mary), sheepy sister (Kitty), crazy-for-love sister (Lydia), and sweet sister (Jane). By the end, I wanted more sisters. Even if that means one might embarrass me at parties while the other elopes in the night.

Pride and Prejudice is quick-witted and full of fun tit for tat and snark. It's the real deal.

Words aloud: I read and listened to Pride and Prejudice simultaneously. In the past, I've struggled with British narrators so I consider finding Flo Gibson's narration a blessing. She is that British grandmotherly friend you never knew you wanted but now can't imagine not having. She brought Pride and Prejudice to life for me and I've since purchased her narrations of Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre. Narrator rating: 5 stars

So have you read Pride and Prejudice? What's your favorite or least favorite character or part of the book? I really wish I had a down-to-earth yet positive BFF like Charlotte. I saw myself in strong-willed Lizzie despite wishing I was more like Jane. Not in beauty but in her persistence on seeing the goodness in people. So now it's your turn. Which character(s) do you love? Who did you see yourself in? Who do you wish you were more like?

14 April 2014

Spring Blooms

We moved into our new home last year on the cusp of fall, so this spring each plant and tree is extra sweet and seems new. Do you have a favorite spring bloom?

06 April 2014

The Sweetest Equines

We got to meet these gentle fellows at a nearby park the other day. 
They even let some kids hug them and Little Miss Whimsy pet them.
I forget their breed but I won't forget their demeanor.