17 December 2014

Hug It Not Fight It

Up until recently, watching the earth prepare for a time of slumber was bittersweet. Lovely until after Christmas when winter seemed to lose it's sparkle. But while learning more about the Sabbath in the Priscilla Shirer bible study Breathe, something came to me. Maybe winter is a type of Sabbath? Maybe it's a time for all of us to rest and reflect while nature does her thing? Maybe I should embrace it? Hug it not fight it. That plus my growing belly and increased sleepiness (nothing tuckers me out quite like baking a bun in my oven) have me actually ready to cheer on the season. Now tell me, has any sweet peace come to you lately?

11 November 2014


Is it me or is fall in all her gorgeous color and splendor simply flying by? One minute the leaves were beginning to turn and now it seems like they're almost all done. It make me a little sad. Makes me want to grip fall tight like Little Miss Whimsy's leaf bouquet. Fall is such a sweet sweet time. I wish it would last longer.

07 October 2014

Don't Think

Sometimes, the best thing I do (or don't do) is refrain from over thinking things. That happened this weekend. Which resulted in me riding in a chairlift for the first time. It was so scary and beautiful and thrilling. Have you ever tried it? If I had looked it up beforehand or over thought it, I might have talked myself out of it. I'm so glad I didn't. Now I have to admit, I look forward to doing it again. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever not thought something through and been happier for it?

07 September 2014

#2 Is...

A girl! I couldn't take it anymore, so ten days ago we went to one of those lovely imaging centers.
I'm so excited. Now we can start planning, buying, and trying to pick a name! Hoo-ray!
By the way, just like last time, we're open to name suggestions.

Question: Do you like this image better in color or black in white?

27 August 2014

Try Again

Sometimes Little Miss Whimsy will build a big impressive tower out of legos, only to accidentally knock it over and watch it crumble. She'll shout, "Oh N-O!" Then crestfallen, sometimes with tears in her eyes, look to me.

My response is usually the same. I say, "That's OK honey. That's just an opportunity to start over. Try again."

After I'd said it a few times, it hit me that I should take my own advice. The next time life doesn't go my way or something I've been working on won't take, I'm going to remember the mantra I use to soothe my kiddo. Things doesn't always go the way we want the first, second, or even the third time we try. That doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't try again.

18 August 2014

My Birthday Weekend

browsing my favorite bookstore


ceramic shopping at the art fair

my sweet new bag

There was also some Etsy shopping of course and family movie time.
How was your weekend darlings?

11 August 2014

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day

Hello my friends. Sorry I've been gone so long. I had a really tough first trimester. Some pregnant mommies are radiant baby making machines. I, on the other hand, spent eight weeks a total hot mess. Not even the ginger I mentioned before helped. Thankfully I'm slowly returning to me and I have to say it feels so good to be eating, laughing, daydreaming, imagining, and even reading again. Cue Nina Simone's Feeling Good.

How are you? Any changes? Any delicious little ways you've been enjoying summer?

26 June 2014

Little Things Mean A Lot

I'm currently grateful for...

The little raspberry sized baby growing inside me. Yup! I'm 8 weeks pregnant! 

For ginger capsules. Praise God. They're working miracles on my all-day nausea. I promise sweet peas, I'll be back to visiting blogs more regularly soon. My tummy hasn't been able to tolerate focusing on computer screens for too long.

For audio books. They make it possible for me to enjoy a book while resting my eyes. I recently devoured the The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line and Better Homes and Hauntings. Both mega fun.

For my Mr. Whimsy. He's the bestest.

And for finally feeling well enough to take small morning walks.

Got any little things you're loving or grateful for this week?

29 May 2014

Click Click: Let's Talk Instagram

I finally joined Instagram. I know I know I'm always late to the game. I blame my smartphone. I pretty much LOVE taking pictures with it. I also LOVE browsing all the gorgeous nature photography on Instagram. So here is what I've found so far, most folks crosspost on Twitter and Instagram. I totally get that but I don't love seeing the repeats. So I've been thinking, if one of my friends is a big crossposter, I might follow them on one or the other instead of both.

Is that OK?

Tales of Whimsy on Instagram

28 May 2014

Little Things Mean A Lot

This week I'm grateful for time with Little Miss Whimsy's great grandparents. Mr. Whimsy and I don't remember ours and we both delight in seeing our little gal bonding with hers.

For a dinner date and coffee date with friends.

For finding sushi I like. Yay maki sushi! I now totally get how people can put down massive amounts of sushi. That was me on Saturday. The one I tried had avocado, crab, dried pork, and egg wrapped in rice and seaweed.

For Mr. Whimsy buying me a veggettiHoo-ray! I told him about it and he ran out and got me one. I haven't used it yet but I'm so excited to.

And for all the lovely bright colors in my closet. I went shopping and didn't buy a single black thing. I'm so proud. That's big for me.

So tell me dears, what little things are you thankful for this week?