14 April 2014

Spring Blooms

We moved into our new home last year on the cusp of fall, so this spring each plant and tree is extra sweet and seems new. Do you have a favorite spring bloom?

06 April 2014

The Sweetest Equines

We got to meet these gentle fellows at a nearby park the other day. 
They even let some kids hug them and Little Miss Whimsy pet them.
I forget their breed but I won't forget their demeanor.

01 April 2014

Little Things Mean a Lot

This week we have been so very grateful for time outside.

I'm basically spring's cheerleader.

For this peaceful little dude too.

He's our new buddy with fins. I love watching him. Now if only we could pick him a name. Got any ideas?

I'm also loving We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook, Lemon's return to Hart of Dixie, The Mindy Project's comeback, The Pursuit of Mary Bennet, and God is Able.

Got any little things you're loving or grateful for this week?